AITA for taking my stepdaughter's "camp money" to get my daughter new glasses?

  1. This right here. I wear glasses and even though it isnt horrible eyesight without them, there is no way I could go a month without wearing them. The fact her husband thinks that is ok is insanity to me.

  2. Completely agree. Hubby expects Grace to wait a MONTH to get a replacement pair of glasses but somehow his daughter's camp is NECESSARY??? BS and this is marriage ending. He will continue to let his daughter bully yours. You WBTA if you don't protect your daughter from both of them.

  3. Don’t forget that he said that Iris would lose it if she found out he took the money from her camp savings….like who is the parent here?

  4. and her husband thinks ots no big deal that his daughter is essentially bullying her daughter and wanting her to stay in her room when she has friends over. he says its jo big deal. he is an ah.

  5. The constant bullying and harassment of my child with complete failure for my husband to parent his daughter and stop would have been marriage ending for me before it got to this point. By the sounds of it this incident is just the tip of the iceberg and grace deserves better

  6. Seriously... what was this genius' plan for the likely scenario of Grace injuring herself during the month he expected her to wait so his princess didn't have to face any monetary consequences for being a little asshole? Blame Grace for not being more careful and making her wait longer?

  7. My first thought was 'so it's ok for iris to break Gracie's glasses, and it's ok for Gracie to wait a month to be able to see properly, and suffer! So iris doesn't have to miss out on a fun time at camp?' NTA but your husband and step daughter are, your step daughter is also a bully and your husband is enabling her.

  8. Exactly. I wear glasses and even if I'm not blind without me, I can't do anything without them, I can't leave my house because I probably will get lost. Also, not wearing glasses for a month could mean her visibility go WAY WORSE, this is unacceptable. If you break something, you pay for it. That's it. She wouldn't have to "defend" her biological daughter if her husband would have raised his kid to be respectful

  9. For real. This is "consult a divorce lawyer" worthy. The fact that he is being so unfair to OP's daughter and so look-the-other-way when his own kid bullies her, and the fact that OP thought for even a second that his "wait a month" plan was fair? This relationship is deeply problematic.

  10. And it's kinda the pot calling the kettle black telling op that she only advocates for her daughter in the same breath as telling her that Grace can go without glasses for a month because "camp is important to Iris" 🙄

  11. Exactly. The only reason for a child EVER not to have glasses is if they're being built or repaired at the moment. No excuses for delays.

  12. I have trifocals and when my glasses broke, I had to wait a month to get an appointment. Glasses are necessary and that month was absolutely torture for me.

  13. NTA. I can see 4 inches away from my face. If I had to wait a month for glasses before my dad would buy them I’d call DHHS. Tell him to be a better father for his kid.

  14. Exactly. I was SOOO ready to go y t a, but then I read...ya. NTA and lucky that's all the punishment the step daughter gets...100% right though

  15. I agree with what you said. My husband thinks that Iris is in a 'phase' and will grow out of it by the age of 18-19 or so he hopes. Which is not okay because in my opinion if he keeps letting this behavior continue and not correcting it now then there won't be much hope for when she's older.

  16. NTA but think about this - you’re married to a man who is fine with his daughter bullying yours for a disability and wants her to wait a month to see

  17. I am looking at this situation and where my husband stands. frankly, It used to irk me how he keep making excuses for Iris (which is in my opinion why she got worse) but now it's literally affecting how I see him especially when I look at where he stands whenever Iris does something bad towards either me or Grace.

  18. Not just bullying her, but committing assault and physical abuse. Iris's actions were criminal and OP could have called the cops and had Iris arrested. He's apparently okay with enabling this.

  19. Honestly I might have called the cops/filed a police report. Glasses can get expensive especially if you have a high prescription and a report might’ve helped with insurance. Let Iris choose: pay for the glasses you broke or see what the police have to say about property damage (and possibly assault)

  20. Additional chores, no friends over/cell phone until the glasses are replaced. Etiquette/manners class (boot camp would be preferable) instead of camp and her not being alone at home if possible. Ie going to grandma/aunt/strict relatives house.

