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One Piece: Chapter 1056

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  1. They even got married in one time line of Rage of Bahamut!

  2. can I get more details on how they got married?

  3. in one of the intimacy stories for chloe, she asks you if you know any elven friends

  4. not about Chloe but in that exact part if you choose Saren, she will tell you that Yuni usually go to the orphanage acting like a kid to be spoiled

  5. Out of all Caon, you guys voted Makoto? What an uncultured swine

  6. Let's see if Caon can enter top 10 with all their members

  7. She's strong against bosses but shines the most when you need to clear mobs

  8. now I want an event story where everyone is genderbended

  9. I bet the 2nd rank guy on the Arena stings you so much showing off his Neneka

  10. I don’t see the man marked by flames is anyone we know about.. the thought about it being Aokiji is good but, the panel in the chapter clearly says that it is something luffy doesn’t know about. Luffy knows Kuzan, in the one movie we even see the strawhats see the scars and everything kuzan took from his fight with Akainu. So imo the chapter panel would be pointless if it’s just a phrasing luffy is not familiar with.

  11. I think Luffy know the person but didn't know the recent state of that person hence why he didn't know who they're talking about

  12. I know Priconne is a gacha game but if they made a spin-off visual novel fandisk that included an ending with Makoto or any of the girls in my list, I'd buy it on the spot.

  13. I can totally imagine the Drama for Makoto ending

  14. Menurut gua pribadi gitlab jauh lebih simple ngelola repositorynya daripada github. Kalo github ada yang perlu disetting lagi.

  15. Github is now as cringe and toxic as linkedin. Sure it works as a frontend for git but now it acts more like a social media platform. Badges, how active you are, bio... It's bloat man

  16. Regardless of what you think, you definitely can't deny that majority of big projects are on github. And github will always stay relevant no matter how shitty the platform becomes until these projects are migrating away

  17. bold of you to assume he didn't stay up all the way until september

  18. can't say for other arch based distro but the best arch experience is archlinux itself no matter the DE

  19. Arch is good but it's dangerous with its fast release model, some unstable packages can break the whole installation. It happened with me many times that's why I used Manjaro.

  20. i don't know how you manage your system but I have this rule of thumb of sticking to the stable repository for system related packages. use Flatpak for packages that is on the repo but got some of it's feature removed (e.g. OBS). use AUR for what isn't on flatpak (mostly CLI based applications).

  21. me, an Indonesian reading the word asu: LFMAO

  22. ah shit I thought it was Tomoko, turns out it's her brother

  23. There is too much edge, it needs two translation teams to handle it.

  24. we're still not done with the story. we might get 1-3 more teams joining in probably by the end of this

  25. I don't remember this in the novel but holy shit man if I'm not impressed

  26. I didn't see Grandma Sylvia. She should be in absolute chad tier

  27. Are you sure that it doesn't need the file path instead of just the folder? That is definitely the path for blender (not the one with man, that's the manual, open it in an explorer to make sure you have the right one)

  28. nope it doesn't work. I could try downloading the one directly from blender site but that would be a hassle to manage

  29. Don't worry there's actually no need to go that far. All I need was using /usr/bin where blender binaries are located

  30. jangan senang dulu. jangankan mencabut, merevisi aturan PSEnya aja masih belum. belum lagi DNS Nasional

  31. nevermind, it's solved already. you need to use /usr/bin as the path to the blender for some reason. Though this is more for the Godot's devs rather than Blender's.

  32. Doraemon is much, much bigger than Persona or even Demon Slayer. Here in Asia I think everyone knows what Doraemon looks like, even those whom hasn’t watched/read a single piece of anime or manga. America is weird in this because they are very late in importing Doraemon for god knows why.


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