AITA for trying to write off lunch i paid for from my kitchen contractors total bill?

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  2. If I'm understanding this correctly, you implied you would buy lunch for some folks, bought them lunch, then attempted to bill an unrelated party for it. If that's an accurate assessment, then yes, YTA.

  3. Using OP’s logic, why not offer them new TVs or sneakers and say the boss is paying for it? This situation is so dumb. How could anybody possibly think they have the authority to spend somebody else’s money without that person saying so?

  4. Pretty sure it was worse, OP implied lunch was on the worker's boss without discussing or approving it with said boss. Then charged said boss, with the boss saying they can't believe the workers said that food was on me, I will be talking to them. So at this point OP still didn't correct the boss and be all, "oh no! I said it was on you! It isn't their fault!".

  5. Yeah, YTA. It sounds like OP said it "was on the boss" and was deliberately misleading with whether the boss meant the contractor or OP... then this pressured the contractor to pay for things to keep his good relationship with the subcontractors.

  6. “It’s on the boss!” - (almost guaranteed he pointed to himself as he said it to imply it was him buying their lunch) Just obscure enough to give the impression he was “that guy” while sticking the bill on someone else. What a dick!

  7. I had to double check the sub name because I thought it was that sub of people making over the top fake cringy AITA posts.

  8. Also, what the fuck kind of lunch costs 100 dollars for 3 people?? Sounds like OP is just out there scamming people.

  9. YTA Wow, you're so cheap it's embarrassing. How dare you buy them lunch then deduct it from your bill. You tell them it's on the boss, they think you mean you are treating them. I'd be furious if I was the contractor and you pulled that crap.

  10. I read one sentence and was like…what? YTA. When we have moved as a military family, even when the military paid for it…we bought lunch and drinks for our movers, (and tipped) it is the LEAST we could do. WTF. Someone at your home doing work for you> FEED THEM.

  11. YTA you offered to have their boss pay for their lunch without asking their boss first if that was okay? You implied that their boss agreed to this and then you stuck the boss with a bill after the fact and put all of his employees in a tough spot with their employer. Yikes.

  12. To be honest when OP said "it's on the boss" it could even imply it's on the OP since he hired the company then he can call himself the boss as well. Either way, OP is so messed up

  13. You essentially offered a workers benefit on behalf of the employer without asking the employer. This is one of the dumbest questions on this sub. You Had zero authority to offer that benefit. I bet the contractor tells a lot of other industry ppl about this.

  14. What the hell even is this? You bought lunch and said "it's on him" when you didn't even ask "him"? On what planet would this be acceptable?

  15. Not only did he say 'this one is one the boss'', that could imply that is on the homeowner for the day if their actual boss wasn't present so the workers may have been confused. Like fuck this guy.

  16. Yeah like what did I just read? OP needs to pay the contractor and apologize to all parties involved ASAP. And for future knowledge, OP, it is literally never okay to buy things for people and bill it to another party without their express permission to do so. I would never work for you again.

  17. I had panera today with my husband and it was $15 for 2 of us. 3 people for $100? More like he bought them lunch and then his whole family dinner and billed “the boss.”

  18. This perfectly captures how ridiculous OP's actions are. I just feel awful for the workers being involved in this lie. They could lose work because of what OP did.

  19. Bro, even when my dad had movers helping us move, he always got a bunch of pizzas and drinks for the guys and made sure they weren’t overworking themselves

  20. YTA. They probably thought the boss was ok with it because of the way you said it. Now they're in a tough spot. Shitty thing to do.

  21. They probably thought when he said "boss" he was referring to himself as the person paying for the job. He seems like one of those people who would do that. Like "I'm paying so I'm your boss."

  22. Not to mention meals are only deductible for 50%, so the $100 that was allocated elsewhere would have been fully deductible. This costs the contractor an additional $50.

  23. Yes! This the paper work. I changed my doors to more expensive ones. Poor lady that works accounts had to send out amendments to the contract, get written approval from me. Then send out another invoice. All over $200. I felt so guilty.

