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  1. I never said don't HAVE the Platinum card. There are lots of reasons to HAVE the Platinum card. I said don't USE the Platinum card.

  2. There are benefits beyond the basic 1x points. You get phone insurance if you pay your bill with it. Also purchase protection and extended warranty.

  3. I honestly don’t think they are imploding. I think they are actually playing it alright. They’d be dumb to give Lamar all that money.

  4. Yeah they are doing the best they can given the circumstances. Yes, they will have to find a new QB which could take a few years, but at least they aren't completely screwed like the Browns are. That is the situation that they are avoiding.

  5. I was born in western PA and both parent’s families are massive fans. I moved a few hours to another part of the state at a young age and grew up around Ravens and Eagles fans mainly.

  6. If this can’t be explained by your heater turning on to compensate, another explanation would be difference in humidity levels between indoors and outside.

  7. Would that actually be picked up by a thermometer?

  8. Maybe your apartment's AC/heating system detected a drop in temperature and started kicking out hot air to try to balance things out.

  9. Ok, I'm glad we agree that we could have signed a better player if we had more money.

  10. Just keep shifting the goal posts further and further every time I address your points lol.

  11. I would say swabian because it encapsules a dialekt region. The Integration into prussia was only in 1850 after the german revolution and some what shortly before the german nation state was created.

  12. That is a good point. I suppose the people didn’t have enough time to consider themselves Prussian before they all became Germans a few years later.

  13. As far as I know, the Hohenzollern-Hechingen and Hohenzollern SIgmaringen principalities were ruled by Catholic branches of the Hohenzollern family until 1849. Since the branch of the dynasty split off from the Frankish and Brandenburg-Prussian branches already in the Middle Ages, I suppose that their subjects never really felt 'Prussian'. Before 1806, the area was just one of many smaller principalities in the region, so it is unlikely that they had a separate identity. Most likely, they referred to themselves as 'Swabian', as this term was not tied to a specific state at the time, but was (and is) used for the entire region.

  14. Ok that makes sense. The borders changed a lot in just a few centuries but it seems like the "Swabian" identity prevailed in that region despite everything that happened.

  15. Keep the dividend stocks in a Roth IRA. If they are in a taxable account you're going to have to pay taxes on all of the dividends. If you're going to buy and hold for 20+ years, might as well have it grow tax free in a Roth IRA.

  16. But you can contribute more to a pre-tax account (because you aren’t paying the tax upfront) which pays more dividends.

  17. I'm from Florida. In Lisbon I ran into a NY'er who gave me crap about Ron DeSantis like I personally put him in office.

  18. I studied abroad in Amsterdam a few years ago with kids from my university in the US.

  19. This pure speculation on my part, but I bet Amex has some kind of profitability score for each customer, at a minimum how much they spend versus how many incentives they’ve received recently.

  20. Ok I was not aware of the retention offers affecting internal scores. I probably won’t pursue this as to not impact my relationship, but it’s good to know. Maybe in the future when my spend is higher.

  21. why are you getting downvoted? so many stupid reddit users god damn

  22. It's every subreddit. It's so tiring.

  23. My wife and I both have New Amsterdam Dutch ancestry. I would love to have a framed reprint of this. Available for sale anywhere?

  24. I'd like to know as well. I have ancestors that owned a house on Smee Straat (Smith Street).

  25. Their staff are also criminally underpaid. We have researchers with degrees working for the University of Pittsburgh, in the department of medicine, making $35,000/yr. I don’t know when, but academia is at a tipping point. They don’t offer much of anything for anyone that makes up for the cost of participation

  26. And yet they are basically the most expensive public university in the nation…

  27. Those asset =/= the debts owed depositors the gov. Is footing the bill for the difference

  28. Idk why you’re getting downvoted. The assets weren’t enough to pay the debts which is why the bank blew up to begin with and the government had to step in. This was the whole debate that was occurring over the weekend as to what should happen.

  29. Down votes on Reddit are often a good thing it just means smooth brains are hearing something they don’t like. I’m unsure why something so simple was such a point of contention though. Probably just a bunch of people making their mind up to blindly follow whatever they’re told by the gov.

  30. The administration has really been stressing the point that this is NOT taxpayer funded and that it is NOT a bailout which I think has fooled people into thinking we’re not paying for any of this. That’s just my theory on where that idea is coming from.

  31. no one said it's going anywhere but kind of ignorant to assume this won't have some affect on market and wages.

  32. Idk why you’re getting flamed here. This will definitely affect the labor market. SVB had offices all over the world. I’m seeing estimates that only 7% of their deposits were insured. Most banks are somewhere around 40-50% usually.

  33. I’ve traveled all over the south and have seen more confederate flags in south central PA than anywhere else.

  34. Yep, I grew up around there. They are all over the Gettysburg area. And it’s not the re-enactors flying them either.

  35. MOHELA services SoFi private loans.

  36. Tech companies have jobs requiring clearances, but they are no better than the kinds of jobs you’d have in defense. If you want the typical software dev perks (wfh, hybrid, whatever), you’re best going down a path that doesn’t require a clearance.

  37. There’s plenty of clearance jobs that allow WFH/hybrid.

  38. Ok glad I wasn’t the only one super confused by this post.

  39. The Steelers almost always show their hand in who they’re going to pick. Pickett was a somewhat surprise, but a QB definitely wasn’t. The only time I felt actually surprised by our pick was Shazier in 2014. Porter is 100% the “show their hand” pick this year, I think it just depends on if he makes it that long.

  40. Yeah Shazier was totally out of nowhere. I remember he was classified as a “OLB” back then which made the pick seem even weirder but then reports came out shortly after that he would be playing ILB in our 3-4.

  41. Now I want to re-play this later.

  42. Amex has done an incredible job at convincing the 2x a year traveler they need a card that gets them into a lounge. It is what it is

  43. I mean the card benefits are typically above break even with two trips.

  44. I’m in ATL at least 2-3 times per month, and the SC there is just soul crushing.

  45. I was in the Concourse A lounge a couple weeks ago on a Saturday and it was fine. I was shocked since I’m used to being in packed Centurion lounges.

  46. I was pumped when I saw this because my annual fee for Prime is due in a couple weeks. I’m crossing my fingers because this would be perfect and make the Plat a steal.

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