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  1. Looks great. I could not live without my dome either. Have you gone the sour dough route and fresh milling grain yet? Check out mockmill if you have not. It’s a game changer for dough flavor to incorporate fresh milled flour.

  2. I will definitely check this out. Thank you!

  3. Quick Question for you - love the Dome. How long does it take to reheat the surface in between pizzas?

  4. Not long if any at all. But I'm not making pizza after pizza tho. But a quick full blast of the flame will do for 30 seconds.

  5. Dude! Looks freaking great to me! Keep it up man. It's like a race to make your best ever pizza. You make something awesome now, and you know you can make it better next time. It never ends man. Lol

  6. while cooking do you have hopper on and chimney on, chimney vent baffle open or closed? and second, how long preheat nad how big temp do you get?

  7. Yes I leave the hopper on and chimney as normal. Vent all open. Preheat is about 15-20 min at full blast. Will get hot AF. I get it up to 900+ before I drop it back down to around 700-750 for launching

  8. Yea pepperoni shrivels up. Use more than you think you need hahaha. Looks good btw!

  9. that looks like banged-up aluminum and it appears to have rivets....seems locally produced...on Earth.

  10. The best/worst? thing about being scared about this is that you won't be alive to even comprehend it has happened, like death itself, which is probably why most people should try and worry less about dying and get busy livin.

  11. "Live like you we're dying!!!" Love that country song

  12. Man's lived a hard life if he looks like that at 20. He looks like he did 3 tours in Nam before middle school

  13. Honestly, I think this album is pretty underrated. People don't talk about it enough. It dropped, and it disappeared :(

  14. My late father flew a Lear35A so I know what this is, but I also always thought of something naughty when he’d talk about this…

  15. The way one of those videos shows how flappy the wings can get... Wow!

  16. Only 4!? That’s pretty sad. I have like 12 back in my basement! 10 mint condition, 1 is missing a toe and the other one has a piece missing from its shoulder.

  17. Not gonna lie, that's a genius device.

  18. For higher levels of iron you can also get an iron filter that'll take care of all of it.

  19. So they can do something about it then...

  20. No one can hack me now. Not even myself!

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