What is one smell you Absolutely cannot stand?

  1. This is mine. I will not buy sponges, touch one with my bare hands, or exist in an Airbnb without tossing the one that is inevitably left behind.

  2. I remember picking up my kid at daycare one time and I had to walk through the room to get her. You could smell a different fart every 6 feet or so

  3. I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but death/blood. They're two separate smells that are both disgusting, but together form a miasma that makes me want to pass out. Blood has that sharp copper metallic scent and death has this sweet almost mildewy scent that you feel as much as smell.

  4. Medical person here (RRT/ Paramedic) There are three 1- GI bleed (from esophageal varices. So it’s at the mouth. 2- Dead, rotting things… from people to dogs to fish/seafood. 3- Intestinal obstructions when the smell of feces is on their breath. That used to be a death sentence; hopefully they can fix ‘em now. When a patient talks to you and you smell it on their breath it’s just…. odd. Smell is coming from the wrong end! That’s enough for now.

  5. Also not to b to graphic but those of us that have been in military combat. The smells are something you never forget. Crispy humans are something of nightmares.

  6. orange citrus spray is the only thing that can cut through Death Smell - used to work at a county shelter and had to go into the freezer occasional, would spray the shit out of the path there and back

  7. Rotten dog teeth. I used to work at an animal shelter and we got lots of little old dogs with heads full of rotting teeth (it's very common in small breeds, even can happen when they're relatively young)

  8. My mom's Silky Terrier had a mouth full of rotten teeth for months and he is obsessed with me and grins whenever I look at him. I have never been so happy to bring an animal in for surgery in my life!

  9. duddee my late dog always got ear infections and i had to help my dad clean it the amount of times i almost threw up on both of them from the smell

  10. I have a dog that we’ve adopted that never got fed hard food so in turn her teeth went bad and whenever she gets near my face I am on high alert, because she has this lightening fast maneuver where she’ll lick me in the mouth every time. I know she’d lick inside my mouth if I let her. 🤮

  11. My bedroom was next to the family bathroom growing up. My dad has crohn's disease. The smell of his shit and vanilla aerosol spray was the worst smell in the world when I was growing up.

  12. My coworkers lunch, he brings sardines and sauerkraut. He opens and washes the sardines in the kitchen communal sink and makes no effort to wash the juices down, then puts them on top of sauerkraut and cooks it in the microwave until it starts exploding. I have to leave for around 30-45 minutes, absolutely one of the worst things I've ever smelt. I'll take the smell of fresh cow shit spread on miles of fields any day over that monstrosity of a lunch.

  13. He...microwaves fish in the office? Like that is usually used as a phrase to describe how shit a coworker is, not literally. But this guy actually does it. Wow.

  14. good god, it's already reprehensible to heat fish in a communal microwave, but to use sardines, one of the more pungent fishes, on top of sauerkraut? which smells like a mid-July garbage day? I think this co-worker is doing it on purpose, there's no other explanation.

  15. What a fuckin asshole. And I don't care if I come across as a dick, don't bring that shit into the work break room. Last time a guy did that at my work spot he got reemed the fuck out from literally everybody in the building. And we're the easy going type. Some people need to get a reality check sometimes. What a twat

  16. Ugh, sauerkraut alone is one of my most loathed odors. Sardines and sauerkraut sounds like a concoction from the devil himself.

  17. No smell ever bothered me as much as walking into a women’s restroom where the feminine trash bins haven’t been emptied in god knows how long. Truly a messed up smell when that sits out.

  18. Bleeeeeh bringing up the repressed memory of when my sister in law left a nasty used tampon on the floor of the bathroom right in front of the toilet. I had tried to be nice earlier in the evening by offering her a menstrual cup because it would allow her to get busy with bf without the haste of taking in/out a feminine product, plus, no pee string and smelly tampon….but she had the weirdest flex of all; adamant her dried period things don’t smell and blah blah blah…..can confirm. Like her soul, it smelt like infection and death

  19. I was at a podiatrist once and a old couple would come in they both smelled so bad like piss BO never wash their clothes smell. The receptionist sprayed the entire office when they left.

