AITA for wanting to eat in front of the tv?

  1. Yeah I was right there with him at the beginning. I anticipated a “my gf never wants to eat in front of the tv aita for wanting to do it every so often” but it kept getting worse and worse! He’d already sat down at the table to eat, left in the middle of the meal, she’s crying, he insults her efforts to make his favorite meal and while totally oblivious to whatever other romantic touches (candles, the nice table cloth, set table, wine etc) she put the effort into completely ruins the night. Even if I hadn’t planned a proposal with the meal I’d be pissed. YTA OP. You have some serious apologizing to do.

  2. I think any food can be romantic depending. I said below but my favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes and when my partner makes them "Just cuz its been a rough week and I thought you'd want comfort" my ass melts into the floor in a puddle full of love over some boiled potatoes with butter xD But totally agree. Just in general: If your partner works hard on something and it's your favorite meal, they probably want a sit down dinner. You don't assume you can move, you ask politely. "Would you mind if we moved to the living room? There's a game on I'm really interested in and I'd love to watch it with you"

  3. Um, I'd say YTA right off the start. Right from the start of my relationship, I made it clear that eating in front of the TV is a rare treat, not an every night event. And no phones at the dinner table. Why am I so controlling? Well, first of all, I worked hard on whatever meal I happen to make, and eating it rushed in front of a TV as an afterthought is not a great way to appreciate that work. Also, supper conversations is a great time to talk about your day. And it's literally half an hour, maybe 45 min of no outside distractions. Why is that so hard for people????

  4. Can you imagine if OP put effort into... let's say taking her out to dinner, but then she spent the whole time on the phone, and when he got offended, she told him he should have paid for a more expensive restaurant if he expected her to pay attention to him? OP messed up in a major way...

  5. I think he's British, beef and potatoes sounds about right for ...the kind of man who watches football instead of noticing the effort someone's gone to

  6. Regardless if it was special or not, i think its extermly rude to watch tv or be on your phon unless you know its okay with the person your eating with. I mean when you notice this kuch effort, ya kinda need to stow the phone and tv. Always belive meals should be a bit of faily bonding time. Wether your eating and watching together or eating away from electronics.

  7. If they don't normally eat roast beef, then it could be considered a "fancy" dinner. If my husband cooked that for me, I would know it took a lot of effort. I wouldn't be carting myself off to the TV. That's just RUDE.

  8. I agree with you on the YTA verdict but beef and potatoes is romantic if it's done by someone you love as a kindness because it's your favorite meal. It's not all about the gourmet stuff.

  9. Does she HAVE to communicate verbally she wanted it to be romantic? If she had a playlist of his songs, presumably it was playing. I'm sure she even did more than just cook and put plates down, I would hazard a guess it was obvious by the situation it was meant to be a romantic moment and he just blatantly didn't care. I mean, if I wanted to surprise a partner with a romantic home cooked meal with their favourite playlist because I wanted to propose, I wouldn't tell them 🤷 but I would absolutely hope they'd care enough to see the effort and be all-in

  10. I left a guy like this who when we were arguing would pull out all these random little things he seemed to hate that I did- which were all unrelated to solving our current problem - like he complimented the food I made him once and then when we were arguing turned around and said it was actually bad - just the fakeness I despise

  11. A roast dinner may not be a romantic dinner to you, but to me it represents a lot of hard work, making sure all the various items are prepped and get cooked at the right times, and I would be angry if my partner didn’t appreciate that effort just because of some sportsball game, let alone if I’d planned something romantic!

  12. I was glad to hear that the mom jumped on him too instead of taking his side. Too many posts on here are rife with mothers enabling their son’s shitty attitudes. Despite you turning out to be an ah it sounds like your mom is a good egg. I hope your gf finds someone who treats her better.

  13. I mean, I think he was a jerk from the start. She went out of her way to make his favorite meal. I think that is romantic. And really, he could have just been considerate and said, “hey, this game I want to watch is on. Do you mind if we eat in the living room, or would you prefer me to stream it later?” Pretty easy question that frankly I think is common courtesy. Unless she cooks meal like this all the time, it seems obvious she had a reason, even if that reason was simply, I want to spend time with you and do something nice for you. So yea, OP, YTA.

