They always choose the worst time to cross the street, don't they?

  1. My nephew just sent me a picture of an older lady that hit a deer with her car and it opened up the cab of the car like a sardine can

  2. This happened to me at a much lower speed. I don’t know how he kept it upright. The buck that hit me took me down with him. I got road rash and he trotted away like “sorry my dude that’s a you problem”

  3. I think we've got to credit good engineering + that the deer (or whatever that was) being relatively small. Maybe it's just young

  4. It's probably a quad lock. I had one on my bike when offroading and my phone didn't even budge when I hit a Jesus rock riding single track (damn you bmw boxer heads) and flew over the handle bars at 20mph.

  5. For those that can't see it, the biker hit a deer, well a female one so a doe, I guess. Unfortunately, I can't post the paused picture in the comments. The biker is fine, as shown in the video too, but I have no idea what became of the deer...

  6. Some deer can live for weeks with an arrow center mass- some die from breaking a leg- they are a wildly inconsistent creature as far as durability goes

  7. The fact that they kept riding is insane. Same thing happened to my mom’s high school best friend a month ago and he was pronounced dead on the scene

  8. Happened to an old coworker of mine. Cut the deer clean in half on his scooter, and unfortunately broke his back and ended up with a significant amount of brain damage.

  9. SOOOOOOOO lucky! i have lost 3 friends over the last 20 years to hitting a deer on their bike. One was a friend and his wife. they clipped a deer and went into oncoming traffic. so sad.

  10. I have a BICYCLE friend who hit a deer, was found in a ditch the next morning, and still lives with pretty considerable TBI symptoms over 20 years later.

  11. To anyone who thinks gloves aren’t important- go stand outside and rub your hands along the road surface with some pressure behind them. Now imagine doing that with your body weight on them……. Now imagine you are moving at speed………. For several metres.

  12. As someone who had a highside crash while wearing good Alpinestar leather gauntlets, it still ripped back the skin from under each my my nails as my hands hit the road.

  13. I thought the same. Homie is lucky the deer didn't knock him down. He'd need someone else to wipe his ass while his hands heal.

  14. Man, as a brazilian these comments about the gloves are pretty wild to me. I barely even see professional delivery motorcyclists wearing gloves, much less normal people. Wild.

  15. Bah, it's not even that impressive. If it were me I would have popped a sick wheelie and said a cool one-liner like "a spoon full of sugar helps the venison go down" or maybe something that's not a Mary Poppins reference.

  16. Honestly, the thing that terrified me most was riding my bike during deer season. Those fucking idiot animals are more dangerous than cars.

  17. First, buy gloves. Second, in the future, slow down and don't drag knee on blind corners. Third, buy new underwear and buy a lottery ticket.

  18. Not only was it impressive to see the bike maintain itself up, the deer just modded your bike to a street fighter style in a split second of maintenance 😂

  19. Anyone know if the rider accelerated like they teach in cycle classes? I’d be really interested to know.

  20. Anybody is worried about the driver and motorcycle so at least im gonna do it. Rest in Peace little deer <3

  21. I hit a deer on my zx6r and it really fucked me and the bike up. This is amazing that the guy didn’t wreck.

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  23. Definitely helped that the deer was tall. I think the bike frame and forks took the brunt of that impact while allowing him to stay upright. If it was something smaller, he'd be flying for sure

  24. This looks like an adventure/cross country style bike. The extra hight, shock travel, and weight probably helped this rider stay upright. Very good demonstration of how to not freak out and over compensate!

  25. To whom it may concern, wear gloves if your riding. They're the first thing your gonna put down to break your fall should you be so unlucky

  26. I ate tarmac hitting a smaller one than this. It's the reason I don't really ride at dawn or dusk now. Especially during September.

  27. Is it just shock that keeps him riding after the collision? It strikes me as incredibly lucky he even managed to stay on bike in the first place.

  28. Damn. Had a deer run right into the side of me going sixty, snapped it's neck on my leg. Didn't fall but I thought it broke my leg. Dented my tank and snapped my turn signal off. Got extremely lucky. Glad this guy is okay.

  29. Umm… did he cut the deer in half? Definitely looks like two different body parts going different directions

  30. At this point, it's the deers fault. We've been driving on roads for decades now. Literally generations of deers have come and gone and they still haven't figured it out.

  31. My dad took our family on a road trip one week, and in the same night he stopped in front of a cow sitting in the middle of the road, and an owl appeared wrapped around the truck's antenna

  32. I thought the deer fucking exploded, and then after staring at the frame for awhile realized it was the red mirrors and not deer parts

  33. Holy hell good job not dying dude! I saw this happen to one of my buddies out mountain biking. Thankfully he had all his body armor on! He was mostly left with nasty bruising, but nothing broken!

  34. Worked in motorcycle insurance claims for a couple years and once had a guy phone in with basically this exact scenario, bike was cosmetically damaged but apparently the sheep he was cut in half!

  35. I knew what was coming based on the rural road and foliage. Everyone in the North East knows how dangerous it can be this time of year, as deer will cross the road with zero concern for cars.

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