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  1. We go to the Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital, we’re happy with them but we have cats.

  2. Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital isnt accepting new clients :( I used to be a client with them and they changed software or something and I was lost as a client and they had no open spots

  3. Might be a filter or the angle but I can't get my hand into that position. 😄

  4. My thumb is also not 10 inches long, maybe thats whats getting you too?

  5. I think it had to do with the nature of her injury. She dislocated an elbow and it was jutting out all wobbly. They later had to sedate her for a few minutes while they reset it, so it must be a, “higher level” pain event.

  6. WTF i used to dislocate my elbow all the time (unintentionally) they give pain medication for that? i remember nurses pinning me down and trying to reset it because they pinched my nerve!

  7. Celine Dion, absolutely no redeeming qualities.

  8. Well, at least we know her heart will go on

  9. Hope so! I actually agree because I’m ahead of my class in science and only because I took the time to visit my teacher after school and ask for help

  10. Also just because a teacher can clearly teach one topic or unit, it might be harder for them to conceptualize other units! stay after class or ask to meet your teacher after school and they might try and help you out!

  11. Well first and foremost if you need a mental health day, by all means take it. Secondly, you shouldn't feel embarassed at all, people have different learning curves and you know, the teacher makes all the difference. If you are finding that your teacher is explaining the formula's/theory behind what you're doing in a confusing way your best tutor could possibly be Youtube, i am a 30 year old college student who sucked ass in math. My course is heavily weighted towards math now. I watch Youtube to break things down and that way I can see step by little step what happens.

  12. I am a white chick and my favorite pair of jeans is heavily ripped🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. I too am white, my jeans are ripped where my chubby thighs rub the material away.

  14. Why? Do you even like these things? Be yourself, college and university are great for that, youre in classes you (ideally) want to be in and find like-minded people. Its so much more refreshing to be individualistic, and people will sense that and be more inclined to be friends with you. This is all surface level things with no depth, you might find you alienate yourself more. I dont want to be a huge bummer but I just can't get onboard with this mindset.

  15. Hello, i commented before being straight up that it was terrible. This is less terrible. if styled correctly you should be ok

  16. What does one do with a bachelor's in fine arts? I assume you work in a call centre.

  17. I hope you never need to call a call centre.

  18. Just FYI you can develop an allergy to benzoyl peroxide. I did after using it for a year and my skin was so itchy and felt like bugs crawling under. so dont just go to town, do a patch test!

  19. Aaa tysm! This sounds really bad, ik, but how often are you supposed to wash pants/bras ideally? I'll also look into the thrift store thing.

  20. I second thrift stores, jeans are nice but omg are they expensive right now, i just bought a new pair and it ran me upwards of 70 bucks

  21. Took me til about march to get declined by them. its pretty early yet. I hope you've done the pre-health course... seems like its almost mandatory to get into dental hygiene

  22. The fork is there to display how thick the gap is because it's difficult to take a picture of with the color of the crock.

  23. Italians don't wear pockets

  24. The eventual one is Mr. Dwyer, who sends out junk mail.

  25. Good thing Jim got the account.

  26. I find if you have a pink undertone, or paler skin it looks a little ghostly. I have the same issue with a few of Essie's polishes that i like

  27. Mine are so confusing. My face is cool and pale but my body is light tan and almost olive so it’s all these conflicting shades.

  28. Really? Because when I look at your hands I see a lot of pink! I find my hands look washed out when its pink on pink

  29. Apparently this is normal for some but honestly it was not my normal. I had my pap done for the first time ever and my doctor walked me through everything she was doing, every single step and instrument she used on me, she informed me about and was as gentle as possible... Seems like a shit experience honestly... sorry :(

  30. Birth tourism needs to stop. Like now.

  31. I thought it was illegal? Like the parents get fined I thought

  32. Female Jake looks like rashida jones and Catherine zeta jones

  33. Catherine Rashida Zeta Jones

  34. I have 100 USD of mooncat sitting in my basket at checkout, including this polish. Parts of me are saying "just buy it"... Other parts of me like my brain are like "just save the money, wait for your birthday!". I officially hate you for putting this on the subreddit because it looks like im gonna spend 140 CAD today.

  35. Do it. I got 3 polishes on Black Friday.. I want more already.

  36. i literally just bought a car for 10k today so.... maybe i can get that as a congratulations to myself?? LOL I'm just here trying to convince myself its a good spend for some real nice polishes

  37. I agree it looks burnt. The one time I followed the instructions that closely it was pastey but not black.

  38. 10000% agree. I used to microwave but honestly it was so stanky and annoying to scrape out of the bowl i said eff it and threw it all in the crockpot

  39. Um, he gets a cool shoulderpad? Hello? Did you not know that all of a dragons vitals are in his shoulder when hes in his visage?

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