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  1. Thanks for making this post and leaving it up OP, I was really stuck for a while until I found this lmao

  2. There are a couple of bugs like this in the switch version, alas.

  3. Thanks! I was stuck for like an hour lmao, appreciate this comment, hello from the future!

  4. Got the red eyes, cause I only see blood. Listen to my trash I don't really give a CRUD

  5. lolita is not in support of pedophilia and any pearl-clutching bookburner who wants it banned for that is illiterate

  6. I love that your flair is the only Bible verse I recognize by name.

  7. Don't worry so much about sex, it's not that much better than masturbation. In fact some sex is worse than masturbation.

  8. Omg how did you get enough to get his house im still struggling 😭

  9. I just go to the Hebra tundra snowy place and kill rhinos and moose, they drop lots of gourmet meat which sell for a ton if you cook them into meat skewers. The other prime and raw meats sell decently too, worth it to cook and sell.

  10. I started a running joke in this thread based on your comment and I'm just very satisfied with it. This post makes everyone [feeling] for some reason.

  11. This makes me afraid for some reason

  12. This is exactly the kind of logic homophobes use to keep being homophobic. That's not it! Here, a group of people are being (presumably) reasonable when talking about sex. One person is really uncomfortable when other people talk about sex with each other. That's just an unfortunate situation. If it's that upsetting, then that group isn't for them.

  13. You're not entirely alone, I'm not sure whats so hard for them to understand. It's the same exact rhetoric that conservatives use against trans people.

  14. Why is it that whenever people compare 2 arguments, for example talking about sex to an ace, with talking about an absolute disastrous genocide like the holocaust or some other genocide?

  15. Again I'd barely call that a "change". Yeah if they refuse to stop making the holocaust jokes the German-Jewish guy should find new friends. Does that make his old friends any less douchey? Not really, they failed to make a single small compromise for the sake of their friend.

  16. The vid definitely brought me happiness. I really enjoy seeing people excel at things that they love to do. Thankyou for the words. It's just difficult to begin to make changes without motivation but I'm out here tryin still. Thanks G

  17. You're not bad at writing, I'd say you expressed yourself pretty well with these comments here, wouldn't you? Writing is creative to me, there are many ways to word something, you said it in your own words.

  18. You just got lucky and met a rare nice one. I had a coyote throw a net on me one time, and that son of a gun wouldn't let me go. I kept telling it I was busy and needed to go but he just wouldn't get off me. Most nets are major aholes. (So are coyotes, missed the bird he was trying to catch and threw it on me. You think it even apologized? He just looked at me, strapped some fireworks to his roller skates and took off.)

  19. A comment from that post that is too wholesome for this sub probably, but I love it:

  20. im crying man, for a roach i never new AND IM FUCKING SCARED OF THOSE BUGS 😭😭😭

  21. He was a fancy bug, he loved salad, and long walks on the window sill.

  22. Outerworlds has an extremely vibrant palette iirc

  23. In today's post-modernist woke society you can't even piss your pants without being called a piss baby.

  24. It looks as though you may have spelled "Chick-fil-A" incorrectly. No worries, it happens to the best of us!

  25. In today's woke moralist society you can't even misspell a homophobic chain restaurant without being CANCELED.

  26. I try to have 20 gyms every morning. I enjoy gym battles and need lots of hours for the defender badge. Really don't care about 50 cents a day.

  27. I'd hope you're more punctual to your 20 gyms every morning than you are to this thread

  28. I loved the scene where Verbius said "It's verbin time" and then verbed all over everyone. Truly the grammar of all time.

  29. I just had the realisation that contrary to a real person switching the skin color on a cartoon-style Arielle doesn't look as good to me. I really prefer how red hair light skin and blue eyes match her tail, it looks so colorful.

  30. The red hair would not be difficult, I call it "fire truck red" (as opposed to just saying red hair which would imply ginger hair) and it's a color that isn't all that uncommon as far as dyed hair goes.

  31. Darwin just missed out with this candidate 🤬

  32. I feel like the Darwin thing implies the guy deserves to die for that mistake

  33. Rushing to lift something that's probably 75% his weight and not securing it before looking away and placing yourself right under it. Showing off is fine, but this is dangerous and this person isn't showing any common sense. Darwin award.

  34. He did secure it, you can clearly see him pat the stone to make sure it was still before going to the next one. It's a shitty platform.

  35. You need some mildly safe, moderately euphoric drugs homie. But for real, yes I know the feeling

  36. This guy truly needs shrooms or LSD, either or could make em remember what life is about.

  37. “Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough” ~ my high schooler

  38. Someone in the other thread said "the second one is their kid, the first one is someone else's." And the prospect of that is sending me to the fucking stratosphere

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