Overcoming Artist Block, Imposter Syndrome?

  1. I kind of just got through a very similar circumstance. I had a specific style of my art get really popular and I had a fairly consistent stream of pet portrait commissions through the pandemic. I ended up burning out like crazy and didn't touch any art stuff for like a year and a half I think.

  2. I had pretty bad art block from age 22 ish - 24 ish, where I made basically no art, barely had new ideas, etc. Was just caught up in my personal life but I had the desire to make something every time I had spare time, and I thought about and looked at art every day.

  3. It feels like thinking about the business aspect (responsibilities, maintaining the business etc) is overwhelming you to the point of inactivity. You mentioned that art was how you expressed yourself, but now you have to force it. It might help to slow things down and draw for yourself for a little while, without thinking about business, just to get things started. Start small, then as you see yourself making progress then maybe you can start setting up your business around it in a pace that might suit you.

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  5. I don't really believe you've got impostor syndrome - I think you're just pretending to be someone with that particular syndrome.

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