‘Goals’ in Google Calendar are going away, like Assistant Reminders

  1. I would have loved to use this feature but it was never made available on the desktop and that's where I do all of my calendar planning. Why feature parity across devices is not just a basic requirement is beyond me.

  2. Unfortunately this is especially true for auto-scheduling apps. There are a few great options that give similar functionality to Goals, but they either have a horrible mobile app or a horrible desktop/web app.

  3. BRUH this is so trucking annoying lmao I regularly use this feature since it helps me keep track of things and the way it works is quite dynamic in scheduling compared to the rigid structure of recurring reminders. Do you guys know any alternatives for Google Calendar?

  4. I know they have a variation of this when you invite someone else into your event and it'll suggest a time when both of your schedules are free

  5. This feature have been helping me keep track of how often i don't smoke. There is something so satisfying to click on "i did it" and see the circle complete after a day of struggling to not smoke .

  6. I never found where to access Google Assistant reminders. I just went with samsung reminders instead which has a great widget and calendar integration.

  7. I'm pretty sure that still works. I set one a few days ago and I tried another today just to double check and they still worked.

  8. I tried it years ago and wanted to like it, but I never got into it. Because it just scheduled stuff in the calendar, if I wasn't checking the calendar daily, I'd not prepare for the goal. And it didn't take into account travel time (even with location get in the events) so Goals were jutted up against stuff where I'd have to spend time getting back home.

  9. I just saw it and I'm so sad. I sent a feedback to google directly from the calendar and in the app reviews. Hope other users will too. It's such a useful and interesting function. Nowhere could I find an app or a tool that could generate time automatically except skedpal but that's very expensive.

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