Slippers, what have you done?!

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  2. My friend sent it to me in our chat. So the compression didn't do it any favours either :/ sorry about that btw. I just got jumped scared from this when the chaos ensued and thought it would fit the sub.

  3. I watched without sound so I thought it was a pile of actual slippers and the person was saying something like "slippers? Why did you bring slippers?"

  4. I bet they changed their tune at the end. Now they want Slippers to deal with the duck rampaging through the house.

  5. Slippers: "I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a woman who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it."

  6. I like to watch the survivor show “Alone” on where people are eating berries, mushrooms, tree bark and little shrimps in the water to survive. I bet they would love 💕 Slippers 🥿🥿.

  7. I legit thought it was a big pile of shit. Especially when the dude said it's bigger then him. But then it started moving and I realized Slippers is not part of a South Park episode

  8. Why does the first sentence sounds like a vilain in a video game where you can choose your personalized name ? I'm just imagining a tall Thanos-like vilain going "Slippers... What have you done !?" and it's cracking me up while on the toilet this morning lol

  9. Whyd ya call it dumb thats their way of saying i love younand he broughts his most prized kill a legit duck to you as a thank you for loving me callin the cat dumb if you couldnt and he could id say he smrter then you smh

  10. Family get a literal apex predator as a pet and gets shocked when it catches things. It's exactly what they were bred to do. Think how thrilled you would be to see your cat get a duck for you when food is scarce.

  11. He's not stupid, he thinks you guys are, and is try to teach you how to hunt. You're lucky, my cat brought my dad an alive snake lol

  12. My cat I had in the 1990s killed ducks. He would leave only the neck and beak at the door. What he did with the rest of it I will never know. That cat was very interesting and I have never had another cat like him.

  13. I wish my cat brought me free duck every now and then. Why scold him? Free amazing tasting meat. A friend’s german sheperd regularly kills ibexs wandering in her territory and they get cleaned and put right into the freezer. They don’t even go hunting anymore, the dog takes care of that

  14. Hilarious. I wanted to see the effort to actually get the duck out of the house and I bet the ensuing chaos definitely woke the girls up.

  15. The "cat flap" haha we call it doggy door here in the states but after seeing this im always going to call it a cat flap haha legendary.

  16. I just love how she gasps incredulously when he asks how Slippers got it through the cat flap only to then repeat the question....

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