  21. Her dad is not only an ass, but is enabling and encouraging his daughter to be a bully and a toxic human being by giving her preferential treatment and letting her believe her actions don't have consequences.

  22. To tell you the truth. She breaks her dad's stuff when she gets angry sometimes. He just takes away her electronics/internet access as punishement and that's it. Then she does it again.

  23. NTA - Iris BROKE her sister's glasses because she did not like them. If Grace had done that to her your husband would have been on Iris' side 100%. A child should NOT have to wait a month for new glasses, because "camp is important to sister". It's a fair punishment as her sister needed those glasses to do daily activity such as reading and other things. She pretty much damaged a medical device and it's just as bad as if she'd broken someone's wheelchair because she didn't like it.

  24. Not to mention the husband projection all his bs onto OP and gaslighting her into thinking she's the selfish and biased one here. She ate it all up too.

  25. Obviously I agree but I feel like no one is mentioning how insane the underlying premise is. How does OP's husband not realize "being embarrassed by your stepsisters glass" is absurd for a 16 year old. She isn't 4!!

  26. I'm jumping onto your comment in the hope that the OP will pluck up the courage to tell her husband that he's going to find the kids being flagged up as being at risk. As soon as school realises what's happening, it should be reported.

  27. NTA, good for you for sticking up for your daughter, read to many stories on here of moms picking the new family over their existing child. couple points:

  28. She’s not the parent so she doesn’t get to make those decisions. You’re NTA. Idk why iris feels so entitled to bossing around her sister but she should know that ultimately, what mom/dad says is what matters.

  29. I tried addressing her behavior with my husband, but I felt like my hands were tied with him constantly saying that Iris is just "dealing with typical teenage stuff" and being a teenager.

  30. I was so ready to Y.T.A but totally agree. It’s step sisters fault and husband should get his act together NTA

  31. NTA. Your husband on the other hand? Yeah. As someone who has worn glasses since grade school, going without even for a few hours can lead to terrible eyes strain and headaches. It is ridiculous that your husband thinks Grace should wait A WHOLE MONTH and suffer so Iris doesn't get angry.

  32. They say that if you put prescription glasses on when you have 20/20 vision, you can get a good idea of how those who need glasses feel. Maybe husband should try wearing them for a month straight and see how his head feels after.

  33. I'd say that the husband is a bully, too. Suggesting that the daughter wait a month for glasses is a bully move. I think Iris definitely needs professional help, AND she takes her behavioral cues from Dad.

  34. ESH. I want to say you’re not the asshole, because your husband is being entirely too cavalier about his daughter’s bullying and Grace’s need to, y’know, see things…but if you can’t get on the same page with him about discipline, then you need to be rethinking whether you and Grace can stay in this home and marriage. Not going ahead and imposing the punishment he already told you he wasn’t going to back.

  35. Was it punishment though? If the husband would have the money next month to pay for the glasses then can’t he just top up the camp fund next month if Iris deserves to go?

  36. I do agree with this too. I'd never accept this for my kids (not from my husband, his child, their own biological siblings or Dad etc). It'd be enough for me to say "fix it or we'll have no choice but to find somewhere else to live until resolved".

  37. NTA. But your husband is. I’m worried your daughter will start to resent you for being with/staying such an awful enabling man. He is blatantly ignoring the fact that his kid is a bully, a awful spoiled bully.

  38. I agree 100%. My cousin's parents enabled him similarly and he was such a big bully and entitled (I don't like the word spoiled). It was his parent's fault bc they let him be one by giving him anything and letting him do anything. He's 20 rn and last semester, he made fun of a kid with autism and pushed him over while his friends laughed. He and his friends just walked away, but I went over and helped the kid up. He was crying and crying and a week later I found out that he was in the hospital after attempting suicide. I told my cousin either he comes to visit the kid and talk with him or i'll tell the dean what happened. He and I went to visit the kid with the parent's approval ofc, and after a bit, I left the two of them alone to talk. Then, I went in to find my cousin crying and begging for forgiveness and he was given it. He doesn't bully ppl anymore, but it took some time for him to learn.

