AITA throwing my daughter out?

  1. YTA. YTA. You didn’t investigate AT ALL -even speak to your daughter to find out what happened and threw her out of HER house (I assume she’s living there too) on the word of someone you’re “datin” … ADULT up and do some work to be a better father and person

  2. YTA for omitting facts that would probably paint you and your gf in a bad light. You would’ve included the details if it made your daughter look bad. You are a failure of a father

  3. Bingo!!! This is intentionally written to try to paint Lara as the bad guy with next to no substantiating evidence

  4. Yeah, your the AH for throwing out your daughter with little or no warning. Nevertheless, it would seem there is more going on here than you mentioned. What are these fights between your daughter and GF about? Is one more at fault than the other or are they both equally at fault? Can the disputes be mediated successfully?

  5. YTA. Your daughter should mean more to you than your freaking girlfriend who can only give you half a story because she is lying her ass off to you. You fell for it and she got what she wanted…you all to herself with no distractions from the kid. I hope you two AH enjoy it miserably because your daughter won’t be back. YTA 100%

  6. YTA. You seriously think that it’s fair to throw your daughter away without even bothering to understand the full story? This is simply unbelievable. Don’t be surprised if your daughter go full no contact when she get financial independence

  7. YTA. I have never understood this notion that the minute a kid turns 18, they can be thrown out. She's your daughter, don't you love her? Or did you only keep her out of legal obligation all these years?

  8. YTA it’s your daughter. You didn’t even talk to her afterwards. Now she’s living with a guy? Don’t care who, it’s a non relative male. After something like this, you’ll be lucky to repair the relationship.

  9. What did your daughter do that was so humiliating? And in front of your gf’s neighbours? Did you listen to her side of the story or did you just throw her out after your gf came crying?

  10. Need more info - did you get your daughter’s side of the story? Do you always take your gf’s side? If this a no and yes answer - YTA for choosing your gf over your daughter. She is your daughter and no woman should ever come between that relationship.

  11. YTA and I say this because you kicked your daughter out of the house before hearing her side of the story. Not sure how you'll dig yourself out of this mess but blood is thicker than the sex you're getting from your gf.

  12. YTA. Your girlfriend was fighting with a literal minor child for the last year and apparently that’s fine until your kid turns 18, at which point you kick your kid out. Of course YTA.

  13. I don't know. She never gave me a good answer about why she hates her so much. No I didn't, she passed away 7 years ago, I started dating Sophie about a year ago

  14. YTA for not 1st talking to Lara to get her side of the story However if she is in fact the cause of any the problems (which I doubt) and you have discussed it with and set ground rules that she broke, only then should you be kicking her out

  15. YTA. Throwing her out was extreme. Your daughter does need a reality check, though. She can hate your girlfriend all she wants, but she doesn’t get to treat her like shit. They both have to be civil. And have them avoid each other. Spend time with them separately. Don’t push them to accept or like each other, you’re not going to get a big happy family here.

  16. You do realize you have been with this woman for "over a year" which means it's not even been 2 years, but you've had your daughter for 18 years. Her mother also passed away, this is apparently your first relationship since then, and your daughter only met her a few months ago... instead of talking to your daughter, getting clarity from the girl friend, going to therapy with your daughter or literally anything else you kick her out? And then come to Reddit hoping ppl will take your side and get all wishy washy when people ask reasonable questions. YTA. Your daughter will never forget this and your relationship will never be the same. You better act fast before it's ruined forever.

  17. YTA you kicked your own daughter out and you don’t even know what she allegedly did!?! I hope you aren’t a judge because you’d hang them before they finished the oath.

  18. Oh boy, are YTA. You've made your choice between your girlfriend and your (barely adult) daughter, now live with it.

  19. YTA for not even bothering to get the whole story before acting so callously. You are an extra AH for your inability to answer anyone’s questions.

