die rule

  1. I know people who will be legitimately upset if you call that a d12. That right there is a 2d6, and there is a difference.

  2. Yeah, unlike a d12, you are way more likely to roll a number in the middle than a very high number or a very low number:

  3. I used to have a die like this that I bought from the school bookfair when I was 9. It was purple and very cool, I miss her so much.

  4. While this isn’t equivalent to a d12 if you just add the numbers up, you can use this as a d12. Start with the number on the outer die, then add 6 if the die on the inside is 4, 5, or 6.

  5. Umm... Actually it's 2d6, the probability that it lands on a particular number is way different. For example the probability to land a 2 or 12 is slightly below 3% and to get a 9 or a 5 is just above 11% whereas a d12 has a 8.333...% chance for any given result.

  6. people are talking about how it's "technically a 2d6" and all that stuff, except for that one comment saying how to actually use it as a 1-12 rngenerator, but everyone's not realising that the outer dice has potential to be used as an, although inefficient, cheater's dice thanks to the inside dice throwing the weight around in different directions.

  7. I mean, I suppose you could make the argument that it's a d36. Which could be treated as a d12 if you divide by 3 and round up.

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