  39. Nta. Your husband does he expect your daughter to do without glasses? So is your stepdaughter.

  40. ^ Agree. I really second this idea that you are on two different places with discipline, up to the point your husband wants your child to go a month without sight to avoid punishment. That is not only insane, but ableist and just plain fucking wrong. It’s more of a punishment to Grace than anything. Which is again, just… absurd.

  41. Even if she does miss camp bc of it, she deserves it. She intentionally destroyed a disability aid and he tried to make Grace blind for a month to not make his precious daughter upset.

  42. Honestly? You're letting this go on far too long. You should not be subjecting your daughter to living in this household where she can't leave her room without being bullied. And your husband is doing nothing about it.

  43. Nope NTA. That's a very reasonable consequence of shitty behavior for Iris. She's been treating her sister badly for some time and now she broke something of hers, on purpose. Y W B T A if you didn't do this. Let her be angry, she needs to learn.

  44. NTA and this is a big red flag. A medical device is 10000% more important than a camp. May want to take some more camp money for a divorce lawyer.

  45. NTA, but your husband is a huge asshole if he thinks waiting a whole month for new glasses is OK, just so the perpetrator can go to camp. That's 30 days of headaches and vision issues for your daughter, and he just wants to blow it off? Your stepdaughter is an apple off the asshole tree, as well. Imagine being embarrassed because a sibling wears glasses.

  46. She's not embarrassed—she just hates her stepsis and wants to make her feel like the very existence of her condition means she deserves punishment.

  47. NTA. Glasses are not something you can wait a month for. Going without glasses causes eye strain and can cause horrible headaches, especially after wearing them for some time. If he wants he can put the money back in the camp fund. ‘Iris’ seriously needs a lesson about what happens when you break expensive things.

  48. NTA. So camp is important to Iris but seeing isn't important to Grace? Why should she have to wait a month (plus the time it takes to make them) to see when Iris can't behave. Your husband doesn't seem to appropriately punish Iris, especially since she broke the glasses because she didn't follow the rules. Iris has to learn that actions have consequences.

  49. How the hell can someone wait a month for new glasses! That’s absurd. I’d be hit by a car after a few hours never mind a month

  50. It's cruel and borderline abusive to take away Grace's vision when she did nothing wrong. Clearly OP has to advocate for Grace because no one else will.

  51. No way! Poor Grace. Iris can go to hell. And the husband should be behind you on this. Summer Camp is optional, seeing is not. You and Grace are the only two with priorities correctly in line!

  52. NTA. Grace should not have to wait a month for the glasses. The step-daughter is out of control and mean and needs to face severe consequences or it will get worse.

  53. NTA-Grace shouldn’t have to wait for a medical need just because your husband’s daughter is out of control and he’s fine with it.

  54. NTA and I have to say… husband is not taking this seriously, but neither are you. Not to the same degree he is, but to say it was “just teasing” up until she said she was embarrassed? The teasing shouldn’t have been happening in the first place, if you ask me. That should have been shut down before it escalated to this. Iris sounds enabled by her father.

  55. NTA. Your husband is letting Iris bully her step sister and he can’t be bothered to deal with it. How dare he suggest your daughter wait a month to be able to see, they are not a fashion accessory.

  56. NTA, she needs consequences to her actions. You would however be the asshole if you stay with a man who allows your daughter to be bullied by his daughter and is perfectly okay with neglecting your daughters medical needs for his daughter’s enjoyment.