  20. YTA. Not enough info from what you provided. Was there a history was your adult daughter violent. Growing pains are normal but it would take a nasty event with more info than you gave and at the end you never got both sides

  21. YTA big time, so the fact she isn’t answering your text means it was her fault?? What about your gf also no telling her side of the story, why the duck are you just blaming your daughter without even knowing the full story?? Wtf, seriously the moment your daughter is able to make enough money for herself prepare yourself to never see her again. You’re choosing someone you’ve known for only a year Over your own daughter?? Who does that?? Apparently shitty fathers. You’re really such a failure as a father, I really hope you get your head out of your ass before it’s too late. You’re going to lose your daughter bc of what? Interrupting your sex life? Yeah, Gf it’s def most important than my child Got it. But for now, congrats on being father of the year AH .

  22. We are lacking a lot of detail here: first of all, what exactly did your daughter do to embarrass your GF so much? Second of all, have you actually sat down as a father and discussed with your daughter what her issue with this woman is? No one hates another human being without reason. Third has your GF been antagonizing her or otherwise being unkind to your daughter?

  23. YTA. You threw her out before getting her side of the story. Why are you surprised she doesn’t want to speak with you? Has she been problematic prior to your relationship with Sophie? Why are you so willing to destroy your relationship with you own child over a woman you’ve only known for a year? I’m glad your daughter was able to turn to your friend. He stepped up to be the father you should have been.

  24. Yta for simply trying to get a judgement without the damn story. You don’t answer questions but come to this page to get a judgment. Yta Also hope your daughter never had to deal with you or your wife again.

  25. YTA. You didn’t get your daughters side, you just tossed her out because your girlfriend said she was being mean. Your best friend even says your an asshole, so my guess he actually listened to your daughters side.

  26. This is so completely one sided, did you even ask your daughter what happened? Why your daughter who hates Sophie would even go to her home? It’s Sophie even telling the truth? YTA

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  28. I didn't get the full story because Sophie was crying so hard but it seems like she went to her home and yelled at her in front of everyone

  29. How did she humiliate your girlfriend? We need the details here because this isn't enough info to understand the full dynamic. Like how are you so sure that your girlfriend isn't the instagator or the one causing problems? Did you even get your daughters side of the story?

  30. Lara has been causing problems from the first day. Sophie is the first person I've dated after her mom and she is not happy about it. She didn't say anything

  31. Based on the little you've related, YTA. You seem to expect your daughter to not be mean or fight when your girlfriend seems to give out as well.

  32. YTA dude seriously?? Have you even tried to genuinely talk to your daughter to see what’s going on? If you love your daughter she should come before your gf of one year. Just because she’s 18 and legally an adult doesn’t mean she is an adult, ffs she’s a child and if she’s “acting out” there is some shit going on. Your daughter sees that your gf comes first and probably believes that the gf is more important to you, she probably also thinks you don’t care about her. You literally gave her money and said get out, Lara needs you to be a father to her.

  33. Omg you kicked her out without even finding out what happened?! Massive YTA. Your daughter deserves a father that will actually stick up for her and love her and not throw her out on her Butt. There’s definitely more to the story. But I don’t think you care. Soon there won’t be a relationship with your daughter for you to repair. If a girl that you’ve known for a year is more important than your daughter then maybe your daughter should live with your friend and maybe experience a father that supports her.

  34. Unclear. Depends entirely what the fight was about. If your daughter alone was being TA then it's not on you. If you gf was being TA it is on you.

  35. Yta. Your young adult daughter was a bit mean, possibly, and you threw her out? What was your end game? What do you hope this will accomplish?

  36. It seems like there’s a lack on context here. What did Lara do? But considering that you just believed your gf instead of your daughter with absolutely no context, I’m going to have to go with YTA.

  37. anyone who thinks 17 y/o s are automatically adults is an AH to me... besides... you didn't even try to listen to your daughter's side. YTA. she's a KID.

  38. YTA. It's a little late to be getting Lara's side of the story now. That's something you should've done FIRST instead of just taking Sophie at her word and throwing your daughter out. But hey, if you wanna permanently ruin your relationship with your daughter, that's on you.

  39. We've been together for more than a year and they met a couple of months ago. She never like Sophie but it's the first time she's acted like this

  40. YTA sounds like from your post and comments that you're planning to move gf in with the two of you and daughter isn't comfortable with that. They had some words about it, probably in public, and gf calls you up playing the victim card, which you fall for.

