1oz of Nutella. Super necessary.

  1. The worst part about this is that you know like all nutella jars, it's going to be impossible to get all of the nutella out of it.

  2. For regular sized Nutella jars, when I'm at the end, I put warm milk into the jar and shake it up and the drink the warm Nutella milk.

  3. It’s because it’s cute I think. I’d never buy it but when I see it I always think, omg that’s so cute!!! Idk why but little miniature versions of things are so cute

  4. Looks like it's meant for making holiday gift baskets. You can see the little cheeses and mustard jars in the background.

  5. Okay so I hate Niels. It is mostly unethically farmed palm oil and sugar. However my mom loves tiny packages (I don’t get it but whatever), so occasionally picks these up and passed them into me when they’re empty. I have to tell you that these are super handy little jars. They’re glass with quality lids and I have used them for so many things. From salad dressing and dips, to homemade cuticle butter. As packaging comes, they’re pretty great.

  6. I use these for backpacking and then (if they're glass) I make candles with them. Same with the mini jelly jars.

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  8. That’s less than one serving size of Nutella for the average person who eats Nutella. Have you seen how much of that stuff they put on bread?

  9. If I got that tiny thing of Nutella, or any food spread of any sort for Christmas especially peanut butter; I would just look at my family and go “have you forgotten how fast I go through peanut butter?”

  10. Is that one plastic? I’ve received these as gifts over the years but they’re glass. I reuse them like I reuse mini jam jars from restaurants

  11. My mom put these in the kids stockings last year and they LOVED them- and we've used the jars all year long since. They are the perfect size to refill with jam for camp, the kids use them for treats for school etc too. We've broken one jar but the rest are still in rotation here I think! I'm never too upset to get glass jars of any size, there's usually a use for them somewhere.

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