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  1. He wasn't at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, but that was still one of the most Trumpian moments. The total idiocy and absurdity of the whole thing is something that is hard to find even in TV comedy. If that happened in The Office it would have been a great episode.

  2. Also gave us the great memes of Rudy G. being the evil guy from fifth element… (His hair dye dripping down his head)

  3. I literally can't tell if you're blatant troll stringing as many of the talking points together as possible, or if you've drowned in koolaid

  4. Col moving up 3 despite bombing out in groups shows what’s wrong with the way they rank teams. They released ranks that don’t account for the t1 event still going on, don’t factor in matches between two teams, make up random points to give teams, and there is no way of losing points beside point decay which sometimes takes way to long

  5. Those games haven’t been added yet doofus.

  6. Hopefully never. At least when you don't lay on the net, the overhead camera can be reviewed and proper call made. This completely blocks that overhead camera.

  7. Let’s not ignore the two sharp as fuck death blades that are now at roughly neck level

  8. You are until a player he didn’t consider accidentally skates into his blades which are now pretty fucking close to neck level

  9. I think we need to show this thread to that guy's brother who is MG2 trying to go pro.

  10. Yeah if you can’t get global off your raw aim alone, you aren’t ever going to be pro. That’s a fact.

  11. Okay, so let me take this at face value as a good faith argument.

  12. Only way I see this being better (aka fixing gameplay) is if this “AI” is more like a fleet AI…

  13. Funny how the law is just there, even if it actually stops nobody at times.

  14. It’s actually not illegal in NY.

  15. Its illegal in new york to not clear the ice and snow off your car as well. I know because I live where this picture was taken lol

  16. It’s actually not illegal in NY.

  17. french people can’t comprehend stand in buff, actually thinking JACKZ is the future of this team 💀

  18. I mean it’s not like we literally just witnessed the EXACT SAME FORMULA work for G2 with jks?

  19. Coffee/a snack for the morning commute without having to get out of your car is pretty enticing. But I agree with the post, every time I've gotten food from Tim Hortons it's been slightly disappointing at best.

  20. Enticing until you see the 30 minute line 20 cars deep.

  21. The market value of the LEC franchise spot is around 40M euro. The bookvalue is much lower (because that's the price it was bought at).

  22. None of that is remotely relevant for this conversation.

  23. It’s actually supposed to be “skill”.

  24. Great value is walmart brand lol so basically knock off green day

  25. To add - if you want to toss this burn at electronics it should be insignia (Best Buy white label).

  26. 5 Star burn for a “supposed” 5 star man.

  27. The screenshot can’t be real, but there is absolutely at least one or two people who have had a near perfect mirror of this type of history and luck… may just not be the same company’s

  28. This makes so much more sense. Because from her dialogue she seems like she was mentally prepared. Initially I just thought she was the most ice cold mf on the street.

  29. I think it’s merely playing on the “pope like” outfit.

  30. Sure its cringe - but it’s also accurate…

  31. Would very much recommend and enjoying launching on loose ground like snow and dirt. Would very much not recommend even learning how to launch on pavement

  32. Yeha don’t forget to turn traction control off, that gut feeling when you feel it like bog down and see tc isn’t off :(

  33. Man, I tell you, imo if Briere and his son had any sense, jr would be kissing this lady's butt for the next year. Carry her books, yes mam, whatever you need. Have him in a dunk tank in the center of campus with proceeds going to wheelchair situations, etc... Whatever it takes.

  34. From personal interactions with Danny Briere decades ago, it’s actually surprising his kid would do this. Didn’t seem like a bad parent and tried to do the right thing of “reminder not everyone is as fortunate as us” kinda thing.

  35. Why is buffalo in your list as a drug highway? Are you saying your drugs come from Buffalo??

  36. Real time augmented reality just hasn’t taken off. There have been multiple SciFi authors who predicted augmented reality would become the new norm. So far, fiction and fact are still out of sync. It’s more likely augmented reality will have more focused applications like medicine, manufacturing, and gaming (Pokémon Go).

  37. I bet one of the devs testing Source 2 had the issue and they literally fixed it so it doesn't annoy them further.

  38. Taylor was by far the worst thing to happen to this show. It all derailed after she came along

  39. Big chances IMO. Common Crawl contains huge portion of the internet with many versions of IQ tests there and countless discussion on various psychology forums about those and mensa forums (if such things exists :D ), etc. I doubt they stopped using Common Crawl for GPT4 if they did for previous versions.

  40. It also likely has some key evals created to help home it properly.

  41. The move to capitalism in the former Soviet Union ushered in the largest drop in peacetime standard of living in history.

  42. Because the USSR couldn’t even stock grocery stores before capitalism. You think they magically were able to solve their food problems when the flipped the switch??

  43. She should consult a workplace attorney. It is possible a case could be made that she was fired for getting pregnant. Texas is an "at will" state which means you can fire someone for any reason except pregnancy, race etc. She could at a minimum be a real thorn in his side. Enough to make him want to settle.

  44. She’s also going to be collecting child support based on his ability to provide.

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