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  1. We’re apparently running out if sand for glass though, so always a downside

  2. I was fortunate enough to visit Costa Rica when I was younger, I asked why all the Coca-Cola bottles on the shelf were scratched up looking, someone told me the Coke company down there actually REUSES the glass bottles... what a concept...

  3. If you mute the video and play Yakety Sax its actually quite entertaining.

  4. Genuine question; is this car designed to prevent a puller from being used?

  5. Car behind OP posts footage of idiot who decided not to exit...

  6. I used to have a cat that was crazy for those plastic rings that are on the top of a milk or juice jug. She’d hook it onto one of her fang teeth and her claw and shoot it like a rubber band. She’d do that in the bath tub by herself in the middle if the night and just have a blast. I couldn’t even get mad at her for waking me up because it was so funny.

  7. I was about to add this same comment but figured I would read first. This made me realize I haven't had one of those peal off milk caps in a long time, they are all twist off that leave the ring in place.

  8. OOF. Run it till the wheels fall off I guess...

  9. Only issue I have is just the disappointment at how the footage looks

  10. Im actually quite impressed with the 5k footage with all stability disabled (until the sun sets, then all bets are off)

  11. No but crime is on the rise and morale in the police force is getting lower. The pay for NM law enforcement is pretty low, and throw in that they can be personally sued, theres not a lot of motivation to get dirty and fight crime. I’m not sure if there’s a way of weeding out frivolous lawsuits before they hit the police personally, but you know lawyers.

  12. I'll be honest, I wouldnt want to fight crime if I could be held accountable for my actions/reactions. Yes there are plenty of people (me included) that would have broken command and even laid down their own life to save a childs (I would assume every single parent involved). But this all seems "par for the course" leading to our inevitable dystopian future.

  13. This isnt the first video with this happening, I have a feeling these people are trying to commit insurance fraud by claiming their own hit and run...

  14. Dipped without even throwing it in park or regarding the safety of their "friend".

  15. Even his friend dipped without his shoe! Does he come back for it or run with one shoe!?!

  16. For those of you saying OP is at fault. Most of the time you’ll never be able to turn of you aren’t pulled out far. Unfortunate there wasn’t a good gap until after it was red

  17. If I hadn't read the title before watching the video I probably would have been across the road in time!

  18. this is called market psychology... I bought LOWB on 1 minute after it launched. I essentially turned $1.1k into $3 and still holding...

  19. this is our future! Want to reach new audiences? 21:9 you say? nobody cares... 9:21 you say? you have a future...!

  20. Scrolling past this on my phone I actually couldnt tell what I was looking at in the top video, infact I almost scrolled past this post until I noticed the second video.

  21. Even the best get stuck. Anyone who has never been stuck, really hasn't wheeled. Regardless of what make and model you drive, you will get stuck, and the mark of experience is knowing how to recover yourself and do it safely.

  22. It still blows my mind how people actually think that once they get stuck they can still get out by trying to dig like mud drivers do, to get down to more traction, sand is sand is sand, once my vehicle gets stuck in sand its time to get out of the vehicle and figure a way out, digging your tires in just makes things worse...

  23. Great shit man! Without context I wish the girl pulling down her glasses (near the beginning) wasnt staring into the camera as It takes me out of appreciating the work and asking myself why is this girl looking at me...

  24. A lot of them were smoke and mirrors operations, to some extent. It all worked out great during the bull run, but some have been exposed during this bear market.

  25. Its actually starting to make sense, the barely HH ATH had me confused for a while. Savy saying the crypto space is basically the .com bubble all over again is actually happening in front of our face...

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