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  1. AI definitely shouldn’t be in charge and I really want people to understand that.

  2. Sure, but not just implementing it in any situation without regard for its consequences. Technology should be used in ways where it benefits the environment, communities, and the goals of egalitarianism and freedom.

  3. It'll regrow once they finish removing the invaders. Very well fertilized by now!

  4. Oh yeah and also very polluted by toxic chemicals like heavy metals and shit

  5. fun fact. the most effective way to cleanse land of heavy metals is cannabis.

  6. Theres actually heaps of plants and fungi that do that... As far as I know cannabis isn't the best at this out of all the organisms but it is interesting cuz it has a high economic value

  7. Isn't the problem that permaculture is so work intensive? Otherwise why wouldn't everyone be doing it?

  8. I think more people should work in agriculture anyways so that would solve the problem

  9. Be careful if you’re planting trees everywhere. If they’re not native or in a good spot they can really hurt the ecosystem.

  10. Btw those are the old graphics the dev(s?) used to finish off the actual game and now the new ones look so beautiful :3

  11. I would even question the idea that an AI would come to the conclusion you need for this to work. Because of the Timescales involved, we humens could fight an atomic war, wait a few Million years and it would be like before, most likely even better (without us), so why should earth care, do you care about a scratch that healths after a few days?

  12. Which data will we feed to it? The chemicals that humans think matter, or the chemicals that some other form of life values? Mushrooms care about different parameters than mammals, dogs care about different ones than humans. If humans build this system without consulting other forms of life, the AI will tell us what we (not the other life forms that make up this ecosystem) want to hear. We might think that we’re talking to the earth, but we’ll really be talking to the version of the earth we care about, a false consciousness in our own image.

  13. Its not just batteries tho, electric cars are coal powered cars and to think they will be in majority powered by renewables in the future is veeeery optimistic. My bet is on fuel cell cars

  14. That is literally how cracklings are made and they are delicious

  15. I guess the four stripes could represent the 4 seasons... That is some slavic symbolism

  16. I'm interested in solarpunk ideals, but I've become somewhat sceptical about intentional communities that don't have a good social/collaboration plan. The vast majority of communities started in the 60s and 70s descended into ideological infighting and cult weirdness. There might be communities that did better, I just haven't found any and I'd be curious to hear about examples. To me, the technology side of sustainability is much easier to imagine than the politics.

  17. Checkout Project Kamp started by the guy who came up with the idea for phoneblocks if you remember that... They have a small community running right now somewhere in portugal or spain and they post progress videos on youtube, really cool stuff...

  18. Cool idea but I would never cycle there because of the horrible air pollution... The solar part is a very cool idea tho

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