What's a commercial you'll never forget?

  1. I still giggle at the LifeAlert "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials. They even have a newer batch of them out.

  2. I tried to collect all those stuff taco bell dogs they did in promotion around this time. I had almost all of them, but never got my favourite one, with the military hat that says "viva gordita!"

  3. As a Swiss person, where Ricola is from, I am completely amazed that Ricola and their famous ad is apparently not just a local phenomenon. How cool!

  4. that one Campbells chicken noodle soup commercial where the snow man eats it and melts revealing he's the kid in the ad. idk why, always stuck with me

  5. This one and the Hershey's kisses playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas on bells are how I know the holidays are here. Oh, and M&Ms "he DOES exist!"

  6. I don't want to grow up. I'm a Toys R US kid. There're a million toys at toys r us that I can play with. From bikes to trains to video games, it's the biggest toy store there is. I don't want to grow up cuz if I did, I wouldn't be a toys r us kid.

  7. My senior year of high school in marching band, one of the trumpet players the year behind me would randomly start singing this one during band camp or after rehearsals.

  8. To this day if anyone says “New York City” I always interject “get a rope.” Young folks think I’m insane, which is true, but unrelated.

  9. My kid watched that with their high school class a couple years ago and the whole class laughed at it. I think for a lot of people it always seems ridiculous (I like my eggs fried instead of raw, personally), but culture has moved on to the point where young people just see it as stupidly over dramatic.

  10. This friggin commercial/line jumped into my head 3 hours ago during my lunchbreak. I hadn't seen or thought about this in probably 10+ years, but there it was, and now here you are.

  11. It's the way he says the word "call". It's so syrupy and thick sounding. I had never heard a C pronounced so viscerally before. It hangs out in the back of his throat building power then cascades delicately into your ear.

  12. Just had a super weird moment where I read your comment and remembered the commercial, thinking to myself that I had seen it recently. Then I opened it and watched and realized that it's been so many years. Still feels like yesterday though.

  13. This would've been a forgettable commercial if not for the fact that they played this ad A BILLION TIMES, ON EVERY GODDAMN CHANNEL, FOR TEN FUCKING YEARS STRAIGHT.

  14. My husband quotes this all the time. We finally had to find the video online so the kids had any idea what he was talking about. Now my son says it too.

  15. I once read an account of the creation of that commercial. Allegedly they just had a room of writers writing a whole bunch of stuff in real time and they would then run next door to the actors who would act out the next round of insults.

  16. My bologna has a first name. It's O-s-c-a-r. My bologna has a second name. It's M-a-y-e-r. Oh, I love to eat it every day and if you ask my why, I'll say. Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.

  17. My step-father was Billy Mays' mortgage broker and we all got to go to dinner with him. He was definitely on all kinds of blow. Made like 15 bathroom trips, kept rubbing his nose, talked like a madman. Nice guy.

  18. The crazy thing is that that commercial is almost entirely practical effects. I think there's only one instance of CGI used in the whole thing.

  19. “Eat Quiznos subs ‘cause they are good for you.” I sing this song once a week. I don’t even know where there is a Quiznos.

  20. When this was all over every channel, I bought some just to bring it to an office meeting. Partway through the meeting I pulled it out and started applying it to the amusement of every other bored participant.

  21. My college roommate and I used to quote that one all the time. Then a few years ago when I quoted it in front of my younger, GenZ cousin, she asked what the hell I was doing.

  22. So kiss a little longer Stay close a little longer Hold tight a little longer Longer with Big Red The Big Red freshness lasts right through it Your fresh breath goes on and on While you chew it Say goodbye a little longer Make it last a little longer Give your breath long-lasting freshness With Big Red

  23. There was a Double Mint gum commercial from when I was little that had a catchy song and all the actors were twins


  25. I kid you not, my father has had the “I just shipped my drawers” line as a ringtone for someone since it came out. Probably very awkward for him while out in public.

  26. There was a German French ad posted on Reddit of a dad struggling with his screaming, crying child.

  27. I remember that one! It was on a local tv show about absurd / hilarious / over the top / weird commercials back in the 90s or so lol

  28. What about the German Dutch ad for English lessons where this nice family is driving in a car, dancing to a song on the radio that has the lyrics "I want to f*** you in the a**!"

  29. "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" song which originated as a Coke ad. It was so popular people were calling the TV and radio stations asking when they were going to play it again.

  30. My Buddy Doll. If you are from my generation in the US, I do not know how it is possible that the "My Buddy" doll jingle is not seared into your brain. Bonus points if the "'Kid Sister" add on commercial with different words/same tune immediately follows it.

  31. The captain Morgan's commercial where the wife calls the husband who's at a bar, but says he's home watching TV, and all the patrons of the bar pretend to be commercials or sitcoms to cover for him. Crap husband great commercial.

  32. Omg completely forgot about this, read your comment and my brain just started going “I feel like chicken tonight “ thought nooooo that can’t be it. Clicked on the link and yep.

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