  57. Your husband thought waiting a month for glasses (and subsequently not seeing) because his daughter broke the glasses (purposefully) and didn’t want to punish her appropriately? You need to have a serious discussion with your husband about his parenting. What would his reaction be if the tables were turned and Grace broke something of Iris’s purposefully? Taking from her savings to pay for something she broke means the punishment fit the crime. If your husband is so concerned about Iris’s camp fund, he should replace that money himself. It wouldn’t just be unfair, but mean to make Grace wait a month for new glasses while her stepsister gets nearly no punishment at all. Definitely NTA!

  58. NTA, she's old enough to learn, "you break it, you buy it". She needs to learn that she has no right to 1) bully someone because of something they have no control over and 2) break something that doesn't belong to her. If your husband is not on your side about this, you should probably talk about your relationship and the lack of respect your husband has for you. He should be on your side.

  59. NTA. Glasses are a necessity and Iris is a bully. Your husband is allowing it and him and stepdaughter need counseling.

  60. NTA she's 16 and acting like a bully. If she had done that to a classmates glasses she would have been in hella trouble and you would have had to replace it. It's called learning the consequences of her actions and her father sounds like he himself has some major favoritism going for him. You did the right thing if she didn't want to be punished she shouldn't have been a bully.

  61. Your husband wants your daughter to wait a month to be able to see? And is accusing you of favoritism for not letting his daughter bully yours?

  62. NTA Your husbands kinda of an ass for making your daughter wait to get new glasses and for not disciplining his own daughter. I think y’all need to have a serious discussion about this.

  63. It's black letter law—you break it, you pay for it, even if it means you have to raid your summer camp fund. Iris has now learned that lesson. And if Iris's dad wants to send his precious poopsikins to summer camp so badly, he can replenish the camp fund by taking out a personal loan. NTA.

  64. Nta- your husband is the one advocating for only one daughter (his) and it’s so apparent. He isn’t willing to punish her for that and is more worried about his daughter getting mad at him instead of teaching her to accept responsibility and be a good human being.

  65. So this child should have had to wait a month to get new glasses? Why not iris waiting a month to get her camp funds replaced? If camp was say next week, well sounds like she made her own bed. I too would have gotten my kid the ability to see again over a camping trip. Her husband is terrible

  66. NTA, but holy crap Iris is a bully and dad is a limp noodle of a parent. I was prepared to have a go at you, but no. Iris broke Grace's medical equipment to be hateful and she should be made to pay. Why isn't your husband advocating for your daughter to not be bullied by his kid???

  67. NTA: your husband wants your daughter to go with bad eyesight for a month so his entitled brat can to camp? Throw the whole man in the dumpster.

  68. NTA. Your step daughter needs to learn there are consequences to her actions. She threw a tantrum and broke the glasses, it is only fair that she pay for the replacement (technically indirectly but still)

  69. NTA! Your husband and step daughter are the AH. Husband is clearly avoiding being a real parent and step daughter needs to learn that it isn’t her house. Asking your daughter to deal without her glasses for a month to continue spoiling the other one is inexcusable. Dad needs to step up and be a parent!

  70. NTA glasses are more important than a summer camp. She did something on purpose knowing it would make grace suffer, this punishment suits the crime.

  71. NTA. I truly can’t believe that your husband wants your child to walk around without glasses for a whole month! Your step daughter is 16 years old, she should understand the importance of them, that they’re pricy and why she’s paying for it back with the camp funds.

  72. Wow. Your husband sucks for allowing his daughter to bully her stepsister. You really shouldn't have taken that money without agreement, but your husband is insane for saying your daughter should just wait a month. This is a deeply dysfunctional situation, and its really about you and your husband. You're trying to raise two teens, but the girls are not being treated equally and both will suffer (though obviously your daughter is getting the worst of it). You and your husband really need counseling or something to get you on the same page.

  73. NTA. Iris has behaved in an appalling, cruel manner. Unless she suffers serious consequences, this is likely to continue. You must protect your child from abuse by ANYONE, including her older stepsister.