  24. YTA I am having a hard time believing this happened but on the off chance it did, unless it was part of your contract, you had no business buying someone else's employees lunch and expect to deduct the cost of the bill.

  25. YTA. They’re doing work for you, it’s not a leap that you’re “the boss,” so you implied lunch was on you. But even if they understood what you meant, that it was on their boss, they would be right to assume you cleared it with him. A normal person doesn’t offer for someone else to pay for something without asking them first. So how were these workers possibly supposed to “know better?” Now they’re in trouble with their boss because of you. Also in the comments you said there was a difference between what you did and “sticking him with the bill.” There is not. He is out $100 whether you handed him the Panera bill directly or subtracted it from his earnings.

  26. YTA- you offered to get it & then charged them. The workers probably assumed that you were either referring to yourself as the boss or that the actual boss was ok with it.

  27. Give the 100 back and explain to the boss that it was totally your fault for the misunderstanding YTA

  28. YTA. When you said it’s “on the boss” they probably assumed you had already cleared it with their boss. That was my first assumption too until I kept reading

  29. Wait, you offered someone lunch, you said the boss was paying. In this instance you are the boss. You are the person contracting their work. So for you to then turn around and charge the contract definitely makes YTA. I hope the employees don't have it deducted from their wages.

  30. YTA - you spent someone else’s money without asking… I hope you don’t mind, I told my family you’d buy us dinner. Where do I send the bill. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, right?

  31. YTA. In this situation, you are "the boss" because you hired the crew to be there. Just buy the crew lunch, don't punish your contractor for your poor semantics.

  32. Yes YTAH unless you had cleared it with him prior to offering it should have been on you. Deciding to deduct lunch you offered from the bill isn’t your call unless it was pre approved by the head contractor. Nice gesture until you decided someone else was footing the bill for your act.

  33. YTA. You were pretending to be generous, but did so with someone else's money and by putting other people in an uncomfortable, no-win situation. You had no business committing the contractor to pay their employees for the lunch. The contractor was gracious in accepting even though he shouldn't have. Unfortunately, they will probably make the employees pay one way or another.

  34. YTA, and such a major one at that. You had NO right to unilaterally decide to buy them lunch and deduct it from the bill. Holy cow are you a piece of work. YTA. Such an asshole.

  35. YTA You implied there was an agreement they would not have to pay. I suspect they bought lunches they couldn’t afford with that understanding. It was probably taken from their wages.

  36. Yeah, OP said “It’s on the boss” meaning that either the boss of the construction workers explicitly said that he would pay for lunch (which he didn’t) or OP was referring to themselves as the boss and was offering to buy the workers a free lunch (which OP didn’t).

  37. So…you offered to get lunch for workers and volunteered their boss to pay for it in vague jokey language, which will probably come around to them paying for it anyway. Wow, what a sweetheart. YTA

  38. Yta. You can’t decide to offer lunch to people and then charge someone else for it without their permission.

  39. YTA- put yourself in their bosses shoes. Imagine if he came to the job site and said “I’m going to grab lunch for the boys, you want anything?” And then added it onto your construction bill.

  40. This is a teaching moment for you. Learn from these comments. You can't act like it's your first day in life. You have to make this right. Like in a big way. And honestly apologize. And then shit will be straight. How you admit your error in judgement will determine your character. yta

  41. YTA. Asking someone if they want lunch implies that your paying for it. You told them their boss was paying without running it by him first. Then took it out of the money you were paying him, again without discussing it first. Either way, your the asshole and the contractor is out $100 because you bought his employees lunch.

  42. YTA. Huh? Did you ask the boss if he would foot the bill for his employees lunch? If not then you had no right to deduct money from the bill. That’s insane. You offered them lunch and I’m sure they either thought you were treating or their boss had given the ok for it. On what planet did you think you had permission to spend someone else’s money on a lunch they never said they were paying for????

