What comedian has never ever made you laugh?

  1. Before she was on TV etc we saw her live. She was very funny. Her routines were fresh and new. It's a shame she won't be remembered for that.

  2. His voice is so aggravating. My kids played with the radio and it went to his station, took all of a minute before I had to change to something else.

  3. My couson saw him live. He was apparently seated near one of the venue speakers. He said it was like having a giant bee bore into his skull for an hour.

  4. Dave was funny when he was a self-deprecating mess about 15-20 years ago. Then he became more corporate over time and whatever comedy inside him died.

  5. Wow, had a quick look on Wikipedia and it's impressively chauvinistic and Eau de Boomer humor. Apparently his entire career seems to be saying "Women, am I right?" but in German.

  6. Chris Rock was being interviewed some years ago, I think it was comedians in cars getting coffee, and he was talking about how he always looked up to comedians who are subtle or more subdued about it because he said about himself when he gets on stage he's basically yelling, "LOOK AT ME. IM FUNNY!"

  7. Mario Barth.. in Germany he is the most successful Comedian and holds the World Record for largest audience of a Comedy Show.. he filled up the whole Berlin Olympic stadium.. but I mean...Hitler did as well..

  8. Haha ich hab auf den Thread geklickt und dachte mir, ich würd Mario Barth schreiben aber den kennt ja eh keiner International. Zack, top comment.

  9. Ey als ich die Frage schon gelesen hatte war auch Mario Barth in meinem Kopf aber ich hatte echt nicht damit gerechnet dass, er es hier auf den 1. Platz schafft.

  10. He was already pretty bad when he appeared at Nightwash but he got me with his busdriver announcements. That stuff is propably 15 years old or even more. And it was the only time he got me. Still counts though.

  11. Awful is a compliment in this context. Remember when he refused to wear a mask in a train during corona peak season and mocked the train staff.

  12. I’m not even a big Brendan hater but I saw a YouTube video breaking down his ‘Gringo Papi’ ‘special’ all the way through and I have absolutely no idea who told him that was a good idea. Fair play to anyone who gets up on stage but it’s really embarrassingly bad. There’s almost zero punchlines, full of massive lies that don’t even serve the comedy and bizarrely, for Brendan, a 6’4’ former MMA fighter who tries his utmost to be the ultimate ‘bro,’ it’s massively camp for some reason haha

  13. I've very recently dived into the YouTube rabbit hole of how much people hate Brendan Schaub, and I am obsessed, it's so funny how much people turned on him

  14. I used to watch the podcast with him and Theo Von all the time and Brendan is completely insufferable. He never says anything funny but has the biggest ego. To add insult to injury, he actually accused Bobby Lee of creating a sub meant to bully Brendan when the reality is that Brendan is so insanely unlikable that there's an entire community of people that hate him.

  15. She was pretty great when she was actually just a stand up comic. The talk show success made her too disconnected from regular people though.

  16. I saw Chapelle live 20 years ago (fuck me, I’m old) during peak “Chapelle’s Show hype. Nick Cannon actually was part of Dave’s opening warmup. He didn’t even last 5 minutes—made a bunch of corny ass jokes about having a big dick before getting rightfully booed off the stage. Donnell Rawlings hurriedly came onto the stage and took his mic then crushed for a few more mins til Dave came out.

  17. My husband watched that late night show she did, and I have never seen anything less funny in my life. Even Schindler's List had a few light moments.

  18. Her old YouTube stuff where she dressed as her parents was actually pretty funny, now all she wants to talk about is her being bi, as a bi Indian girl myself I don't think it's very funny...

  19. Oh boy... My friend and I decided to watch whatever his newest material was on some weird whim, I think fause I was talking about how my friend loved him growing up. We figured it would be bad, but it was like targeted bad. I've gotten an ADHD diagnosis I think maybe a couple years or more ago now and most his "jokes" were about how ADHD was fake. He isn't Mexican yet he calls himself a beaner, and all his racial humor is basically package racism in an acceptable form (because he is Latino, therefore racism okay?), mostly for white people. He steals jokes and absolutely kills them in how he fucks up the delivery. He got famous impersonating disabled people in the early 2000s, whenever a pop act could make a solid career move by releasing a song called "Let's Get R*tarded". Dude just has an undeniably negative influence on the world and I'm glad that people don't care about him anymore.

  20. It's a primal thing. Something that's been instilled over centuries by your ancestors. Like how cats react to snakes. He triggers your fight or flight reflexes. Trust those instincts!

