What is your all time favourite television series?

  1. Such a solid show. Also loved how they incorporated scenes with just veterans talking about and describing their experience in WWII and that the show was comprised of what they went through.

  2. Loved this show. Also reminds me of the days when you would wait for a new episode each week. The standalone “monster of the week” episodes were the best

  3. I would upvote this to the skies if I could. I watched many series. Some more than once. This is the only one that I would watch over and over again. Ages like wine.

  4. This is so very true. The ethics and morals, I still revisit the series time to time. To me a series that stands up regardless of Era is paramount

  5. Some of the low points of STTNG were pretty bad but then the high points made up for them and more. Plots which made you think about life and what it means, the inner light being a good example.

  6. Chernobyl - I love the topic, went in with no expectations for the TV series but came out so impressed on the details 👏 even got my boyfriend in to it

  7. This was mentioned as one series without a bad episode. Very true. Basically every single minute is interesting and compelling.

  8. Adventure time. I know it sounds a bit silly, but the characters grew up with me/us. And adventure time: distant lands really melted my heart. It was so nice to see what happened to the ones that helped me become the person I am now

  9. One of the best cartoons ever imo. So much development from beginning to end. 11 minute episodes. Humor, imagination, music. Show has it all

  10. Bloody Mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now, at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen.

  11. As a lawyer, I think it’s the best and most realistic lawyer show. I literally wanna pull my hair out every time I hear people asking me whether suits is realistic

  12. Watching it as I type. Started watching it with my mom with Art Fleming. Been watching ever since. I’m 70

  13. I like a lot of different types of shows. Probably the best sitcom is Community. I also like many others like Psych, Chuck, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation, etc.

  14. Community is amazing and I feel like so many people have forgotten about it. I was looking for some Community merch for my wife's birthday and I was a little shocked at the small selection I found, especially on Amazon.

  15. I always get so excited when someone isn't familiar with Chuck. I want to recommend it, but I only watched it during it's run so I have no idea if it still holds up

  16. I get that Reddit is young, and M.A.S.H has been out of production for 40 years, but you're all missing out on something really special.

  17. MASH is definitely in my top 10, and for sure my favorite sitcom. Keep in mind that I am still in highschool. It holds up beautifully!

  18. Weirdly, the best Henry Blake episode was his last episode. Radar walking in, reading the telegram, the briefest pause, and then there’s bleeding and the surgeons have to ignore what they just heard and get back to work.

  19. This thing of ours is much to low in this thread... I’m embarrassed. We lead the world in computerized data collection for Christ’s sake!!!

  20. This, The Office, and Brooklyn 99 are probably my 3 favorite shows, but Parks is my favorite. It’s just such a happy show I think, largely because Leslie Knope is the main character. Every single episode puts a smile on my face, definitely my comfort show too

  21. Twin Peaks. After the loooooong wait, S3 did not disappoint (unlike the 2nd half of the 2nd season). S3 redeemed the entire series, and then some.

  22. Ruined tv for most of us - hard to go back to laugh tracks or those badly written dramas that wrap up the universe in 35 minutes after watching the Wire or Treme.

  23. This is too far down lol. I've seen The Wire four times and it gets better everytime. The fuck did I do?

  24. The 'Fuck' scene is one of my favorite pieces of character acting. They did it so perfectly, seemed natural even though it was obvious that the writers were just like 'What if we have a scene where the only word they use is fuck?'. Works so well for both characters too.

  25. The Americans. Excellent acting (some of the best I've ever seen) and intense in all the right ways. A nearly perfect character study and family drama that just happens to have the backdrop of Soviet spies living in D.C. in the '80s. I think it's a masterpiece and I have been trying to get everyone I know to watch it for years.

  26. Rarely mentioned show that was tense all the way through and a great cast. Solid performances by all involved. Ended at the right amount of time as well. Didn't get stale.

  27. I literally just started rewatching both of these. Like three days ago. I've watched a season of both. I think these two and Malcolm in the middle are my three favorite shows.

  28. I know it has a cult following, but this show deserved to be more popular. It was good from start to finish. The spin-offs not as much, but SG-1 was great. Seasons 3-8 were full of golden episodes.

  29. This show is so good. I’m a cranky, mean person and I know it. But after watching Ted I really want to do better.

  30. I was about to comment this. Psych is my comfort show and it sucks that not many of my friends have actually watched it. Maybe I should find better friends, Iol!

  31. You know that’s right. Probably the best series with that many solid seasons. Maybe two or three dud episodes the entire run.

  32. Criminally underrated. This would be considered one of the all-time greatest shows if it broadcast on a more prominent network/streaming service.

  33. The episode where Todd finally confronts Bojack broke me so hard. I watched that episode and it felt like Todd was yelling directly at my deepest insecurities, and then I went to bed and cried myself to sleep lol.

  34. Bob’s Burgers. Loved it so much I got a tattoo of it. It’s how I want my family dynamic to be. So far so good!

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