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  1. I say Takumi Sen 8/9 to go with the Adios Pro 1

  2. The Mizuno Wave Duel Pros look super interesting. Any word on what the pricing was for them?

  3. Pegasus 39 is the better option in my opinion. While you could use the Streakfly as a daily trainer, the shoe would wear out fast due to its low durability when compared to the Pegasus 39

  4. Anybody have experience with SIS Beta Fuel gels? 40g carbs per gel, that's the most I've seen for a normal-ish sized gel.

  5. I've been testing and using them for a few months now and I really enjoy them. If you don't like a sweet taste ( I find that Maurten can sometimes taste like a marshmallow ), then the SIS gels are pretty good. They offer Orange or Strawberry & Lime flavor wise. The Nootropics one work well if you need any extra boost, but I would advise to only take 1 since they have 200mg of caffeine per gel. SIS Beta Gels are also cheaper than other brands like Maurten. You can get 12 SIS gels for $30 ( regular or Nootropics ) compared to Maurten which charges $42 for 12 of their normal gels and $50 for 12 of their caffeine gels

  6. Doctors of Running is a favorite of mine. Love their straight to the point reviews and also learning about some of the science behind it. Huge fan of EDDBUD. Love his reviews and his humor. Kofuzi is probably my all time favorite though. I think his reviews are very in depth and he's one of, if not the only, reviewers that actually review the shoe over 100+ miles . Although some of his reviews can be biased, especially with ASICS, he's very transparent about it. Especially if he buys the shoes, or if he got sent some for review. The Ginger Runner & Believe In The Run used to be some favorites of mine, but I find that a lot of their reviews can be boring and I feel like they don't have a ton of enthusiasm when reviewing shoes. I also tend to believe that Believe In The Run can be pretty biased when it comes to ASICS

  7. 2 Boston 2020 T-Shirts, 2 Boston 2020 Singlets, and Boston 2020 Vest all in Men's Medium ( M ). White T-Shirt has slight stains on the front. Everything else is in used-like new condition. Worn about 3-5 times each. Asking $25 shipped for everything, $15 for the white T-Shirt. $100 shipped for all 5 items. Open to offers and willing to negotiate. Message me/comment for any more questions or pictures

  8. Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing these and the Trabuco Max 2 for a while, so may finally use my 20% discount code on these

  9. I say picking up an easy/recovery trainer over an Uptempo/racer shoe may be a smarter choice. I absolutely love the Triumph 19 for easy/recovery days. The Glycerin 20 is a good shoe, but it's not the most exciting shoe out there. Glideride 3 is also an amazing shoe, but I like it better for longer efforts. Depending on when your race is in May, I think you should be okay with waiting until early May to get a race shoe so that you have time to get a 1-2 runs in them before your race

  10. Not every Nike athlete gets access to prototype shoes or early releases. I don't see Nike giving a 1500/5K runner like Cooper Teare a prototype version of the Alphafly 3 because obviously the Alphafly 3 is going to feel different at 1500/5K efforts than a marathon. Some athletes also just prefer older models. I've seen many Bowerman or NN Running athletes run in Pegasus 34s or Vomero 14s despite the newer models being out

  11. That’s crazy, I had my 39s by May 1st last year! I’m in the U.K. but I always thought we were behind the USA

  12. The UK generally gets releases 1-2 months before the US

  13. The UK generally gets releases 1-2 months before the US

  14. I think why we see so little about the Kinvara Pro is because they took a fan favorite, low to the ground shoe, and basically put a bunch of foam in it and a plate in it. The Kinvara has always been a shoe that people love(d) to use because it is low to the ground and not everyone likes plates or PEBA foam in their shoes. I also know some companies don't allow reviewers to share any thoughts or images of certain shoes until a specific date and I don't think the Kinvara Pro is supposed to be released until summer, so it may be a while before we see anything about it

  15. Cloud Ultras are good, but the outsole will wear down a lot faster on road surfaces than trail surfaces. It can definitely be used for medium to long distances however. Cloud Monsters are good, but I don't think there's any studies that show that they reduce fatigue/soreness

  16. I think it depends on what you're wanting to accomplish with your rotation. Even though the Hyperion Max and Deviate Nitro 2 are both capable of handling races, an actual racing shoe wouldn't be a bad investment if you're hoping to get into some races in the future. I know some people like to rotate shoes with different drops so that may be worth looking into, but I'm not sure if it'll help with your shin issues

  17. I have a pair of Adidas Adizero Pro 3s in hand, but I really want to try the Saucony Endorphin Elite... which will entail assuming the sizing of my 10.5 Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 will translate to the Elite, ordering it online, doing a comparison, and then returning one of the two.

  18. I don't have any experience in either one yet, but the Run Testers have a comparison video between the two shoes on their YouTube channel -

  19. Vaporfly, Metaspeed Edge, and Takumi Sen are probably my favorite racing shoes at the moment, but I absolutely love the Endorphin Pro 2 for Threshold, 10K, and tempo workouts

  20. Thank you! It could be the rods. I ll watch the video

  21. Thanks! Do you happen to know if this is a known issue with the takumis as well?

  22. It could be possible, but I think it would be super rare. I've never had issues myself with the Takumi Sen 8 and I haven't heard, or seen, anyone else have issues with the rods

  23. The Prototype colorway releases April 1st, but I'm not 100% certain about the other 3 colorways. I think you have to sign up for notifications, so that it's harder for scalpers and bots to buy them all up

  24. Looks like Running Warehouse will release the Vaporfly Next% 3 in 3 other colorways during the launch. Thought I would share it for those who don't want to shell out $500+ for a prototype colorway.

  25. Still waiting for the rest of the Inkville Gang to come back :(

  26. Since you don't go over the 300, I say sprint spikes are the best option. New Balance Fuelcell PWR-X and SD-X are pretty good from what I've heard. Nike Superfly Elite 2 and Maxflys are some of the more popular sprinting spikes from Nike and are the spikes most high school/college/professional runners use

  27. Came across this on Instagram ( credit to protosofthegram ). Seems like ON is brewing up something new. Curios if this is meant to rival the Alphafly and the Cloudboom Echo 3 is meant to rival the Vaporfly

  28. Possibly Brooks Hyperion Max? 34mm/26mm stack height compared to Rebel V3 which has a 31/25 stack height. Although, I'm not sure how the DNA flash midsole compares to Fuelcell

  29. Wish they had put this color way on the SL

  30. They have the Adizero SL in this colorway on the Adidas app

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