  14. Reminds me of the same similar scene in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Kathy Bates' character makes her husband a huge, delicious meal to try and spice up their marriage a little bit. She had dressed herself up to the 9s with saran wrap and glitter of all things, just for the husband to rush in the door, completely ignore her while quickly filling up his plate, and then sitting his ass in his favorite chair to watch a baseball game on TV. Smh. I always felt bad for her in that scene.

  15. He didn’t even say “I forgot there is a game tonight. Would you mind if I eat this in the living room?”. He just got up and walked away.

  16. YTA, you need to apologize. She went to the trouble of making you a nice meal, and instead of sitting with her to eat, you got up to go watch football. Then, criticized her effort to do something nice for you.

  17. Even if it WASN'T supposed to be a romantic dinner/proposal. When someone makes a nice meal, you don't just walk away and do whatever you want. You eat with that person, because they put in effort.

  18. I hope this is just rage bait and there isn’t somebody out there acting like this and then needing to consult the internet because they really don’t know if they were TA.

  19. Doesn't matter whether he apologizes or not. He just killed the relationship. There's no coming back from that.

  20. She made you a special dinner that probably took over an hour, and wanted t ospend quality time with you. YTA, even if she hadn't been planning on proposing to you. Pay attention to your partner!

  21. THIS! I don’t care if she was planning on marrying OP that night. The point is she surprised him with an incredibly thoughtful dinner that took time and effort, and he just dismissed it like it meant nothing. He took her and her efforts for granted. “Thanks for the football snacks!”

  22. Learn to read the room. Since you were so clueless about her romantic setup, it would have been nicer if you had said, “Oh, hon! The football match is on! Would you like to go eat in the living room with me?” At least then she’d have the opportunity to say, “Not really. I planned a romantic dinner for us and I have something to ask you….”

  23. Fr this was enough for me. Forget that she was planning to propose. Forget even that he wanted to go eat in the other room. If someone makes the effort to make your favorite meal and you have the audacity to say this then YTA.

  24. Is this even a real question? She made you dinner and you brought it into a different room to watch TV? That’s like the epitome of thoughtless asshole

  25. Something I've learned from AITA is just how many people take their partner for granted. People want a partner just because they feel like they should (or worse, are entitled to one), then when they get one they just view them as someone to fuck and split the bills/work with. There seems to be no understanding of what an actual partnership is supposed to be. Only an obnoxious sense of entitlement.

  26. YTA, apologize to her. Roast beef takes hours to make, you could've waited untill after dinner to start watching the game. Missing 30 minutes of football one time < hours of her time.

  27. Thank you for reminding me that the NFL starts this week. My neighbors love football and they get very noisy during football season. Have this gold medal emoji: 🏅

  28. YTA. My dad used to do that. He would take some of everything my mom cooked, put them all in bowl, and would even ask my mom to debone meat, deshell prawns or cut everything into bite sizes so that he can chomp down his food with his eyes glued to the screen. Have some respect for your girlfriend who took the time and effort to cook you a meal.

  29. Holy hell my dad also asks my mom and even me and my sibling to do the same thing cuz he hates doing it himself and I fucking hate him for it it's so immature and lazy

  30. Oof. Nothing says "I appreciate a good home cooked meal" like mindlessly shoveling it in while 100% of one's attention is elsewhere. I woulda made that dude nothing but microwave TV dinners if he was my husband. It's not like he'd taste the difference.

  31. YTA. You left the room and insulted her cooking. It's only joking if both people are laughing, that, love, was an insult. Ignoring the potential proposal, you didn't ask, just walked out of the room, have some manners, OP.

  32. YTA. It’s not about the miscommunication on the meal. I dated someone for a long time whose default was to do dinner with a computer so she could watch stuff on YouTube and figured out that we actually need to communicate about it. We got to a point where I would say, “Hey can you keep me company while I cook and then we can watch something” or “Hey, if you want to go decompress while I cook then we can eat dinner at the table and chat?” (And it’d go the other way if she was cooking) But that’s just a thing to learn in a relationship dynamic.

