How to approach doctor

  1. I've been having trouble with (executive functioning, focus, etc) for years. I'm suspect that I have ADHD (if you have childhood records, it helps). I'm wondering if I can get tested and get help for it.

  2. This was what I struggled with until it got so bad if I didn't reach out the depression would become unbearable. Eventually I had a laundry list of so many occurrences that I talked to my doctor about it and what really did it was my failures in college. Talking about that led to my doctor questioning it and referring me to a psychiatrist, a bunch of failed visits later I got so tired of waiting for someone to suggest what I already suspected I scheduled testing at a psychologist myself. If you can, focus on the areas of your life that are affected that are easy for health professionals to dial in on and hopefully it helps. I still struggle to advocate for myself and I am still trying to get medication. It's such a long process and it's not easy, keep trying!

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