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  1. Kim Cattrall will cameo on And Just Like

  2. I wish I could watch this video again for the very first time.

  3. The fact she’s only stopping in like 6 cities in the US for her tour is complete bs 😭

  4. This ... doesnt sound like that crazy a journey lol

  5. From model, to pop star, to a model-pop star that will have a clothing line?

  6. The problem is often that producer fees that have to be paid in order to release the song can be higher than the amount you make off of sales and downloads. A lot of her early unreleased tracks were done on spec and never paid for. It doesn’t make financial sense to release many of them, since the investment of money won’t be recouped.

  7. I don’t know, given, Lana Del Rey is one of the most streamed people on earth, and one of the most influential artists alive, I highly doubt the fee to pay some producer who made those beats on a MacBook would be lot. Give him some of these tracks are recorded up to 12+ years ago, I highly doubt some of the producers even work in music anymore.

  8. That stupid mask. It got her kicked out of her book signing at B&N.

  9. It wasn't the mask that got her kicked out. It was the fact she held an unauthorized random meet and greet at a Barnes and Noble 4 months into a pandemic.

  10. People at the event were reporting that the health department came and shut her down. And Barnes & Noble’s inevitably had to kick her out.

  11. I started watching Bridgerton and I have a question,

  12. Oooh this was interesting! ❤️ This helped, thank you!

  13. Oh my god I really wanted this video. I really wish she had pulled a Lorde and double-downed on her art instead of listening to the criticisms.

  14. The reaction in this subreddit being 50/50 to AJay is kind of hard to take. Yeah there’s a lot of people who support AJay but there’s an equal amount of people who are being snobbish and rude as well.

  15. This song is so beautiful. I forgot I had the original saved on YouTube because I randomly came across it one time. That version still exists if you want to listen to it. But this new version is so pretty and the instrumental is gorgeous.

  16. I agreeeee. There are dozens of us who like the new version 😅

  17. Tame Impala really did say ‘ turn the bass up’ to then proceed to play a flat song.

  18. I had gotten pretty flirty with someone I met through an app. We made plans to hang out and go out.

  19. Taylor had a party yesterday and Gracie Abrams, Maggie Rogers, Japanese Breakfast, Florence Welch and Kendrick Lamar were all

  20. +10 year old ones that got all deleted for some reason!

  21. Lana deleted her Twitter when she deleted her Instagram

  22. I witnessed this in real time and it was the best thing ever lol.

  23. I watched it in real time too, I couldn’t believe if as it was happening.

  24. I was really hoping for boygenius but this is solid! I'm most excited for Maggie Rogers, Rina Sawayama, Raye, Tove Lo, and Jessie Ware!

  25. Each to their own really. For me it was the last good album she made. Everything since has been boring for me. I haven’t been a fan of what you call her ‘evolution’ since then. It’s like she has her own genre now and I’m just not a fan.

  26. I’d argue that everything after 4 is when her quality changed 😅

  27. Her vocal cords really struggled in firework, but she ate in this performance nonetheless. How incredible.

  28. She's not as popular as she was 10 years ago.

  29. Due to steaming and American Idol she’s probably more famous now than 10 years ago

  30. Even though the signs were obvious, a lot of people are still surprised to this day that someone as big as her just fell off the face of the Earth 🫰just like that (not like becoming obscure but you know what I mean).

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