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  1. You can see more on my insta so u got somethin to jack off to scooterboy 🙏 @exhumed113

  2. Lol what's next you gonna invite us to subscribe to your only fans? Probably just a bunch of pics and videos of you walking around the bike in leather chaps?

  3. Again I wasnt talking to you haha, I’m talking to the dude spazzing out in the comments

  4. If you have ever seen a “dyna bro” or any of the memes about one you know this jacket does not fit the dixxion flannel, white tall tee, dickies shorts and tall socks with vans outfit. This is an old man ass boomer jacket that maybe some chopper dude would wear

  5. Bet a dyna bro would pay thousands for it. Fr tho that is sick as fuck keep it forever

  6. I dont think you have any clue what a dyna bro is because none of us would wear this lmao

  7. Dont waste your time with metric imitations. Buy a dyna for 5-6k and you’ll have a bike you’ll be happy with forever

  8. Came out nice. How’d you do it, plastidip?

  9. Why does everyone like the 2-1 pipes so much I think they look bad?

  10. They give the best performance out of any other pipes, 2-2 doesn’t even come close

  11. I’d say go for a rebel 500 with bags and a top case if you can. Idk if they offer that for them since I really only know Harleys but you’ll want the space, the 500 has good all around power and isn’t too much for a new rider, its light and nimble with good gas capacity and its still light and small enough to park convinent for orders

  12. Frame is pretty much model specific. Stick with an Evo big twin if that what came out of it. You may just consider parting out and getting you money back.

  13. Southern California but it still gets hot as fuck in San Diego. Levis 501’s, a pro club and some redwing boots and thin thrashin supply gloves

  14. Which Memphis shades windshield is this, I like how slim it is

  15. Did you keep the old fairing or sold it with the bike? I would buy it off you for mine, highway speeds aren't fun after 20 minutes

  16. I kept it, I’m mounting it up on my dyna this week just ordered new hardware for it. Definitely would recommend

  17. It was badass honestly, suspension set up was dialed. This dyna should be equally as badass within a couple of months tho!

  18. I’m glad you didn’t get that evo dyna you posted the other day

  19. Me too, ended up getting a good deal on the dyna and selling the sporty within a perfect time frame

  20. Twin Cam dynas are reliable, got lots of aftermarket and parts availability, and are relatively quick (besides the 88). Cant really go wrong with a twin cam

  21. For that price you can probably do better if you're patient.. for 6500 i got a 97 wideglide with 7k miles, stage 4, tons of accessories and shit, and I have seen even better deals than that on marketplace every once in a while.

  22. My issue is I have no cash, doing a straight up trade for my sportster. Not in the position to save money up right now unfortunately due to being in school and not having a lot of work hours

  23. I have a 98 Dyna Convertible. The cables appear to be stock for the buckhorn bars that came with the bike but are too long for the low rise sportster-type bar that’s on there now, the clutch cable would also be too long.

  24. I’m trading it straight for my sportster, I dont think I would pay $6500 for it myself. If I were to get it I’d put FXDP bags on it instead of the stock ones anyway

  25. Okay...I think you might have me there but would you say the "club style" M8s are drawing more customers in or maintaining their current customer base?

  26. I think they’re drawing in more customers, I worked at a major Harley dealership in San Diego for a short time in 2022 and during that time there were a lot of young guys, especially young military, coming in buying M8’s as their first bikes. I also saw a lot of guys coming from sport bikes that wanted a cruiser platform that they could still build into something cool and performance oriented and the M8’s would check all the boxes.

  27. As a Dyna owner I can't agree more. When it comes to military, there is very much a staple for Harleys in general when it comes to that sub-culture (speaking from experience). Excluding that pool, is the Motor Company heading in the right direction or do you feel they need to be doing more? I would legitimately love to hear your experience especially since you have worked for them.

  28. I think they’re honestly doing the perfect amount, they’re making fun, stylish and modern bikes that appeal to the current market while still staying true to their roots. I definitely think that more variety in their lineup wouldn’t hurt them in any way but their core models match every segment. The heritage and touring models suit the aging Harley generation and the younger generation gets their needs met by the sportier softails. I actually think the worst mistake they’ve made recently was getting rid of the evo sportster, soooo many people came in to buy sportsters because of their price point and ease of customization.

  29. Buy a 99-03 sportster 883 for $3000, put a hammer performance 1250 kit on it for $800, new pipe and air cleaner and you’ll make right around 105hp and 84lbs of torque in a bike thats super fun and agile and has a super reliable motor with tons of aftermarket support.

  30. Got rid of the wobble and dive with a set of Progressive springs and a $100 fork brace. Didn't have to go with longer than stock tubes.

  31. Tubes are stock length, I just like the extra ground clearance of the 2 over dampner rods. Figured if I was going to tear into the front end I might as well do everything all at once and get the fancy stuff

  32. You are allowed to drive a car at 16, own guns and sign up for the military at 18. But alcohol - behold the devils liquid - is only for 21+

  33. Given that 140,000 people die from alcohol related cases yearly vs 20,000 gun deaths and alcohol being the most common and socially acceptable addiction, it makes sense that 21+ is the drinking age

  34. The real answer is a twin cam dyna with dyna defender police bags and a fairing. Agile, quick, reliable, inexpensive and the FXDP bags have more storage space than the touring bags.

  35. It really is the best way to go about it though, if you dont wanna spend new touring money but still want a comfortable and reliable touring capable bike thats the way to go

  36. Wow. I own a Sportster and work in the H-D aftermarket and I seriously doubt it will work. But kudos to you if you do. I assume you know how to weld.

  37. So from what I’ve gathered so far from a couple people who’ve done it, it looks like welding won’t be required at all, since the 95–03 sportster fenders are almost exactly the same as the 99-05 dyna fenders it should only require me to drill a couple new holes in the mounting bracket and it will fit fine

  38. I’m guessing the bullet rear signals on the sportster would have to go

  39. I dont have any signals on my rear. I have a 2001 with the full length fender and an integrated tail light

  40. EDIT: I am a Harley retard. Thought this was a newer version of my XR1200.

  41. Pardon my ignorance but I didn’t know Harley made another sporty looking dual exhaust bike. What is this? It’s super cool.

  42. Its the Sportster S, fairly new bike its super sick in my opinion its got a 1250 revolution motor in it. Its fast as fuck from what I’ve heard

  43. An MSF course, then a Honda Rebel 250. When it’s Harley time, I found my 883 SuperLow was perfect. Light, low, plenty of power and usually cheap with low miles. For reference, I’m a 5’3” male and about 115lbs.

  44. Why waste your time with a rebel 250? Its an inadequate and insufficient bike, OP will be more than fine with a 95-03 sportster. Under $4k and easy as fuck to ride, I wouldn’t recommend a rebel 250 to anyone unless they were like 4’11.

  45. Riding slow bikes fast, is to master a motorcycle .

  46. Sportster is a slow bike. My sportster was slow as fuck stock until I built the motor to a 1250 with cams and such, and even then its still only fast in Harley terms. A stock 883 is a boringly slow bike

  47. Looks great, those bags are pretty rare. If you buy it and don’t want them I’ll definitely buy them off you

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