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  1. Contact the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union! They have volunteer lawyers that can probably help you

  2. I go to the makers markets and other market events in MKE and usually find some fun ones there. I’ve bought from Peach Beast, Rivet and bezel, and Megancholy earrings. They all have instagrams!

  3. I have one from the foundry you can have! It’s a little curved from being in a pocket but in good shape

  4. your windows are probably single pane only 1 layer of glass so no thermal protection.

  5. The foam sounds like the best idea for the window in my room, so I’ll probably do that. I also have a door to a back room (unheated window room) that I can’t insulate. Do you have any suggestions on how to help with that air source?

  6. Heavy curtains around the windows. Rugs on the floors. Check for drafts and fill them. You can buy products to stop a draft under doors. Keep the bathroom door open to help with air circulation. Buy a space heater or electric blanket.

  7. Church of Christ, otherwise known as the “One True Church™️”

  8. Very authoritarian, fundamentalist protestant reformed. Very “men are better than women” and “women are meant to be in the home and be quiet”. Just today I started talking in therapy about the religious trauma I endured. Got a long journey of healing

  9. Not exactly sure what types of things you're looking for (landmarks, specifically MKE things, etc) but here are a few ideas for things to hunt. Some of them have specific MKE related "features" in the downtown area:

  10. Police officers and firefighters regularly do training drills in and around Lakeshore Park and the lagoon. It’s possible that’s what it was - I work in that area and haven’t heard of any incidents.

  11. This is what I was thinking, but the people thought something else was going on so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

  12. Beard MKE is pretty cool! It’s right next to where the waxwing was on North.

  13. It’s an inactive form of yeast and is often used in PB and vegan diets to give a ‘cheesy’ flavor. It’s great on popcorn, salads, pizza, really anything savory. I use it daily

  14. Also relatively new and not very familiar with yeast.Would this recipe still be good without the yeast? As well as with the bacon bits?

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