Hitting someone with a car and then have the entire highway kick the driver's butt.

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  2. That dude was off the pavement and sprinting the second he went down. He had no doubt he would run that car down. Lol

  3. I cycle quite a bit and always imagine this as my response were i to get hit…problem is cyclists tend to get pretty fucked when hit by cars

  4. Why did this guy even stop? He already hit the guy might as well just turn himself in or make it a hit and run. Now he got to endure and ass whoopin before he goes to jail.

  5. Thought he was going to kick the motorcyclists ass more probably. Found out he wasn't as liked as he thought or as strong as he though it my guess.

  6. i’m playing devil’s advocate here but the guy seemed kind of like a new driver - looked like he was checking his blind spot, saw the biker but didn’t stop for some reason, and hit him. probably pulled over to make sure the guy was ok

  7. Apparently it literally means give but has different meanings and most common being come on somehow so yeah you're right

  8. It does mean "let's go/cmon". In this particular case the guy refers to the car driver, saying something like "come on, get out of the car, you asshole"

  9. Literally means "give", but in a "gimmie" tone. In the context of the video though he's saying it more like "give it, or let's go". Also saying suka, which is "bitch". So in the context it's equal to an American saying "let's go, bitch"

  10. Fully deserved to be honest. If you are so fucking stupid to put someone's life in danger like this, the beating that will come afterwards is going to make you never forget that.

  11. I'm thinking it's possible he didn't see him, though. Like, It'd be very strange for someone to purposefully knock someone over, and then pull over. Someone capable of attempted murder would surely have hit and ran.

  12. Mate that charged up fuckin’ running falcon punch is exactly what the guy deserved. Something so satisfying about seeing the bikers wind up.

  13. I guess we can all tell where this happened based on the curses used in the video... Also love how the entire highway gets in on it, like the other drivers and the other cars honking 😂

  14. I cannot figure out why the guy stopped and opened his door. He must have had a life long dream of getting the ass kicking of the century. Good for him. It's good some of us can achieve our dreams.

  15. Never pick a fight with someone in a full face with leathers. Had a dude pull a knife on me at a gas station when I just hopped off my bike and I was in a full face and armored 2 mil full grain leather jacket asking for my wallet. I was holding back laughter while I took my gloves off, pulled a gun out of my jacket, and asked for his. Dude sprinted off and and I let that shit out cackling like an idiot for five minutes before filling up.

  16. This is how human beings should behave. Screw police reports and insurance claims just beat the shit out of the driver at fault.

  17. Just the fact the guy on the mortercycle got right up and ran after the driver like fucking batman.

  18. While I wholeheartedly agree with your inquiry, it seems the entire population on the highway immediately agreed this individual was driving like a gigantic piece of shite. However, we can’t be sure until your question is answered

  19. Why is he surprised? He straight up tried to murder someone with his car. You don't get to be surprised about thr ass kicking you receive after that shit.

  20. HOLY FUCKING SHIT...i hope the guy that got hit went to the E.R after ...cause when that adrenaline hits you can run ..with a broken leg and wont know it till later

  21. If it was me as the biker and a total stranger to the situation shows up I’m getting out of the way because he’s there to fuck shit up on his own time.

  22. Dude was in a car and got caught up by the guy on foot he just ran over, dickhead deserves it for dedicating 100% of his brain to being the most genetically perfected moron

  23. Genuine question, can you still be charged with assault for beating the offender in this context? The response seems completely warranted, expected, and it seems more than appropriate slap some discipline into this guy. I don’t believe anyone should initiatively attack others, but you’d have to have an unnecessary amount of patience to hold yourself back in this case.

  24. Has this just been reposted to death or does this guy have the world's lowest quality helmet cam? You can't read a single license plate or make out a single face in this 240p trash.

  25. Why do these things only happen in russia? Well, I am happy I don’t live there but still wonder what aggression or desperation must exist that people react like this.

  26. Ah, yes--the time-honored tradition of laying on your horn repeatedly to get someone to stop doing something but when actuality does fuck-all.

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