  74. NTA. Your daughters glasses are more important than camp. They are a medically necessary device. Your husband should be more concerned about them being broken than his daughter going to camp. Sounds like some family counseling could be in order too. What Iris is doing is abusive and it needs to be stopped. Stand up to your husband for your daughter. Iris needs some discipline ASAP.

  75. NTA. Grace shouldn't have to wait a month because Iris broke her glasses. Iris can wait a month for camp and if that's too late, then she gets to learn that actions have consequences and not to be such a little brat.

  76. NTA Grace shouldn't have to wait a month for glasses because her sister broke them. Something like that should be immediately replaced if able. If you mess up sometimes the savings are what bails you out and miss out on what you were saving for. Shouldn't have hated on Grace's glasses.

  77. NTA, glasses are a medical device and what Iris did cannot be something that isn’t dealt with lightly at all, it is extremely concerning how your husband is reacting to this. Camp is a luxury whereas the glasses are a necessity and cannot be delayed for a luxury/privilege. You should make Iris get a job this summer to pay back the money the glasses cost too— missing summer camp and having to pay back the cost to replace the glasses are appropriate consequences for her actions. When this sort of thing happens outside of the home, charges usually get filed and although usually the fines aren’t much (usually the cost to replace and court fees), now having some sort of record usually is the lasting consequence— there needs to be serious consequence to this!

  78. You can’t really advocate for both when one is a bully. Dad just doesn’t want to parent his teen. Glasses can’t wait a month! How would HE like to not see for a month?

  79. NTA. Glasses are vital for not getting headaches etc if you need them, good to know your husband doesn't care about your daughters health. Iris is selfish, vain and obviously spoilt and narcissistic. It appears her dad is afraid if upsetting her or actually parenting her in anyway.and thinks Iris not being embarrassed is more important than Graces health. Also Iris broke them, she pays for them especially as it was intentional and not an accident. She needs to learn that is not acceptable and that jas consequences. Otherwise she will be in for a nasty shock when she enters the real world.

  80. NTA. It's funny how the husband said she should be advocating for both when he only advocates for his spoilt daughter. Iris going to summer camp isn't a necessity but Grace seeing is one.

  81. NTA, your daughters health shouldn't be put behind the wants of her literal bully. That's what Iris is, a bully. I would say both your husband and you are AHs for letting it go on so long. Would you really be questioning this if it was smth like a hearing aid? Because they're both equally important.

  82. Its also not just that Iris broke the glasses - after all accidents happen all the time. Its that she broke them purposefully and maliciously.

  83. NTA. Iris intentionally broke Grace's glasses. She needed to be punished. Grace did not need to be further punished by having to go without her glasses for a month.

  84. NTA. Iris broke the glasses and then your husband demanded that not only was Iris not going to have to pay for the glasses, but that Grace was going to have to wait a month for them to be replaced? Glasses aren’t a luxury Grace can wait for, she needs to see. Your husband is a huge hypocrite, insisting Grace be unable to see for a month so that Iris can go to camp is not “advocating for both children equally”. It’s screwing over the child who did nothing wrong to appease the child who is an entitled bully who destroys the other’s property. You don’t just have stepdaughter problem, your husband is enabling her, making excuses for her, and then tried to turn it around on you anytime you attempt to defend your child. He thinks Iris regularly bullying Grace for having to wear glasses is no big deal, but I bet if Grace said anything to Iris he’d be real quick to say something. Iris literally attacked Grace and he still is on her side. Why should Grace go a month not being able to see because Iris decided she gets to dictate what Grace wears and where she is allowed to go inside of her own home? Iris had no right and no real reason to break Grace’s glasses and scream at her just because Grace walked into the living room in the house she lives in wearing the glasses she needs to see. That’s abusive, and fucked up. Camp may be important to Iris, but it’s not a necessity. Being able to see and being safe in her own home are important to Grace, and actually are necessities. If your husband and Iris continue to behave this way you need to leave and get your daughter somewhere safe where she won’t be attacked for wearing glasses. If you keep your daughter in this abusive situation though, you will be an AH. She deserves better.