  33. Yep, YTA! Did you really have to ask that question, OP? You were confused when you took the food and went to eat in another room and also insulted her cooking? Are you serious?

  34. YTA even if she wasn't proposing. She put so much time and effort in and you blew her off and insulted her. I'd leave if my partner behaved this obnoxiously so don't be surprised if you get dumped.

  35. You know what happens when I overcook meat on accident? My husband uses a bit of extra sauce and tells me everything was great and thanks for cooking dinner. WTF, OP.

  36. YTA: you know exactly what you did wrong. It’s not just the television. It’s the fact that when she pointed out her intentions, you just threw her efforts into her face insulting her.

  37. Why are you here? You know the answer. So does your (probably now ex-)gf, your mum, and everyone who reads this. Get off your arse and at the very least, as a bare minimum, apologise to her, since it seems like you haven't even done that at all. And since you're from the UK, I'm assuming this happened last night at the latest. It's the middle of the next day now. It took you this long to even begin wondering whether you did something wrong?

  38. Wtf YTA if I cook my partner a lovely dinner (considering I’m a SAHM and have a 3 month old son) he will sit with me, if there’s something he wants to watch he asks if I’d like to watch it with him and if not then he eats dinner with me and we spend quality time together. This happens even when he’s working 7-5 shifts for my parents. (He helps out with their shop) Apologise and spend some damn time appreciating your girlfriend

  39. YTA. If you want to spend the rest of your life with this woman I suggest you make this up to her immediately. Also dude, forget about the football game. If your partner goes out of their way to make a whole meal for you, it’s clear they want to spend time with you. It wasn’t some take out and Netflix kind of night. Read the room.

  40. JFC she went to the trouble to make a whole roast dinner on a Friday night and you just picked up your plate to sit in front of Arsenal vs Crystal Palace?

  41. YTA For reasons already specified by everyone else. I have a feeling you really just came here hoping people would pat you in the back and say it's okay or that what you did wasn't a problem. If my spouse were that dismissive of my thoughfulness he'd be making every single meal himself for the foreseeable future.

  42. Is your girlfriend extremely sensitive or does she just get upset when her boyfriend who’s supposed to love her more than anything is being a jerk and insulting her? Of course YTA dude

  43. YTA... So, you have a lovely girl with some old fashion habits as well as modern, willing to take your relation to the next step and you don't see how good you have it. Damn. Damn. Damn. Poor girl, falling in love with a jerk.

  44. "there was a football game on" my brother in Christ it was the Raiders and the Jags. THE JAGS, I want football back to but if you prioritize Jags PRESEASON over your GF hard work (even if it was overcooked, doesn't matter), maybe this relationship isn't for you

  45. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  46. YTA. She went through the effort of cooking it and you need the read the room once in a while. You could have missed a football game for this or asked if it was ok to watch it with her?

  47. Er, walk me through your reasoning when you decided to "joke" about your GF's cooking being bad when she was clearly already upset about how you were treating this meal that she had planned to be romantic?

  48. YTA, even if she wasn’t trying to propose. She made you a meal and sat down to it with you only for you to hop up for football and insult her cooking? That’s not her being sensitive. That’s just you being inconsiderate.

  49. This isn’t extremely sensitive behaviour. You were rude as hell from beginning to end. Her reactions were reasonable. YTA I hope she doesn’t propose since you don’t care about her feelings. You’d rather make excuses for why you should make as many rude comments as you want without having to be accountable.

  50. YTA, OP. Not for "wanting to eat in front of the TV" -- for not asking your GF if she minded, this particular time. [Edited to add that a caring partner can certainly ask, "hey, that game I am really excited about is on right now, is it okay if I watch it?" without much difficulty. It's not even all that hard to wait until after the meal, now that so many people have TVs that can record and play back later.]

  51. AITA for wanting to eat in front of the tv? taking my plate from the dinner table that my girlfriend spent hours preparing, making my favorite meal, to eat in front of the TV so I could watch sports, leaving her alone, then insulted my girlfriends meal to her face, then calling her sensitive?

