Punching a lady in the face and then act surprised people come to her defence...

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  2. I think he was the driver, and knowing there's a camera there, he doesn't wanna do anything stupid and get fired, he was not attacking the woman anymore so, let the other guy just finish his job.

  3. LMAO... yeah, the guys heart was in the right place but if woman-puncher knew how to fight even a little bit he could've caught a beat down because no one else on that bus was gonna help.

  4. He was 1 week into his MMA classs and saw the perfect opportunity. Joke aside, not sure if the pepper spray was necessary bc he just ruined everyone’s bus ride. That kick also wasnt necessary since the woman-puncher was no longer a threat.

  5. This happened in Russia btw. And I know this is no laughing matter but that sound effect at end for the kick to the face had me laughing so hard 😂

  6. Oh, it is a laughing matter, buddy hit a woman, now buddy will remember that every time he looks in the mirror and his nose looks like a road map, if your going to hit someone smaller expect the consequences to be much more severe

  7. IDK, a full wind up toes first unexpected sucker kick to the face at that particular height and position is kind of whack. Could've caved that guy's face in, multiple fractures, flattened nose, teeth out--- two wrongs don't make a right. Bring the downvotes.

  8. i've said before and ill say again, antidote to bullying is appropriate physical response, sometimes pain reaches parts of brain where words can't hope to reach.

  9. That dude was looking for a fight, found a legit “I’m batman” reason and went for it. That last kick was joker, but it falls in line with the theory that batman and joker are the same person.

  10. That didn’t look like a punch in the beginning. It looked more like a shove. Then again, I’m on mobile. Whatever the case, it’s still a dick move. I wonder what prompted that response?

  11. Hey you lay your hands on another person in public without their consent and you’re asking to get hands. Especially elderly or a child. Street justice always finds its mark eventually.

  12. So much unnecessary violence for no-fucking-thing. That was definitely more of a revenge than a "defence" anything. And that last kick in the FACE with a FOOT?! Both men in this video are a disappointment + the tall dude who could've stopped them but did nothing.

  13. Love how the one guy sees the lady get punched, then see another guy come to help. Then walks off the bus while shaking his head. What a prick

  14. Almost feel a little bad for the dude at the end. Mace plus the kick at the end felt a little too far, but he did hit that woman… Shouldn't have if he didn't want the fuck beat out of him. Hopefully a lesson learned.

  15. why he punched her? She looks like the bus fare collector lady or something, probably telling him to pay the correct fare or get off, then he got all pissy

  16. Honestly it's better she didn't. Women (and men) tend to get hurt when getting in the middle of these type of brawls.

  17. The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior 'righteous indignation' — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

  18. He shouldn't have used pepper spray on a crowded bus. Notice how it cleared afterwards, that's because it hurts more then just the person you're spraying. I bet he hurt more people using it then the 1 punch that started it

  19. I’ll never get how people cheer the guy who use mace and kicked a downed man in the face while booing the dude who just gave one punch to a random person. This ain’t justice, it’s just finding an excuse to excessively beat someone.

  20. Yea its reddit. Ppl love this shit. Look at all the downvotes to ppl saying the last kick was unnecessary. Its always the same. They hate the aggressor for slapping someone and they love the protector for doing 20x worse

  21. It looks like he was harassing the lady sitting in front of him, hence the employee stepping in. I’m hoping both guys were both drunk, cause they sure threw hands like they were. How did he miss that sucker punch?

  22. That last kick was fair, tbh. The dude punches the woman unprovoked, and the other guy comes to her defense. They fight for a bit and the 'bad guy' loses. The whole fight is self defense/mutual violence. After the fight is over, he kicks the other guy in the head unprovoked. It wasn't necessary, but it sure was some eye for an eye shit, which I'm all for lmao. He dished out an unprovoked hit and took one back. I don't know how some of the people here think an unnecessary kick to the guy who randomly assaulted a woman is worse than the random assault that started the whole interaction

  23. This was the only time the music in one of these videos was needed hahahah THE FINAL SECOND Had me in tears hahahah

  24. Yeah that last slapping sound effect was so unexpectedly comedic after the intense music buildup 🤣👍🏼

  25. The pepper spray was unnecessary. He fucked it up for the rest of the passangers. Should have used his fists properly. First punch to the liver from behind and the perp goes down. The kick at the end was hilarious though.

  26. I need some context, not defending the guy who punched the woman but that punch looked more like a push and i learned that ladies aren't always the real victims, the kick was unnecessary

  27. The girl seems to lack a bit of gratitude from her actions to show appreciation for the guy who stood up for her.

  28. That was actually a fair fight. Too often these fights are way out-matched in skill or size. Obviously I'm on the side of the guy who didn't sucker punch the woman but the fight was satisfying too.

  29. This just warmed my heart. Thank you kind stranger for sharing. May all men who beat women be treated the same.

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