  85. Yeah if he thinks Grace being blind for a month is better than hurting and disciplining Iris, then OP would be the asshole for not pushing for major changes.

  86. NTA, you’re husband is the fucking worst though. Can’t wait to see your post in a few years about how she’s an awful bridezilla who feels entitled to everything.

  87. Honestly, if hubs doesn't get his shit together quickly, I hope OP and Grace aren't around long enough to see her get married.

  88. NTA. Where does your husband get off telling you you should be advocating for both children equally when he can't be bothered to do the same by nipping his bratty daughter's behavior in the bud? I can't help but wonder if this is a step-sibling troll post because the circumstances are so bizarre.

  89. Your stepdaughter is cruel, a bully, and abusing your daughter. The glasses thing is clearly the tip of the iceberg. You are NTA for replacing your daughter's glasses from the camp fund, but you are an AH for continuing to expose your daughter to this type of abusive environment.

  90. NTA - at all. I was ready to say you were the asshole from the title but nope SHE BROKE THEM so that is a perfectly reasonable and just consequence. In addition to this, her behavior really is not normal and I recommend you get her a therapist who can help her regulate her emotions and understand how egregious her behavior is. Also make sure your daughter is okay - bullying has long term psychological effects. Even if your daughter seems like she doesn’t care, you just don’t know.

  91. Iris is a giant brat. NTA and your husband is enabling her. He's saying you're advocating for only one daughter, but that's literally what he's doing. Camp =/= glasses. I don't know if Grace's eyes are as bad as mine, but being without glasses is debilitating. And he was asking that she be without glasses for a month?! He only cares about his brat, and not your daughter. Iris broke the glasses, and should be expected to pay it back. 16 years old is old enough to understand consequences. Your husband doesn't want to do any actual parenting of his shitty child.

  92. NTA You may want to consider if you should stay in this marriage. What happened to Grace is a natural consequence. Your daughter has a right to feel comfortable in her own home.

  93. YTA. You are the adult. Take your daughter and GET THE FUCK OUT. Not the asshole for the glasses - HUGE GIANT ASSHOLE for allowing your daughter to be raised in an abusive environment. Huge. I am sorry but your daughter is a minor and has zero choice. You need to leave. Now.

  94. How cruel Iris is, and it seems she may have gotten from her father. How horrible to want to leave a girl without the assistive device that she needs. NTA, but your husband is definitely the AH.

  95. NTA. He's the one favoring the biological daughter and not both. You should think about how your marriage and stepdaughter are affecting you and your daughter, and her mental health. Your husband thinks is perfectly OK for your child to walk around half blind, and sweep what your stepdaughter under the rug, than punish her. That's extremely telling.

  96. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  97. Wow husband is TA for making her wait a month for a medical device that allows her to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should notnhave gone behind his back, but she needs the glasses one way.or another asap. NTA if that was the only way you can pay for them. Other daughter can work around the house to earn that money back, since she broke the glasses. What a brat. She is a bully. That is unacceptable. Husband is raising a bad child that needs discipline immediately.

  98. NTA - husband sounds like he favours one daughter for the other. He punishes the victim while rewarding the perpetrator.

  99. Honestly, part of me wants to say YTA for keeping your daughter in a situation like this, especially if you’re going to continue to not do anything about it

  100. Your husband is afraid of a 16 year old and letting her run the house to terrorize a 14 year old for wearing glasses which 60% of the human population does.

  101. Grace needs her glasses. Iris does not need to go to camp if she can’t respect other peoples needs before her own. Especially when they are a necessity to be able to function. Should be a good lesson for Iris to not be such a spoiled little brat. Your husband needs an explaining on what is right and what is wrong and under no circumstances should Grace be victimized by having to wait to see properly while Iris goes and has a good time at camp

  102. I mean, I could see trying to come up with another option for paying for the glasses, maybe -- although why they shouldn't come out of the camp money of the person who broke them, I don't know. But if it was that or wait a month? NTA. You can't wait a month for prescription glasses. It's not equal to going to summer camp unless summer camp addresses some medical need that Iris has. Honestly, even if the glasses had broken some other way, I would probably still say that eye health trumps summer camp, if a decision between them must be made.

