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  1. Just you wait until you find out the mullet seems to be making a come back.

  2. You just know it will be tacky, rammed and all round below average experience.

  3. I still don't trust these folding screens. I'm going to wait a few more generations before I consider one. I was just phone shopping, and looked at the Samsung Z Fold. It's nice, but I ultimately went with the S22 Ultra. Anyone else have experience with a folding screen?

  4. My friend got one and low and behold the screen came away at the centre and is out of warranty. It's a lot of money to spend on something that kind of obviously will have a weak point. Was pretty cool though to begin with.

  5. What lenses do you have at the moment and what is your max budget for body upgrade?

  6. I'm selling a few things at the moment I can pick up a used a7iii from a camera dealer for about £1000 which I don't mind going up to.

  7. a7ii plus two lenses for 300 is a great deal if the lenses are any good at all.

  8. Arguably not great lenses: 50mm + the 16-55mm apsc for some reason but considering the body by itself on eBay cheapest is 400 I don't think it's too bad

  9. Mine got a scratch within 24 hours of owning it so put a protector on it.

  10. Has the world gone insane? Clarkson is controversial I know, but who actually cares about any of this.

  11. For some reason it's popular to dislike Clarkson and develop faux outrage every time he does something controversial.

  12. An Apple Watch won't work with Google Pixel for many reasons.

  13. Think it really depends what you want from a watch, I have to say I quite like not having to charge my Garmin for 2 weeks.

  14. I upgraded from a s9, it's a good phone. Will it change your life? Probably not.

  15. I think it really depends what you are looking for or changing from.

  16. Same. Except mine has an issue where you turn the screen on and off to quickly and the screen will go green.

  17. I got my screen repaired with my insurance company for £50, and it's back to working fine fine now... It was very tempting to upgrade though

  18. Oh dear, looks like it will go up by half a days work on Air BnB per month, that'll teach em!

  19. How did you find Canada? I currently have my IEC approved and looking to go over in the new year.

  20. Inevitable to happen eventually to a forgone conclusion that's predetermined

  21. Even Putin wouldn't try to fix internal political problems by starting a war with fucking NATO

  22. This is what happens when redditors play too much Civ 5 and think they are tactical masterminds of war.

  23. Out of interest how would making internships illegal improve things?

  24. Many internships aren't paid and quite a lot of interns do end up working for pay with the company that they just worked at for free.

  25. Ok so really, unpaid internships should be made illegal which I largely agree with. If the internship is paid it should be allowed to go ahead.

  26. Another way to look at it is: Why is the UK Gov so involved in a issue that only really affects the people of Northern Ireland? They had an NI assembly election in May and voted in a majority of pro-protocol MLAs.

  27. Well NI is part of the UK, so I suppose it would make sense that the UK government gets involved...

  28. I had really strong coffee beans once and it was disgusting. They were German and had number 11 on them whatever that means in alpha scale.

  29. When folks on fixed rates have to renew their mortgages in the next year or so, aren't some of them going to find themselves in a situation where they're refused a mortgage because the bank thinks they can't make the repayments? Like if your mortgage is say £900 and it shoots up to £1600 next year at renewal and your salary has flatlined - is there a danger people will be forced to sell? If so, better hope the house is still worth what it was or some might find themselves in a situation where they can't afford a mortgage and they also can't afford to sell because of the negative equity.

  30. I am in this boat at the moment and am currently looking at figures very similar to yours on a single income. I would rather try the variable than go on fixed rate at an extra 75% for 2 years in the hope it goes down. This way the banks won't check the affordability. The increase in interest rates and devaluation of houses is going to be doubly painful for most people.

  31. Chuck roth, vanguard and 401k somewhere into the same sentence and thats all financial advice sorted.

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