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  1. in my non existent experience in real life but from reading books, it was a dead give away when you said you only held hands and only kissed goodbye lol IN THE SECOND DATE !!!, basically you didn't go for it man, you didn't kissed her passionately, you acted as a friend, but I mean Congrats on at least going out on date, it's better than most of us, and you live and you learn, next time if you are feeling the chemistry, go for the passionate kiss, and kiss her again passionately when saying goodbyes, touche and caress her lol, of course if she showing the sighs, if she if laughing with you, they say you can tell the sighs , I blew up my chances at a "second date" with a girl this semester for this reason, acting way too cold in fact when saying goodbyes, I shook hands instead of hugging her, it was a lunch at university but I though there was chemistry (she was a chemistry major lmao) she talked a lot I listedned empathically, I looked at her lips and all of that, I think my chances were good, I did things well up until that point hahaha.

  2. As a woman, no. Don't go for more than she is giving you. A lot of women don't know how or don't feel comfortable telling a man in person that he's moving too fast or coming on too strong. Telling him she's not interested at all can be very uncomfortable and scary. I've had men try to kiss me "passionately" when I was not interested in kissing them at all, and just trying not to be rude or make the date awkward before it was over.

  3. It means the computer is reading an incorrect amount of fuel being burned, in this case not enough. There could be any number of causes, don't just go throwing parts at it and hope something sticks. If you don't know how to diagnose it yourself, spend the money at a proper shop.

  4. As a Canadian I don’t even understand this one. I’ve never heard an American complain about my driving other than that I don’t use my horn once per block.

  5. Why? As a mechanic this is exactly what it is. It’s there incase of a hydraulic failure of the main brake system. It operates the rear callipers using a cable or electronic actuator.

  6. My first year teacher made a big point to tell us that it's not an emergency brake, it's a parking brake

  7. If i ever get a dog he'll be called nosewise. That's just a good name.

  8. bless you for this gift, 10/10 will revisit when i get a dog

  9. Some people around here think that "they" are putting homeless people from Vancouver on a bus and shipping them up here in the middle of the night. I have no idea how true this is, if at all. It sounds to me like a right wing conspiracy.

  10. There is the risk that when the rents go up and those types of people are forced out you'll have an even worse kind of person take their place. White trash who somehow earn a decent living and feel entitled to everything and think their salary gives them the right to act like assholes. This is what happened in my town and now we miss the ones who left. The poorer ones were trash but they didn't think they were better than everyone because they make a few bucks more. This new breed are the fucking Karens and Kevins of the world.

  11. There's a lot of this where I live. The above mentioned drunk driving convoy clowns, except here they can make big bucks in the oil patch. Instead of run down trucks and mobile homes, they have brand new $100K jacked up trucks and live in the wealthy subdivisions. Still act just as trashy tossing their empties out the window and thinking because they make (and probably borrow) a lot of money that they can do whatever they want.

  12. Canadian woman here. I actually wax them, rather than shave.

  13. Do you wax them at home? Is it easy? I've considered it a few times, but never tried. I attempted to wax my legs as a teen and failed miserably, so I kind of have up on at home waxing.

  14. I still shave because the process of hair growing back is prickly and I get annoyed after a day or two of prickle :-/ Do you face this and if so how long does the prickle phase last?

  15. I get lazy about shaving sometimes, but I also can't stand the prickly itchy feeling. I've gotten past it once or twice, but I'm sweaty and my armpits just feel perpetually damp when the hair is longer. It also makes applying deodorant feel weird. I honestly have no idea how men can just keep the hair all long and puffy and not find it super uncomfy

  16. Listen if a suicidal person is going to commit suicide, they're not fucking calling a hotline. You might prevent a depressed person from drying by linking that but not a suicidal person. Proactive work is the only way to save a suicidal person, because they do not care about trying to get better, the world is so meaningless and just "over" for us that the last thing on our mind is calling family and friends. It almost seems insensitive because that is not the mindset of someone who is going to act on their thoughts.

  17. I've never called myself, but I've heard a lot of bad things from people I know who have. Being brushed off and talked down to, put on hold, threatening to call the police, actually calling the police. I don't think I would ever call the hotline, especially in the US. Hopefully in other countries they are more empathetic

  18. For me it's my ability to focus. I live in a small apartment without a proper office space, so it's hard to separate work and relaxation at home. I'm management at a small business, and really I could do my position mostly remotely if I wanted to, but I just find it a lot easier to get work done when I'm at the office. That being said, if I'm ever sick/hungover/want an easy day I have the option to WFH without a whole lot of beaurocracy to get it approved

  19. Another common repeated one is larger women used to be the standard of beauty. I question this as the time period that is referenced corsets were standard attire.

  20. Corsets weren't really to make you smaller, they were more like a structured undergarment to create a certain profile. Tight lacing was not common or the intended purpose of the garment

  21. You don't have to do anything! You can shave it, trim it, style it into a lightning bolt, or just let it grow wild. It's your body and anyone who makes you feel bad about your preferences doesn't deserve to be anywhere near your vagina.

  22. Man my friends and I used to cold approach so much in our early 20's. Back when being politically correct wasn't really a thing. We played this game to see who could get rejected the most. It really puts off the pressure of trying to score a number and we ended up having more success that way.

  23. To add to this, LEARN TO READ NON-VERBAL CUES!! Body language, tone of voice, where she's looking, etc. If she's giving short answers, moving away from you, or constantly glancing over at her friends or the door, leave her alone. Getting approached by a stranger is super awkward and uncomfortable, and some people are too polite to ask you to leave.

  24. Super cute! I would absolutely buy one of these if you were selling them

  25. Aww thank you! I do sell them actually. I can dm you. :)

  26. Mufflers and other exhaust pieces are engineered with pinhole like that to let water drain. Water is a natural byproduct of your engine, and it is normal to see it dripping fro myoue exhaust

  27. When it was on Burrard bridge, a sign beside it read:

  28. You can't tell the difference after it's cooked anyway

  29. It would have been funny if it was the lighter cat in the first clip and the darker cat in the second

  30. Probably either my car or the local brewery. I love going for a drive just to think or sing along to the music. If I'm not in a driving mood I'll go to the brewery after work or on a weekend afternoon for a couple drinks and dinner just to get out of the house.

  31. Wavra was in prison at the time of the first package. The police only have Wavra's word that those materials were his and not his roommate's. For someone who would be into inserting explosives into hollowed out books, it seems odd his arrest would have a hollowed out book with knives in it instead.

  32. I have to wonder if they were both working together. Warva may have had a grudge against Joan, and planned to send the package at a certain time before he was arrested. The roommate is aware and supportive, so once Warva is in jail the roommate sends the package as planned. Whatever happens in the interim, then they both resume sending packages 11 years later.

  33. Yeah I can't quite understand the relevance of this (forgive me if I've not picked up on something you've written)- what does the pharmacy have to do with anything? Apart from the fact that Wavra and/or his room mate went there- what is the relation to the Zip Gun Bomb murders?

  34. The police were probably just trying to tack as much of the victims' lives as they could, in case there was some connection. They probably had a whole lot of other information about the victim's habits and movements and contacts. The connection with the pharmacies and Warva's roommate was likely the only thing that could possibly tie all the victims to one thing, even if it is pretty small

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