  41. YTA. Did you even ask your daughter what happened? Or did you just hear one side of the story? And if you're so tired of it ya'll need to sit down and figure out how they can be at least civil to one another, not just throw her out.

  42. You got an incomplete version from your gf, you got no version from your daughter, and based on that, you threw her out? Yeah, YTA.

  43. Can’t really give a rating without more info. What did she do? What do they argue about? How big are the arguments? Did your daughter ever grieve her mom’s death?

  44. YTA how you can think that her not responding to your question AFTER YOU KICKED HER OUT is an admission of guilt ill never fucking know. Congratulations op you just signed your self a one way ticket to never talking to your kid again. I would like to also point out that eve Jay can see how you are the most massive of massive a holes. Im happy your daughter has someone who cares for her to turn to. Now your just going to have to live with the fact that you chose a woman you’ve been fucking for a year over your own child No. Questions. Asked.

  45. They fight and argue every day but you took your girlfriend’s word that your daughter came and humiliated her in front of all of her neighbours. Didn’t ask your daughter what happened. Didn’t get any other perspective, just threw your kid out. YTA.

  46. YTA and I am hurting for your daughter. Lost her mom, and her only remaining parent has clearly chosen his GF over her. If you think 18 is a fully developed emotional adult, you are the problem. Jesus the more I think about it, the sicker I get.

  47. yta. hmm have u ever thought ur gf is lying? u threw ur own daughter out for a person who hasn been in ur life for a year?? u failed ur daughter. now she lost both her parents thanks to you and ur gf.

  48. YTA Sophie played you like a fiddle and maneuvered you into kicking your CHILD (who doesn't have her own place to live, unlike Sophie) out of her HOME.

  49. YTA. You don’t know what happened and you automatically choose your GF who may or may not be in the future, over your daughter, who will ALWAYS be your family? It doesn’t matter if she is an adult (maybe legally but she is still a teen) or not, you do irreparable damage to your relationship with your daughter when you don’t have her back. And if she hates Sophie, maybe you’d do better to figure out why. You leave a lot out of your post and that makes me think that maybe you’ve been a dirtbag to your own kid. Your best friend seems to think so. Stop thinking with your penis and act like a father.

  50. YTA - even Putin knows better than to lead by launching nukes - you should’ve (1) take the time to get the whole story one-on-one from each of them in turn, and (2) if daughter was in the wrong started with a lesser punishment like banned from the house for 3 days, to contemplate life without Dad’s support

  51. YTA. You didn’t even ask your own daughter’s side? Also…why are you okay with her living with your friend? That’s odd.

  52. YTA - perhaps if you ever get another chance with your daughter you’ll ask her what happen before chucking her out like the trash. I have a feeling behavior like this may be the reason she dislikes you gf.

  53. Missing reasons, what did your daughter even do? Because I've seen people who claimed being "humiliated" by being told "no" on anything.

  54. Personally just based on this vague story, if she really is harassing your girlfriend every day, then no, nta, but I still think you should've handled this way better. You should've sat them down and had a serious talk with them both, get both their sides of the story, and try to resolve the problem instead of just kicking her out, so for that, kinda the AH. Take to your girlfriend, figure out everything. Talk to your daughter, even if you have to go there, listen to her whole side of the story, then figure out what to do from there.

  55. Yeah, I'm a little confused. What happened, exactly? And how does the best friend factor in here? What happened at the house? Who was involved? Why the animosity? Why the emphasis on no cheating?

  56. YTA just for leaving all the pertinent details out. Do you really think you can sway Reddit by giving only a piece of the story? People will see through it.

  57. YTA. Why does your daughter hate your girlfriend? Did you get all of the facts from both sides, or did you just act on what your girlfriend told you? Why would you expect your child to want to speak to you after the way you treated her?

  58. YTA she is basically still a child and you're choosing to throw her out instead of work through these things? You two are the adults here start acting like it. Don't be shocked when the behavior you see in the future is worse she now knows you aren't a safe person to turn too.

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