  103. NTA. She’s learning a lesson that if you break something, you’ve bought it. Also shame on your husband for thinking it’s fine to allow a health item necessity to wait a month.

  104. NTA. Iris behaves this way because her father enables it. Seems to me she is now learning the consequences of her actions. It is *never* ok to damage someone else's stuff. Never. Good on you, carry on! Grace should not have to miss a month of reading.

  105. NTA by any means. Breaking her sisters glasses badly enough that they couldn’t be used for a month is equivalent to if she hucked her inhaler into a lake. It’s medically necessary and she should be punished by not being allowed to go to summer camp anyway.

  106. NTA, but it sounds like you've got a bigger AH than Iris on your hands. Shame on your husband for enabling her AH behavior. You might want to take a long, hard look at this relationship and whether it's one that's good for you and for Grace. Good luck.

  107. NTA your step daughter broke those glasses on purpose. And your daughter shouldn't need to wait a month for her step dad to pay for a replacement. You did the right thing.

  108. As a person who is -9.50 and -8.75 with astigmatism in both, my stepfather thought it was funny to hide mine and send me to school at 12. I had to have someone lead me from class to class. It was next to impossible to complete work. They weren't married long after that.

  109. Holy wow. First of all, good for you for being a parent. Two NTA at all. As a glasses wearer that just broke my own pair and the only cost effective solution I have is electrical tape, good on you for handing out a punishment that sure as hell fit the crime. She broke her sisters glasses and thus not only had to pay for them but has made it so she can’t go to camp. You’ve not only taught fairness but consequences. You’re doing a great job as a mom.

  110. Is there some reason that either camp or glasses can’t be paid for with a credit card and paid off next month? If the agreement is she misses some or all of camp because she was awful that’s one thing, but I’m not getting the idea that it’s either camp or glasses.

  111. NTA. Was your daughter just supposed to walk around blind for the next month? Start doing poorly in school because she can't read the board? I would sit down and have a serious discussion with your husband about favoritism because it's not you who's favoring one daughter over the other.

  112. NTA. She intentionally broke something. It’s her responsibility to pay for it. Your child shouldn’t go that long without SEEING because his child needs to be told the world doesn’t revolve around her and that actions have consequences.

  113. Yeah dad is TA, When you need glasses you can't wait a month + days to make them. If I go 1 hour without my glasses I will experience headache for the rest of the day.

  114. NTA, but the deeper issue is that Iris has no respect for Grace, making Grace feel unwanted in her own home and resorting to breaking something Grace needed to see properly because she felt embarrassed. This needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later, because there is a huge risk of blowback and against Grace at that.

  115. NTA glasses to see are a necessity, summer camp is a privilege. It doesn't matter if she is your step or biological daughter, that behavior is unacceptable. Maybe she'll learn a valuable lesson that actions have consequences.

  116. You married a weak willed man who will never really punish his daughter and who even if you hadn’t taken the money continued to bully your daughter. You literally have your daughter’s bully living in your house and that’s fucked up.

  117. Firstly, I find it ironic how you named your stepdaughter "iris". Iris is a part of an eye 😂(I don't know if you meant to do that, but given the context of the post, I found it ironic lol). But NTA at all. Iris broke them, so she has to pay for new ones. Glasses are essential (I say that as someone who needs glasses in order to see, I'm basically unsighted without them), going to a camp isn't. Hopefully iris will learn not to bully Grace from now on

  118. Unless he has to pay for camp today, this was ridiculous. If the money can be taken out (as you did), then why didn’t he just take it out for the glasses and then repay it the next month? Making a kid wait a month without glasses is cruel and unnecessary. And what was her actual punishment? And does it include punishment for months of bullying grace? NTA

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