  21. I recently rewatched community and there's an episode where Andy Dick plays a hallucination whenever Pierce pops pills, and the hallucination continually badgers Pierce to keep popping them

  22. You should watch the Norm MacDonald Live episode with him. Absolutely hysterical. It is a bit sad because when it was filmed it was actually at an okay time in his life where he was trying work on himself and he was very aware of what his problems were and needed to change. Doesn't look like anything came of that though.

  23. Andy Dick used to be very funny. He's responsible for helping form the 90s comedy scene in LA, which is essentially the basis for all modern stand-up. There are only a handful of truly instrumental comedians from that era, and he's one is them.

  24. Andy Dick did a Cameo video for my brother’s friend where Andy is clearly doing drugs in a hotel with a 20something Latino prostitute. He rambled on for like ten minutes about inside jokes about the friend that were set up for the Cameo. It was insane, absurd, and jaw droppingly hilarious.

  25. You just haven't seen the bit he does where Jon Lovitz beats the shit out of him. Shame they only did that once. I wonder why, everyone loved it.

  26. Amy Schumer is in the new season of Only Murders in the Building and it immediately pissed me off when she showed up. I don’t know who’s idea it was to add her, but I’m 3 episodes in and it’s taken me out of the show every time she pops up.

  27. The difference between me and Jimmy Fallon is that I can make it through one of his sentences without cracking up.

  28. Jimmy Fallon has had some funny bits, but it just seems like he's trying too hard to be everybody's best friend. That makes him come across as desperate and needy which is not very funny at all.

  29. Fallon’s great skill that landed him SNL was his impressions. He’s a phenomenal impressionist and was utilized that way early on on SNL. At some point it mostly stopped on SNL, and of course it’s not something that lends itself to late night hosting. His French Stewart on that celebrity jeopardy sketch is incredible.

  30. I love the time Amy Shumer went on Ellen and told one of Ellen’s jokes as if it was her own. The look on her face was hilarious.

  31. She got one laugh out of me. Talking about how sometimes you go to pull toilet paper in a public restroom and it comes out as one long streamer.

  32. I know this won’t be popular, but to hell with it - Ricky Gervais. A friend of mine who shares the same sense of humour recommended one of his specials to me, said he wasn’t a fan either but it was “pretty good”. Nope, it wasn’t good at all. And I agree with him on a lot of things, but I just find him to have such an air of arrogance and to be so self righteous and aggrandising.

  33. I used to think Dunham was hilarious back in middle school. I recently rewatched those older specials (or at least attempted to) and wow I'm not sure what 11 year old me was thinking. Just incredibly unfunny.

  34. I'm honestly surprised I had to scroll down this far to find Jeff Dunham. I have never found him even remotely funny.

  35. He has been doing the same act his whole career. That is his problem. I remember watching him do the jalapeno thing back in the 80s.

  36. He performed at university of Washington maybe fifteen years ago. Kept using the n word. People booed. He yelled back that he's blacker than all of us in the arena. So most of us walked out.

  37. Ellen DeGeneres… before she had her talk show, she did stand up. Never found her routine funny. Had a sitcom too. It was not funny either.

  38. Ken Jeong, but just his attempt at standup. I've laughed at his characters in movies but his Netflix special was just an hour of name dropping that he was in the Hangover movies.

  39. Check out Murderville on Netflix, it has an episode with Jeong. I've always liked his characters so I expected him to be hilarious at improv. It's pretty apparent that he's not a comedian right from the beginning.

  40. I never found Jeff Dunham funny. I find ventrilquism great as a skill, just to show people, but as comedy... I am bored to tears by it. I have no clue why anybody likes Jeff Dunham. It seems to be for no good reason at all. Not only do I find his act to be lame shit, but I usually despise movies with puppets in them as well. Jeff Dunham obviously got rich by fooling the public into thinking he was a comedian... He isn't. Motherfucker ain't funny at all!!!

  41. I think it might be entertaining the first time you see the act, but when the characters have a catch phrase or mannerism FOR DECADES it gets a bit tired. You might be able to change the jokes a bit, but the terrorist punchline will always be “Silence, I kill you!”

  42. I used to love Jeff Dunham and decided to watch his newer material... oh my goodness. I feel like his older stuff (90s-ish) was pretty funny, but he's just beaten his material to death. It's not funny anymore.

  43. Nasty pussy "jokes" as well. When she went on her rant saying women are funny, I checked out her Netflix special, barely made it 15 minutes before turning it off. It was pretty gross. Women are funny, Amy Schumer is not.