  43. It's fucking weird. Usually when you ask them voluntarily if they wanted you to get them something you pay for it. Wording it "on the boss". Not unusual for you to refer to yourself as the boss. So they may have thought you offered to pay for it. You didn't communicate very well. If you were deducting it from the contractors bill you should have notified him, not the employees. Damn near every employee is going to nod their head along to a free lunch “on the boss". It's all fair I guess, I'd just feel cheap if I was you.

  44. YTA You screwed up And it should be pretty obvious to you now after reading the feedback. Call up the contractor, Tell him you were out of line, apologize and give him $100 back. That’s how you make it right

  45. OP, don't be surprised if you get a rep in town and you can't get another contractor to work in the future.

  46. Of course you're the AH. That was 100% not your call to make and 100% your fault. For all they knew their boss told you to do that so you're double the AH for not taking 100% responsibility for your AH decision.

  47. YTA. Saying "it's on the boss" implies it's free. If I take a friend out and say "it's on me", it means I'm paying and don't expect them to cover the cost elsewhere. What's wrong with you?

  48. YTA. Hope you paid him or you’re about to get blackballed by any other company you want to do any work in your home. Why didn’t you just buy them lunch? Must be nice to be so free with other peoples’ money.

  49. YTA. From their perspective you offered them lunch. Because who orders lunch and expects someone else to pay without having asked first. Would you walk into your insurance agents office (or any company/ vendor you use), and ask if they'd like lunch and expect to bill it back to the owner or head person for the office?

  50. If your contract doesn’t state that they reimburse you for employee lunches then you legally cannot deduct money from the contracted amount owed. So you stole that hundred dollars. Yes, stealing $100 from somebody makes you the a-hole. YTA

  51. YTA. You “donated” a portion of the contractually agreed price without informing all parties. This is classified as theft and you can be taken to court over it if you refuse to pay the full invoice.

  52. Totes YTA. You were nebulous in your phrasing (they thought you meant YOU as the boss) and you spent the contractor’s money. Total Richard move. You wanna do it because they’re working hard, it’s out of YOUR pocket, no one else’s. Geesh. YTA to the nth degree.

  53. YTA - Normally the boss doesn’t pay for lunch for his employees. Your offer, while nice for the employees, meant that the boss was on the hook for it. He’s out $100 because of your “generosity” and he didn’t even get credit for it. I’d be annoyed too.

  54. YTA. You don’t get to decide that someone else is paying for lunch. Pay the contractor what he is due. Lunch was on you.

  55. YTA this is horrible. You stole and spent someone’s money and then blamed his employees. You need to make this right

  56. Yta, you misrepresented the situation to those guys, there really is no other way to take that coming from the guy paying for the job, and then threw them under the bus

  57. YTA obviously. All you had to do was one simple thing before getting lunch.. all you had to do was contact the boss and ask him if he wanted to pay you for grabbing lunch for his employees. Literally all you had to do. If I was working and the client comes up to us saying "it's on the boss" I'm going to either A) assume you've already spoken to our boss about lunch arrangements or B) would have assumed YOU were the "boss" since you're the one paying for everyone to be there and you were buying us lunch. This all feels like a super shady way of getting your bill knocked down a bit. Was it really $100 for all the employees lunches? But even more importantly you possibly jeopardized all of their jobs by doing this. Because if their boss thinks they went behind his back to make arrangements with you then they could get in serious trouble. So YTA for multiple things and I honestly think putting those workers in that position was worse than appearing to try and knock a few bucks off the bill

  58. YTA You should have gotten approval from your contractor prior to this. Maybe they didn’t want to cover lunches or didn’t want to pay $25 a person for Panera. They employees either thought you were paying or you cleared it with the contractor. Major AH and entitle person.

