What’s a celebrity that everyone finds attractive except you?

  1. Everyone always says the kardashians on these threads. I literally have not heard a single person say that Kim kardashian is hot. Ever. I don’t think that’s why she’s popular (anymore, at least)

  2. Scarlet Johansson. She’s defiantly hot and I don’t think she’s ugly by any means, but people talk about her like she is literally the hottest person ever and she’s just not to me.

  3. She's one I can't stand. When Shake it Up was big, I thought she was prettier than Zendaya, but now its the other way around.

  4. I am his age, I was part of the emo subculture, and I watched his documentary (that he produced) and that’s exactly what he is. He’s the kid that acted out and broke things and thought it was funny because attention that never grew out of it. He’s never had to mature beyond that angry 16 year old, and his poor daughter has had to parent him her whole short life. I like his music, but it feels really weird to jam out to a 30 year old singing about kissing some girl under the bleachers.

  5. He’s the internets favorite boy. The physical embodiment of being a Chad that also likes nerdy shit like video games and painting Warhammer figures? Might as well be a god.

  6. I’m pretty sure I said line for line the exact same thing to my gf a few years back when the first Witcher trailer came out.

  7. Wouldn’t that be the point of the thread? Someone that is attractive to EVERYONE else, just not to that one person? I feel like all the responses are exactly who I suspect, which are clearly a Reddit consensus so I’m wondering who ‘everybody’ is that finds them unattractive if everyone is agreeing they’re unattractive

  8. Straight guy here, but I can appreciate it. I thought he looked best in The Immortals. He was jacked, but not Superman jacked. At a certain point they start to not look human anymore(though with Superman, I guess that’s the point), like The Rock in recent years.

  9. I am lost to how she made so much money on Onlyfans. There are a ton of fucking weirdos on the internet for sure who probably only subscribed for her age.

  10. It blows my fucking mind she got loaded off of onlyfans. Like really? this basic bitch you can find in any lame ass town?

  11. Hilary Swank. Everyone thinks she’s so hot. But look at her. Like, actually look at a picture of her. See that, the obvious symmetry of the face? That’s a natural appeal of the scientific standard of coin aphelia, features that are a composite average of many features. Yes, she is attractive, but is not hot.

  12. No! No no no no no. She's hot. Ok? Because if you are saying... that Hilary Swank isn't hot then you're saying I'm not hot because obviously I'm not as hot as Hilary Swank!

  13. I use to hate the 24/7 Paris Hilton parade, but I'd take her back in a second over these Kardashians. The whole lot are repulsive.

  14. Came here to say this. Even my husband has a man crush on him. I just don’t feel it. I can see where someone could find him attractive, but he isn’t all that to me.

  15. After reading ALL of the comments I'm happy that no one put Hugh Jackman. Bro's talented in singing, dancing, can play some instruments, act, he can cook a little too, is a really nice person in real life, and he has the hottest accent.

  16. My gf and I disagree on this one. That man is goals. She doesn’t see it. I would give anything to look like Hugh Jackman.

  17. I'm not British so I didn't know that he had children; the thought that someone has chosen to fuck this man is horrifying. He's repulsive in every way.

  18. I don’t think most people find her attractive. I certainly don’t find her to be gorgeous, but i also don’t understand why so many people hate on her, it’s taken way too far to the point of being cruel.

  19. She was beautiful as Sarah Sanderson in Hocus Pocus (when she looked vampy, didn't have the hair pulled straight off her face and didn't bleach her eyebrows yet (which wound up making her nose all the more noticeable)).

  20. I remember her on Square Pegs as a kid and wondering how she got the lead on a tv show with her odd face. As she grew older her face kept getting longer.

  21. Made it through like 5 comments and she's already on here twice from 2 different people. There was another similar thread a while ago where she was mentioned too.

  22. Ariana grande. All my guy friends thinks she's "so hot" but I think she looks like a kid that went overboard with spray tan.

  23. When she did the music video with Doja Cat and Megan the Stallion, it looked like two aunts hanging out with their little niece.

  24. Pete Davidson. I get why people dig him, but I’m not into the whole skinny sickly looking white guy thing.

  25. Some twat 'scientist' (= cosmetic surgeon) named her the most beautiful woman in the world because she has an almost perfectly symmetrical face.

  26. Is this the one that got a ton of plastic surgery on her face? I somehow know there is a Bella and a Gigi. One of them looks youthful and is a model and the other one looks like a 37 year old retired model who had too many facelifts although I think she’s really like 23 or something.

  27. I think people don't understand nowadays that facial harmony is way more attractive than having good features. Bella has good features, she is almost perfectly symmetrical, yet it feels like her face has no harmony at all. However, she does tick all the boxes for the modelling industry, so I can see why she's such a popular model.

  28. JLo. Something about her absolute desperation to be tied up with a man at all times is creepy to me. She's never independent. If she's not jumping straight to a new guy, she'll double back and retread old relationships. It seems freakishly desperate. Desperation is very unattractive.

  29. J.Lo broke off her engagement to Ben Affleck (Jan’04) then right away dated and then married Marc Anthony (June’04) who had to get a quickie divorce in DR first (even though just a year prior he had resealed vows to his wife in a Catholic church).

  30. I saw a funny description a redditor made about him. They said Chalamets face looks like a bicycle seat. 😂

  31. honestly i didn’t get the hype over him until i watched dune and then i was like oh he’s really pretty in some angles

  32. He looks like every teen's idol/crush ever but with an unusual/weird jawline. Like they've ordered him from some robot factory to be exactly that. Straight from the uncanny valley.

  33. I actually think he’s really cute but there’s this really funny post on tumblr where someone said he looks like he’s halfway in the process of turning into a horse

  34. I know. The pin-ups you would see in all the teen girls' bedrooms, the women mobbing him everywhere, the inevitable PlayGirl photoshoot... I don't see how this guy became THE male sex symbol of the 80s. He wasn't THAT good looking.

  35. Ariana Grande. Looking at her has always felt like... Looking at all those child pageant contestants that are dressed wayyy too maturely. It feels weird to hear ppl call her hot

  36. He really doesn't like crime though, that's why he keeps playing cops, just Google "Mark Wahlberg Hate Crime" if you don't believe me.

  37. Once you notice he mostly dates women in their 20s. You will notice how your 6th sense might have had a point

  38. When I went to see The Death of Stalin all the catcalling from the women in the movie theater got so intense I couldn't hear the film. One woman was constantly screaming "Take me, Khruschev!" right next to my right ear which made it ring for days afterwards. Eventually the theatre had to call the cops to have the ladies escorted out.

  39. My go to answer for this was always Megan Fox. People always called me crazy but she really just doesn’t do it for me.

  40. I used to think she was attractive years ago but now a days she just doesn’t look the same. She had plastic surgery done when she didn’t even need it.

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