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  1. Will keep an eye out! Best of luck!

  2. Try blue tak or some other mounting putty. It’s enough adhesive to keep things in place, but is easily removable and won’t damage surfaces

  3. just shove something in there TM between the baseplate and the side of wall if having all the baseplates don't fit.

  4. That's fine for metal drawers, but I'm using this on a wooden workbench.

  5. Who has committed this crime? Are you committing crimes just to test the justice system? This isn’t funny.

  6. My significant other made me do it.

  7. Dual drives are great if you have both usb-c and usb-a devices. I have one of these and it works great

  8. Thank you, do you have personal experience with them? Any idea what the sustained read/write speeds are?

  9. Yes i use it quite a bit, its on my keychain. I haven't benchmarked the speeds.

  10. I had constant issues with my Z2 up until the power supply died. I'm sure it can be fixed but it was time to move on. Now I'm on Rane/Serato and I'm pretty happy with it.

  11. Cool idea maybe. But I like working directly with samples. Don't take away the fun part!

  12. Hey VSZ, cool project for sure, thanks for helping us keep our workshops organized. I took one of your window divider boxes and made it fit on a 4x4 grid. I wanted to have something for the shelf above my workbench that would have a bigger footprint for more stability and hold more stuff.

  13. Why do you think so? Bass should even improve by decoupling the speaker (the stands have small anti-vibration pads unterneath), because it's not being distorted or overlapped by secondary vibrations.

  14. Put some foam below the speaker. And maybe even below the stand. Otherwise they are not decoupled at all. I would have made them a tad bigger than the speaker. I’d be worried they would fall from vibrations when played loudly. Looks cool though I hope they work great!

  15. I used to have one of these, great mixer for sure. I wish i never sold it.

  16. Not sure yet which I will end up with but the two best options at this moment seems to be the Ecler Nuo 2 or ... another Vextax Samurai and live with its downsides :P

  17. The 23c has a cf knob. The 23 has a switch

  18. pretty bad pictures, but looks like a spider to me.

  19. SES, Mailgun, Postmark, Sendgrid.

  20. So cool. How is the platter driven?

  21. I don’t really understand why f360 can’t just be a normal app

  22. I feel you. Monday isn’t cheap. And of it isn’t reliable then it’s pretty much worthless. That’s where I am.

  23. Sounds good. You using an lfo for that sidechainy sound?

  24. I recently got some belts from somewhere that were a bit too big that caused my PT to play slow. I ended up finding another belt that worked fine.

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