What can you buy for $1 in your country?

  1. Many of the scratch tickets these days are $5, $10 and $20 each. Why throw away money a dollar at a time when you can screw yourself in multiple increments?

  2. When people talk shit about the people who buy lottery tickets I always remember the comment that there is ZERO chance I have $250,000,000 in the bank with what I am doing currently. At least if I buy a lottery ticket there is a chance. Sure, it's a miniscule chance but as opposed to ZERO it's still an improvement.

  3. Do they even have parking meters anymore? In Seattle you pay by the hour and before COVID it was $12 an hour. Now it's probably like $50 cuz you know, it's really rent

  4. In the us all cans that say $0.99 are still supposed to be $1. Anything being sold for over $1 is likely to not have the price stamped on it which are created for stores to sell at other price points. And any claims of $1.29... well I'll just leave this here...

  5. Jesus...I can move to India, work remotely, and live like a damn king. Y'all got any good Mexican restaurants nearby?

  6. There is a sketchy $1 NYC pizza joint down the street and you get that authentic NYC flavor in that it tastes like pure tapwater and scraps of cheese left over from the last person who ate there.

  7. I can get a Winco (cheap PNW grocery store) pizza slice for $1 between 11-1 on weekdays. Not the best but worth a buck.

  8. Am I absolutely terrified of the NYC pizza because $1 vs the cost of living in NYC do not align? Yes. Did I still get it twice on a four day trip to NYC as a broke student? Also yes.

  9. I used to work in a NY style pizza place in Downtown LA and our cheese slices were like $4 a pop. People would always say "but NY has cheese slices for a dollar!" And we just just respond with "bro, do you know where you live?"

  10. I'm in Canada. I can buy a can of soup, chocolate bar, bottle of pop. A few things. It's getting harder, certainly, but not impossible to buy something with only $1.

  11. You can get a lot of stuff for a dollar -- store brand mac and cheese or 2 packs of the cheapest Ramen. Kiwi are less than a dollar each, so are sweet potatoes.

  12. In India $1 is Rs. 80. You can comfortably get a fulfilling local breakfast and lunch. If you're on survival mode, you can get 3 meals a day for $1.

  13. Can vouch for this. ~7 vada pavs. If on survival mode, you can have it throughout the day. The idli and vada down south are inexpensive too on survival mode for the entire day.

  14. Nothing. Literally nothing. Maybe ice but without a bag. Edit: To be more specific, I'm talking about without taxes. $1 and under. Lol ok I take my comment back

  15. That was one of my favorite things about France. Oh you want an absolute world class croissant? 1.2 euro.

  16. In the UK, 1 US dollar equates to 0.83. So, I’m most shops, nothing. However, in my local off license (corner shop) you can buy a pack of wrigley’s spearmint chewing gum for 50p. They also do another chewing gum/sweet (or candy) camel balls for 5p each. So, I can buy a packet of chewing gum and 6 camels’ balls.

  17. Last time I was in the Czech Republic I had a deep fried mozzarella wheel on a bun with tartar sauce from a food truck/cart. Cheap and delicious, really hit the spot.

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