  44. I went to school with her. Don't remember much about it but i do remember when she became known on TV everyone in this town acted like they were best mates with her back in the day.. But also as a fellow Northerner, the whole northerner schtick is a bit tedious. I mean yeah there's some classic yorkshire jokes but making that like a staple of your act, not for me i'm afraid.

  45. Sadly I've never heard Rosie Jones make a joke that's funnier than one I could make... And that's not where you want to be as a comedian.

  46. My problem with her comedy is that she has one joke, which is basically trying to provoke shock that a disabled woman is a lesbian and into sex. Sure, that could be funny, once. But it's constant.

  47. I'm the same, so happy for her that she's got a career, I really am - the problems she's had to face in her life! But I find her too hard to listen to and when I do I see the joke coming as the setup's so slow. My fault I know.

  48. I used to love Pete Davidson when it seemed like he was everybody’s stoned friend who just happened to have a mic, but last few years he’s turned into such a douchey little weasel man I just cant do it anymore

  49. Same. He must be fun to hang out with or something because I've never found him funny on SNL or otherwise. Not like outrageously awful... just not funny.

  50. I was neutral towards him until he did that one comedy special (can't remember which one) where he spent a good 10 minutes just shitting on his "friend" for being poor. I mean, he went hard after this guy; mocking his manhood, claiming he's more of a father to his "friend's" kid than he is, telling the whole damn world that he financially supports the "friend", his kid, and the mother of the child because the "friend" is a poor loser who can't find a job.

  51. The guy with the puppets. Just in case there are more than one of these guys… yes I mean the one you’re thinking of. Also the other one(s).

  52. I’m not one of those people who say women aren’t funny. I know plenty of very funny women. Schumer’s material is just really lame.

  53. I saw Amy Schumer in one of the comedy central roasts years ago and I thought she was hilarious, to the point where, this having been the only thing I'd seen of her, my ex-wife got us tickets to see her live. When we went, she proceeded to get drunk on stage and just...make jokes about getting drunk on stage. That was it. Nothing super offensive but it was almost like...prop comedy? And then I saw one of her Netflix specials and realised I could have been subject to a whole lot worse live.

  54. Steve Harvey is supposed to be at least a little funny as he is the host of Family Feud but that idiot is the most unfunny person in the world and its hard to even look at him

  55. He's definitely dropped off over the years. But his sets for Original Kings of Comedy were amazing. And his bit about going to his wife's family's "ghetto-ass wedding" is HILARIOUS.

  56. He also wrote a book targeted toward women on how to have successful relationships with men, get a “good man” etc, even though he’s been married 3 times and is a cheater. Like how would you know Steve?

  57. Late night hosts in general are not usually that funny IMO. With the exception of Craig Ferguson and Conan O'Brien.

  58. I think someone royally fucked up putting Nannette in comedy. It was performance theatre and really stand-out as that. It was not a good comedy and well now we're here. Also odd she gave stand-up up and then did another stand-up show after. I'd be keen to see more material like Nannette because that was impactful, but hard to follow that with jokey jokes.

  59. Leslie Jones. She just yells and acts ridiculous and not in a fun charming way. She reminds me of that one kid is school who thought they were hilarious but was really just annoying

  60. I saw her live at at a comedy club and she fucking murdered. She really needs to be in a non-corporate environment so she can just be herself, because she's funny as fuck

  61. I actually really liked her character in Our Flag Means Death, she was pretty funny. She's usually pretty lame on SNL, but that's just most of the show now.

  62. I was looking for this one. I worked in a cd/dvd store when his first album came out. We couldn’t keep it in stock, it sold out all the time. I friend of mine put on his special and I didn’t laugh at all. I didn’t hate him, I just didn’t get it. It was like a friend telling you stories that were kind of interesting. It didn’t remind me at all of comedy

  63. He was hilarious on NewsRadio when he played a paranoid conspiracy nutcase... but it stopped being funny when we found out that it wasn't an act.

  64. He was sort of humorous in the beginning of his career because he did observational comedy about his heritage (mexican and the latino culture). However, much like other comics that do this (see Joe Koy, Russel Peters, etc) , it became the only thing that he talked about. At some point you can only make so many chankla and abuelita jokes before they become stale and boring.

  65. It's the relatability factor. If you grew up in a Latino household, especially as a first gen, a lot of what he says is immediately understood. He points out a lot of contradictions and compares with mainstream "American" culture. I personally think he's funny (at least his early stuff), but he's not for everyone

  66. I thought it was pretty funny that he played a creep on You and then was hit with sexual misconduct accusations irl....

  67. Carrot Top is one of those comedians that we universally decided is trash, and I've been on board with that for the longest time.

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