Is this normal for a new washer?

  1. I third this suggestion. Check the back of the unit for 4-5 hex bolts that need to be removed. Usually the machines power cord is intentionally bound by the straps around the shipping bolts to ensure that they get removed before operation.

  2. not normal, crossmember should be under legs at minimum. if that does not help check that the shipping bolts have ALL been removed.

  3. I think you probably in your heart of hearts know the answer to this question. Yes your washer should do a little dance because it's excited to wash clothes but over time this enthusiasm fades and it just becomes a job for them so they stop doing it and treat it as just a work task.

  4. Hey guys, yes, i installed this myself. Are there any shipping bolts on the bottom? The only ones were the ones bolting the cord to the washer (got lazy and only took off the two bottom bolts)

  5. Shipping bolts are on the back of the washer. Typically, there's 4 of them that you have to take off before you use the unit since the bolts hold the drum and suspension in place during shipping. If you keep running it without taking them off, you'll break it and the manufacturer won't help you.

  6. If the shipping bolts aren’t the problem mine was the self leveling. Tip the unit forward so the back 2 feet come off the ground then when you set it back down they should reset themselves in place

  7. the 4 legs screw in or out to achieve level. if the machine is ofd level, even one of the 4 legs, or if you have an unbalanced load, ie 2 blankets on one side vs socks and a scarf on the other any washer will do this or "walk" in any direction they are unencumbered...

  8. We have Maytag for 20 years looks new, I can tell you washing machine during drying cycle if clothes is uneven layed out, it does that… I just leave it alone, or you can adjust it if you want…

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