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  1. Watch the VOD he mentions he’ll get to it next week

  2. One thing that bothers me about this is that Trevor was also called out for people terrible at OffCanny. Adri and Garrett both called out Trevor and Jacob for making them not want to make videos anymore when they worked for OffCanny and Alec left quickly as well. Trevor has never addressed that. Not saying what he went through it ok but address what you did to people as well.

  3. With this trilogy over, do you guys have an idea or outline of the next project? Do you guys have an inspiration or sound you are gonna strive for?

  4. Curiously the new album comes out before the go back on tour so I expect lots from the new album

  5. when was that? i’m watching vods from march 2020 and he still sounds like this clip

  6. He changed his setup, his mic was different back then. If I'm not mistaken he recently changed about a year ago or so?

  7. Also gotta realize YouTube is a dead platform for most of the guys since demonetization fucked everyone over

  8. I don't rag just wondering is all. He can play whatever he wants.

  9. Wasn't directed at you bud, just been seeing a lot more comments lately asking the same thing as you

  10. Don't take it upon yourself to police those people in the subreddit. We have rules in place that will have posts and comments that are disrespectful regarding content creation removed (Rule 4). If you see something that looks like a rule break please report it or reach out to me or the mods.

  11. I will trade someone my large red squiggly cup for one 🥺

  12. Ep30 with hellbent he talks about hanging weights on his balls and pouring wax on them. In another he wanted to be killed by Scarlett Johansson. Seems like he is a masochist.

  13. Yeah I just got done listening to it but it wasn't that episode, probs just gonna binge all the old episode while I'm at work until I find it lol

  14. As much as we would like to know more about their experiences, most of these guys have moved on to bigger things.. james, for example doesn't really like nostalgia andy's in his twitch chat because he's already moved passed it...

  15. He's always been like that though. He's never once loved his past, regardless of how far back it is or how recent. I don't remotely say that as an insult. He is a futurist and views the past as something not worth reflecting on. I'm kind of sad he just streams and uploads chunks of that these days. He's always been so amazing and talented and I wish he could explore that in more ways.

  16. I wouldn't say that he didn't loved his old stuff, but if you're gonna stick to the stuff that was funny 5-6 years ago it's not as funny as it would be to some today if that make sense. But james stated he doesn't want the spotlight and I can respect that as his decision

  17. Idk if any have been re-uploaded but machinma pretty much wiped everything

  18. I watched this the other day, and it made me tear up because I've been watching him for almost a decade and through all the drama and bs.. James is still the most humble content creator there is and I'm glad to be apart of his community for so long.

  19. am I the only one think that Xbox not going with a different name is gonna be hard to differentiate xbox one from an xbox series??? You go from xbox one s to xbox series s... Idkk it kinda reminds me of the WiiU situation

  20. I'm sorry that alot you have these experiences and no one did nothing about it! I did tell the girl to contact the awareline if management won't step up about it, unfortunately I'm leaving soon so I won't know if they'll do anything about it. Stay safe guys!

  21. Sooo I recently came across an MSI armor 1080ti on OfferUp for a really good offer... I got the card but I notice that the card heats up alot.. playing MW it gets up to 83 degrees at most.. but I got it to go down too 70 ish... I have 3 fans blowing air in the front and 1 blowing air out in the back.. would it be better to replace the heat sink and fan on the card or add another fan that is outaking the air out?

  22. Have you changed the fancurve? If not, nvidia ships their cards with settings for the minimal noise while being just barely under thermal throttling, and I really hate that.

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