  52. OMG can someone link the post about the man who never wanted to treat his pro chef wife out to dinner because she was such a good cook and he was confused why she was so upset and she's been making nothing but casseroles and he just DIDN'T GET IT. Oblivious? Are we still voting? YTA

  53. YTA. That being said they were a lot of ways you were not the a****** in the situation but when you insulted her cooking that's when you crossed the line.

  54. YTA. It is a game. I love football as much as the next person. But if my husband fixes dinner for me I eat dinner with him. I can catch up to the game. And if you miss anything. Big they will show the highlights over.

  55. Yeah YTA. With all the streaming services you can always catch the game later. If you know she’s very sensitive maybe don’t insult the meal she worked to make you

  56. YTA Regardless of the “overcooked” beef, the proposal, etc. it’s just plain rude to pick up your plate, leave the dinner table and move yourself in front of the tv.

  57. YTA. First, you sit down and immediately start fucking about in your phone - you couldn’t even spend the twenty minutes of dinner being present in the moment with someone you’re supposed to love. Then you get up to leave her completely. Then you insult her efforts. You’re nowhere near mature enough for marriage and definitely not mature enough to raise children.

  58. We need an update. Please tell us she moved out so you two can have space and more time to grow with each other. You clearly have some self reflection to do. YTA

  59. YTA and for her sake don't try to fix this. Let her go and live a good life with someone who isn't an asshole. Or let her live alone with 20 cats. Either way is better than with you.

  60. I’ll probably get downvoted to hell for this but: for the sake of your relationship and future family, unless you’re all by yourself, dont make a habit of eating in front of the TV. It’s really not healthy.

  61. Jeez OP, do you even like your girlfriend? If you treat someone you claim to love more than anything like this, I don’t wanna know how you treat the people you may not like too much. Yikes. YTA.

  62. Look man, even if you didn't notice the gestures and thought getting up to watch football was harmless, when she got upset and TOLD YOU she tried to make your a romantic meal the correct response would have been to apologize and go back to the table

  63. YTA. You sound like a total Neanderthal. It doesn’t matter if it was supposed to be a romantic meal or not, show a little appreciation. Instead you went for a crappy throwaway insult. I hope she dumps you.

  64. YTA. Your girlfriend clearly went to a lot of effort to make a nice dinner (that it sounds like was pretty clearly intended to be a sit-down meal together) and you decide to dip AND insult her cooking? Better hope there's not arsenic in the next thing she makes you, bud.

  65. You're dense as hell and she deserves better than you, she wasn't mad because you wanted to eat in front of the TV, way to put a misleading title to try and absolve yourself of how shitty you are. You belittled her hard work at making a good dinner.

  66. Dude. YTA. Also, pretty manipulative! You acknowledge that she made you your favorite meal and then you dump on her that she didn’t do it well enough. How cruel.

  67. YTA Oh God. I hope she runs. When you make little “jokes” like that they’re insulting and obviously thinly-veiled insults. Get off your high horse and get in the kitchen and try cooking a recipe perfect the first time. Do you even cook? YTA big time

  68. Op, I was on your side, right up until you decided to shove your entire head up your bum and insult your girlfriends cooking, where she made you a meal that you made clear in your own words is your favorite, so congratulations, YTA with out a doubt. That's how you "joke" with someone you are considering "settling down with"? 🚩 and then to go on and try to build yourself a buffer by saying she is sensitive and criticism "doesn't just roll off her back"... HAVE YOU STOPPED AND CONSIDERED THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CRITICISM AND INSULT?! they aren't interchangeable words.

  69. YTA You were one early on. Right about the time you thought it was a good idea pick up your food and go watch tv. If she meant for that to be a tv meal she would have set it up in front of the tv. You showed you put zero thought into what she did for you. All you thought about was "Wow, I can eat this and watch the game!".

  70. YTA. It takes real talent to fuck up a situation this completely. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she's not 'extremely sensitive', you're just an AH?

  71. So you know that she’s extremely sensitive and still decided to complete disregard, disrespectful, AND insult her?? YTA 1000%

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