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  1. How far in did you make it? If you made it to CA, you’ve passed through the majority of the torture. If not, I would say skip it. It’s too depressing.

  2. i have no idea but im a virgo and im the least reserved person on earth. i think they woke up one day and decided to assign traits to signs with their intuition randomly

  3. You have a whole chart that is much more complex than your sun sign. And a single sign is also much more complex than one keyword.

  4. bayılmışlar o videoda bi tanesi sonra hastanede ölmüş ağır diğer üçünün durumu stabilmiş sonra da iyileşmişler zaten

  5. literally i just want my mc to go home. there’s not one li i dig this season whatsoever

  6. i’ve been playing it since 2018 and mine’s 72🥴

  7. is there a reason why literally everyone is being forced onto mc

  8. Season 5 is so fucking boring. Endless Suresh chat. Over it. Leave! I don’t care.

  9. yess literally omg. and all the other characters are just obnoxious in different ways

  10. last one is definitely not a virgo idk bout the rest

  11. literally ive never been this bored while reading a story

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