  20. My bf and I came home to check for power after evacuating for Hurricane Ida and his roommate neglected to throw away his 32 pack of chicken that was in the freezer before he left. It turned black and blew up from the gases so much so that when he grabbed it to throw it away, his thumb punctured it and it wheezed at him.

  21. Menudo, a popular Mexican food. People down here in south Texas go crazy for it, the smell alone makes me wanna gag. I can’t imagine eating it.

  22. I think you have no idea how Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese smells like if you consider parmesan as stinky (which it is not that bad for me) . I once had dinner with company managers in Paris and they served as fish . God the taste was horrible, so I didn’t know what to do to change the taste in my mouth, I look around on table and found a cheese roll which smelled bad ( I thought it was the rotten fish smell ), so i put it in my mouth and god I was half dead at that moment when I discovered that it was the Epoisses de Bourgogne smell . And the taste was even worse then the fish that I ate and I couldn’t vomit because of managers around so I tried an other cheese next to it which had different texture (it was a Camembert cheese) , it only made things worse. It was all in my mouth (cheese and fish), couldn’t swallow anything. It was like a nightmare for me . I run out to toilet and spit the entire shit out of my mouth. I took breath. Went back to table and drink some coke to change taste . But the smell and taste of that Epoisses and Camembert was in my mouth the entire day

  23. My dog gets a hyper anal gland every time she gets too worked up about something. Disgusting. Followed by the sound of her washing said gland afterward its a true sensory experience.

  24. Ugh I finally know what it’s called. My dog has this really smelly fishy fluid coming out of his anus when he’s scared.

  25. Specific af, but there is this one coworker whose pee smells awful. Every single time I go to the toilet after she uses it, I gag and have to spray a shit ton of air freshener. Like, it's not even poop, how can it smell so bad?!

  26. When I was 17 I let a homeless girl stay with me for a few days. Every time she used the bathroom it would stink up the whole place. Absolutely awful but she was just a kid and I didn’t want to embarrass her.

  27. If its anything sulfur adjacent its dehydration. Happens pretty often to people tbh, but usually not super strong, just a little tinge of it. Used to happen to me when I drank too much booze and not enough water, I started to notice it.

  28. It’s been 6 months since I first experienced that I still make my partner get the potatoes out due to fear and trauma. Very few smells makes me literally throw up and that was absolutely one.

  29. i dont understand why anyone would start. worlds stinkiest substance, expensive, and unhealthy. lets try it and get addicted!

  30. Went on a safari a few months ago. A pond full of hippos wallowing in stagnant “water” has the kind of smell that sticks to your teeth and curls your stomach.

  31. Mine are strangely specific. When someone has peeled an orange and their hands go near my face. Makes me heave. And when someone has had orange squash in a plastic cup, then washed it (badly) and put water in it afterwards. It always smells faintly of orange squash, like it’s infected the plastic cup. Bleugh. I’m ok with actual oranges though and orange juice. Just old, faintly orangey-smelling things make me chunder. Oh, also dog shit.

  32. I’ve had a fresh durian. The texture is a smooth and creamy like a very decadent banana pudding, with a different flavor. The odor falls somewhere between the stinkiest blue cheese and rotting flesh. It’s an acquired taste, to be sure, but there are many devotees in the East. And train stations with NO DURIAN signs everywhere.

  33. The first time I got the smell of durian was rough. The closest I can describe is ripped warm wet rubbish bags left out in the sun, abit like silage. That's what I thought it was until my friend showed me what it was.

  34. Idk what the name of this perfume is but most of the middle age and above women I work with wear it. Smells like sugar infused bug spray-- abhorrent.

  35. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's the most vile smell in the world and it's inexplicably popular. It also smells like plah-doh and old people

  36. I was a dishwasher in college. Large industrial machines. The odor in that room is awful. A mix of every kind of garbage, every kind of food and soap. The atmosphere is steamy and penetrates.

  37. Spilt coffee. Reminds me of back alleys of Tim Horton's or McDonald's, taking a break from retail or warehouse part-time jobs, waiting too long for the bus in a dirty stop. It's nostalgic in a bad way.

