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  1. Third-party Recruiter here. I hope to provide some insight. TLDR Using LinkedIn, you can have the jobs target you instead of you spending hours searching for the jobs that aren't a fit. Sorry about the length, but I feel many people don't see the value LI gives.

  2. Sorry for butting in, but does your advice also applies to fresh graduates looking for their first job?

  3. I would love that too but sadly, if leaks are the same as Genshin then you will 100% get spoiled before the livestream on Reddit/Youtube/Twitter

  4. Unpopular opinion i guess, i hope SR leaks aren't as big as genshin, for all intents and purposes it kills off the hype from me experiencing new things from streams and stuff. Especially when theyre leaking more than just character kits and what not

  5. Trailer for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : Once and Always

  6. Rpr regretting life decisions for sure.

  7. I think there will always be a calling for them, but it’s going to become increasingly popular.

  8. How long have you working in this line of job? Do you have any advice regarding data analyst especially when applying as an entry job?

  9. I think the thing I've liked the most about Axel's VSaikyo customs streams is listening to the banter, like Selen with RPR, Selen with iPN, Selen with Templex or Selen with RPR... Maybe I just like Selen bantering with people. Also, the current banter about a company of vtuber couples or families is hilarious, seeing RPR mald is so funny.

  10. Ah yes the old suck venom from a dick debate

  11. Saw a clip of Suntempo interviewing fans at Holofes.

  12. Could feel Astel dies inside when he heard that XD

  13. maybe they live in a rv or something

  14. Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, and Apple are solid choices for reliable laptops. ASUS ROG, Dell Alienware, and HP Omen are decent for gaming. MSI is good for performance, but customer support can be iffy in my experience. Do your research on specific models and read reviews before buying.

  15. if it werent for the madrid curse, shouldve been 3 rn

  16. so far only found 2, this one and other game which is still in pre alpha gameplay, cant remember what its called but gacha gaming sphere is severely lacking in first/third person shooter genre game

  17. Bruh stfu and just give him the link

  18. relax, already give him the link.

  19. Hi there, may I know where you can find such laptops? I'm a Malaysian too and all laptops here are either 3050 or 3060 😭

  20. Im in sabah rn and this shop is Pc Image, yeah most of the models ive seen here still uses last gen gpu, the staff said that more newer models should be coming around either next month to mid year,theyll probably wanna finish up the stocks before ordering newer gens.

  21. Buying in retail stores is like rm 500 more expensive compared to buying online. U should wait for Malaysia day or merdeka. 4000 series should get better discounts by then.

  22. where would you recommend buying online from? im kinda worried if something happened during shipping and such especially if its involve expensive items

  23. This. I would never bet against us. We have better talent in the team than Real, and when we click, it doesn’t matter who’s on the other end. Up the reds!

  24. Isn't he a muslim too? I swear he posts about Ramadan and stuff. I'm not an expert of Islam but having sex with prostitutes and blackmailing surely isn't allowed?

  25. im not seeing enough movement - Fushi probably


  27. You know, this makes me hope that xsoleil will become huge enough in the future that she wish she wasnt idiot enough to this to her career

  28. Lmaoo the food on the table though

  29. That or he got hold of the physical copy early

  30. Peak manga is finally here 🔥🔥🔥

  31. Does the MD link not work for other ppl as well?

  32. love that mod ever since the OG ones, sad they dont make more of the bikini mod

  33. cod mobile which had the complete mp and br experience and features (and also zombie mode occasionally) that console/pc players wanted for years + almost 4 years of game support, can be played on low to mid spec phone vs warzone mobile that only has a br mode, that most people had already played on main console, reports of horrible performance on android and only newly released.


  35. TIL it means baby testicles

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