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  1. Cordyceps has entered the chat!

  2. I saw this same pic recently, tagged as an inpatient mental hospital room. It was on a mental health subreddit

  3. This is a prison cell from Storstrøm Prison in Denmark.

  4. This unique Packard was built on June 26, 1941. It is a Packard 90 that was modified to hold 12 passengers; and is believed to be the 9th vehicle built of its type. This car has four-doors on each side, and the top is open and uses a canvas top to seal off the cab. The overall length of the car is 22-ft and the wheelbase is 18-ft. The engine is a 356-cid inline eight cylinder engine.

  5. Is this something you recently purchased or are selling. I’m just curious as to the how much someone was asking for it and how much it would be worth after a full restoration. Cool post regardless 👍

  6. No i haven’t purchased it or owns it! Saw this and thought it is a interested car and posted it here.

  7. Yes thats a reason i quit tobacco/ nicotine because nicotine increases acetylcholine which increases sweating!

  8. It was Thor that wanted too be scary!

  9. mucuna pruriens from NOW brand ( contains 15% L-Dopa) converts too Dopamine in brain! , helps for motivation and energy

  10. OP, PLEASE PUT A DAMN WARNING!! A lot of people have bad myself

  11. I had most fun in BF1 online and BF 4 online no doubt!

  12. This tree likely lived through the writing of the Iliad, the golden age of Athens, the rise of the Roman Empire, and the birth of Christ

  13. Congrats on big achievement!! Keep rocking!

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