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  1. Cheapest seats $182 each including $51 in fees. Wtf

  2. Seat Geek. Someone else said that's just a prediction so I am happy to be wrong

  3. Ok cool. Here’s hoping they will be a lot less than that 🤞

  4. Hmmm, doesn’t work for me - “invalid”

  5. I am in the same situation and do the same thing, lol. I poke around hoping to find something I can actually do. This will be a daily wall most likely.

  6. And how do they get locked in the first place?

  7. Go to the Fighter menu, click in the character and there'll be a small padlock, click that and it'll unlock the character

  8. Don’t get too excited, it’s Woodbridge

  9. This is from around the year 2000 maybe, so it is for selling 20m PS1s

  10. Li5y says:

    Wow, we're 2013 with 110k miles! Don't tell me yours is orange too??

  11. Check your notices, there was an announcement about it yesterday. It was a bug.

  12. I had the same problem, had to remove a few thousand, lol.

  13. You can only choose from the basic grey perks. Perk wave reduction is usually best

  14. Based on PWR perk, and my base perk wave requirement being 190, shouldn't it be taking me 65 rounds for each perk? Yet for some reason it seems to be 83. Not the first time this has happened, but the first time I've ssed it immediately after getting a perk. Any idea why this is happening?

  15. I'm having this issue with toaplan, which of course bestbuy isn't selling, even though they have the Exp and are selling indie hero 2, gotta love both companies

  16. I ordered Toaplan from BB with my EXP, both arriving Wednesday

  17. Not here, and not Toaplan either :(. Debating whether to go through Best Buy

  18. Do not pay it, contest the ticket. You will get a hearing notice mailed to you in maybe 3 months with a hearing date set 9-12 months out. They are so backlogged and overloaded with these that as long as you show up to the zoom hearing you will win. Still needs an officer to follow up and they just aren’t doing that work, essentially the officer is a no show and the ticket is waived

  19. I have had this happen twice, got one speeding and one red light ticket thrown out. One was dismissed because the officer didn’t sign the ticket, and the other was just dismissed because ‘reasons’ by the ADA. I went in person if that makes a difference.

  20. This is one of the best posts yet on this sub and should be required reading before given posting privileges. Thank you!

  21. lol what? get outta here. most people are normal and don't need some quack online to tell us how to process our feelings over a Marvel themed children's card game.

  22. No, not really. Tongue in cheek. But you said you’d buy at $20…..with as much complaining about the bundle it would be nice to see someone stand by their word though.

  23. I don’t have a steam account or a PC to run it on, sorry

  24. No. It picks whatever is first when you get new perks. So it is random (unless you have unlocked first perk pick)

  25. In that case, how does first pick perk work? Are you able to select an ordering there? Do you select the perk you get on the first wave, and after that it's normal? There's basically no description in game for these things

  26. You get to choose a perk that is guaranteed to appear in your first perk selection. You cannot choose any green or purples, just the basics. After that it is normal (random)

  27. I don't know how you can consider anyone who buys a $100 currency pack in a mobile game anything other than a "whale."

  28. You don’t know what a whale is. $100 is nothing

  29. Hmmm, this isn’t the deck in the screenshot

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