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  1. Who would you say is better to cuddle? I'm trying to decide which one to get T-T

  2. i sleep with the build a bear one and have her hard stuffed for cuddles. but the disney store one is super squishy

  3. They’re both so cute ♥️ I love red pandas and both have their unique charms. I need a new Pixar movie stat. Ps love your jumper too

  4. I’m just imagining what the UPS guy was thinking when he brought this ginormous box to your door. 😂

  5. i’m in the UK and the guy asked what it was because it was so light! 🤣 i said a giant teddy and he just smiled hahah

  6. The encounter starly can be shiny? Just like the emerald pooch. Big sad

  7. yup!! i turned off my switch and sat there for a good few mins like “ noooo “ 😩

  8. My funny bent armed boy passed away Christmas Eve. I am still coming to terms with this happening as it was completely out of the blue. We haven’t got any idea why. He was absolutely fine and then we found him. Here’s some pics of when we first got him to the week before he passed. I miss him so much.

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss. What were the tank’s water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, temperature)?

  10. They where absolutely fine! If anything a little too good lol I checked them constantly. We got some worms from a seller on Amazon and I think it’s got something to do with them. He was okay a few hours before. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary

  11. He chonky. He thicc. He might not have a dicc. Is so, oh no. I guess it is a....female axolotl.

  12. Wait really?! His lower bits always look so large. Uh oh. Haha

  13. Thank you both. I feel awful bad. I don’t know if it’s worth trying to set up a second tank to save it. But it’s gonna be a pain setting one up in time for this little dude!

  14. Hey all. Long time pso player... not so long Pso2 player lol. I ADORE playing as bouncer and soaring blades. But I really am clueless on good armour. What would be a good setup? I only use soaring blades over jet boots etc. So PP is used allot. Thank you all! Location of armours too would be great ❤️

  15. Just take it. They can't take back consumables, that's why they typically don't refund them. You got lucky.

  16. Really? I’ve never bought anything digitally from the Xbox store like this before! First time I’ve ever asked for a refund off them. It was £24!

  17. Hahaha to be fair they do look purple in this pic. They are a bit more pink irl. Don’t worry 🥰

  18. I’ve never actually fancied him prior ozark. But yes! I think it’s his character I find attractive. But then I saw some of the YouTube videos where they zoom chatted and was swooned 🤭

  19. She did it herself! She was swimming around like a sweetie and flopped and I giggled. She’s okay now! She’s the bestest of lotls 😭❤️

  20. I'd love to see pictures of him and his updates. Think it's so neat when this happens!

  21. So I don’t know a lot about axolotls.... why is it so bad that there are 2? Is it because they poop a lot?

  22. They need 20 gallons minimum each, they eat fish and aren't meant to be kept with then, they can become aggressive with eachother. Not meant to have any bottom to them ( sands okay. They could choke on stones and gravel )

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