  59. YTA. How & why did you decide that by yourself without talking to him? The workers probably thought you were doing something nice & now they probably got in trouble because of you. I’d be pissed if someone offered me something like lunch just to bill me for it later

  60. As the wife of a contractor who’s contracting business went under due to ppl not paying…. YTA big time.

  61. YTA, and if I was a contractor I would not have agreed to that deduction. It was not authorized in your contract. If he wants you to get his contractor's lunch, that is one thing, and 25/each at panera bread sounds suspiciously high.

  62. YTA how can it even be a question? How would you feel if 100 was missing from your check and a coworker was lime "Yeh, it was for a pizza party we had while you where gone."

  63. YTA…. Like in what way did you expect them to take it. Not only that but you spoke on behalf of their boss…

  64. YTA - How can you possibly think that it is okay to spend someone else's money? You have no idea the condition the company is in and you very well many have cost someone their job(s). Also...I've been to Panera a lot and it isn't even CLOSE to $25 a person.

  65. YTA. Total dick move. If I was your contractor I would tell others in the business to not do business with you. FYI I was a General Contractor for 20 years.

  66. YTA. Woul you have been fine is the contractor decided you would be buying his workers lunch and added $100 to the bill without asking you?

  67. YTA, but also how much fucking bread did you buy that it cost $100? Unless you also charged the contractor for your own lunch too???

  68. Wow YTA! Have you ever worked before? Why in the world would you think this is ok? Did you ask the contractor? Did you really think it was ok to spend someone else's money? If you can afford a contractor, you can afford to buy someone lunch. I am dumbfounded.

  69. YTA. Who does this crap without authorization? Odds are pretty great these guys got into trouble or had to pay for it themselves. You need to cover the cost and apologize.

  70. YTA. You said it was on the boss. Meaning your footing the bill. If you meant to defect it from the money they worked for you should have said “I’m going to Panera would anyone like anything. Don’t worry about funds I’ll deduct it from the bill”. So as to give a choice. When I hire I buy the lunch. I thought everyone did.

  71. YTA. How crazy you sounds offering to buy someone lunch and then charging someone else for. You will never get that "quality" for the best price again. You can't be this ignorant. Hope it was worth losing a good contractor.

  72. YTA- you cant offer for someone else to pay for lunches with out telling them. Imagine someone owed you money but spent some of it to feed other people then paid you less then you expected. How would you feel?

  73. YTA. My husband and I have been remodeling our house for a year. We always buy each team of workers lunch once while they are here. We would never bill a company. It is on us. You had no right to spend somebody else’s money.

  74. YTA. Your taking money away from someone whose worked hard to get to where they are. You offered lunch, you pay for lunch - you don’t get to decide that they owe you for it when they’re doing work you want done.

  75. As a business owner, all I can say is, "who the eff do you think you are to speak for the owner of a business that you have ZERO financial interest in?" Frankly, I'm surprised the boss agreed to this. YTA big time!

  76. YTA... you are the boss in this situation, they assumed it was on you. And you shouldn't offer to get people lunch if you're not paying anyway. Offering for someone else to pay for their lunch doesn't make sense.

  77. YTA. How could you offer something like that. I'm so confused, seriously. How did you think volunteering someone else for ANYTHING would be appropriate.

  78. You’re clearly the AH in this situation. And you put those workers in a hard situation they shouldn’t be in! If they’re scolded or fired it’s YOUR FAULT. That was a dick move.

  79. Yes. I own a business and of a client offer to pay For lunch, they pay for lunch. They don’t make me Pay for lunch. Also, I don’t ask nor expect a client to pay for lunch. Asshole move.

  80. You blamed the workers for your fuck up? You said "on the boss" not "on YOUR boss" and overall planning to deduct a meal that apparently you ate as well?

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  82. YTA. You bought them lunch, made their boss pay for it, and didn't ask for his permission? In what universe did you think that was an OK thing to do?

  83. YTA - Guessing you had sticker shock and buyers remorse when you realized how much it was going to cost? Then used mental gymnastics to justify billing your Contractor for the bill that he had no idea was coming, while potentially jeopardizing the jobs of his employees, who you deceived.

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