  38. I know I’m not the only one here, but fish that people bring to work to eat for lunch. I have to leave the building, it makes me wretch. That, and when people eat tuna salad, egg salad or salmon salad sandwiches on the bus. Gag.

  39. Cigarettes. I quit five years ago and that smell is so noticeable and awful. I can't believe I smelled like that all the time.

  40. Thank you!!!! I hate the smell of sneezes. I scrolled down to see if anyone else had mentioned this because I felt like my sister and I were the only ones. I’m glad we are not alone

  41. Wow weird. I always knew that spit smelled weird but now I realize sneezing is bad too. I work in a place that still uses masks. I sneezed like 8 times in one day into my mask. By the end of the day I was like eww wtf

  42. I have smelled some of the worst smells on planet earth (visited plenty of body farms and I worked in a forensic lab) but for some reason, I hate my puppy’s poop. 😂 Can’t stand it

  43. Is it weird that I've never even touched a cigarette let alone any type of drugs, but I still love the smell of weed? When you walk around the city and that smell hits you, it's like: damn, that would probably make food taste good.

  44. I get nauseated at the smell of bacon. Never could stand it, but my family was accommodating and would try to ensure I wouldn't have to smell it whilst they enjoyed it by letting me know ahead of time, or opening a window

  45. Dirty dick. I haven't come across it as much as I did in high school but if I can smell your dick when you're fully clothed it means you need to shower dudes. And yes, it has a precise smell, just like you boys say we have a smell too.

  46. There are these trees a block away from my place (i don’t know the name). They grow white flowers for a few weeks during spring time.

  47. I know I'm in the minority here, but I hate the smell of pot. Marijuana smells absolutely disgusting to me. That alone has kept me from wanting try it.

  48. any axe Cologne. my older brother used it as a shower replacement growing up so it reminds of the over powering axe and BO mixture I endured walking past his room.

  49. The cleaning isle with all the detergent and other stuff. It's too concentrated of a smell and gives me almost immediate headaches

  50. I quit a job at target—the only time I’ve straight up walked out without notice—because they kept putting me in that aisle to stock and straighten it, despite my polite complaints/requests.

  51. My family travelled from Ontario to British Columbia to visit my grandfather when I was about 8 years old. We took a route that travelled through the northern states on the way there and through Canada on the way back. It took 2 weeks and the only things I really remember from that trip are seeing mount rushmore, and the smell of Gary, Indiana

  52. Ugh. Having worked as a waiter, the worst part was slopping out mayonnaise from those industrial size containers. Just absolutely foul.

  53. Fresh sweat on top of stale sweat coated with cheap body spray. Knew a girl who stunk horrendously of that and she was the kind of person who cried and had tantrums and went tattling to the principal and teachers if you had a different opinion to her or said you didn’t like when she spoke over you and treated you like dirt so you really couldn’t tell her she smelled bad. She used the body spray as deodorant.

  54. A freshly mown lawn. I've never met or heard of anyone else who dislikes it. Most people seem to like it. I think those people must be out of their fucking minds. Either that, or we're not smelling the same thing. Maybe it's one of those things with a genetic component where some people can't smell certain compounds.

  55. I was a garbage man one summer during college. Grass clippings in plastic bags left to ferment in the hot sun is by far the worst smell from that entire experience -- worse than trashcans filled with maggots (a close second) and bags of dog poop (not even close to the first two). The bags are usually sealed, so you don't smell it until the hopper crushes them and pops them open. Then it hits you like a freight train.

  56. Shit. In a confined space. Or as we call it in prison "bronzing up" where a prisoner coats themselves in shit. Eats it, masturbates with it, smears it over the walls and their body. And you just have to go in every day and make sure they're not killing themselves. Every few days crime scene cleaners will clean the cell but not them. When you see people using shit as lube, you never quite come back.

  57. I guess it’s a hate love thing but recently I have been non stop smelling this odd cheese tangy smell. I’m not sure if it’s a COVID thing, where I lost my smell and then for months I had to smell this tangy sweet yet cheesecake smell. It was really not bad at the beginning but the it kept getting tangier. Any strong smelling stuff would make me smell that so I had to really stop in depth smelling foods. It’s somewhat gone now but can still smell it at times

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