What’s Something That People Turn Into Their Whole Personality?

  1. "Hey guys!! it's me!!! ...make sure to like and subscribe. turned my life into an algorithm now. surviving only on notification bells. I die if you don't click!!!!!"

  2. People move to Colorado and Colorado becomes their personality. They buy a jeep or Subaru and start wearing Chaco’s, and plaster Mountain Life all over everything they own.

  3. It’s that way for a lot of major cities around the world. Here in Canada each province’s capital city has a bunch of people basing their personality off of it.

  4. Lots of New Yorkers (City not state) guilty of this too. But it’s not just them. Los Angelinos, San Francisans, Chicago and DC are guilty too. Texans are probably the worst about it, especially the further they get away from Texas, then you’ve got people from Austin who are like the elitist Texans, they’re like the oddest mix of hippie and redneck. They often pride themselves on the hippie and denounce the redneck while still obviously being one.

  5. Or just money in general. I worked with a guy who only ever talked about what things were worth, mostly vehicles. What he was thinking about buying. How much he could sell something for. The trades he wanted to make. How much our customers made. What motorbike he bought before from a guy on the street we happened to be on and what it's worth. That's all. It was annoying as fuck. Any conversation at all, you could be talking about your grandma, and he immediately tries to change the subject to value. It was literally the only small talk he knew. The fact he was poor just made it sad.

  6. True, I lived it twice. First time I was a young, driven, ladder climber. Second I was a greedy, grab All the Cheeto’s before everything goes to pot… then when it did in 2008, financial collapse happened, I became lost. I’d let 95% of my identity become my job when it disappeared so did I. Took over a year to get my head right.

  7. Firefighters are all about this. But to be fair, the ones I work with work so much forced overtime due to a decade long staff shortage that it basically is their whole life

  8. Yes. My dad is one of these people, he owns a Harley and literally every t shirt and jacket he has is Harley Davidson merch. His truck is plastered with the Harley Davidson logo. He put it on my mom’s car’s front license plate. He wanted to put his stickers on my car. The walls in his garage are completely covered with Harley Davidson signs and decals to the point where you can’t tell what color the walls even are. Same with our fence. Harley Davidson neon lights are placed around the entire house. His phone case? Harley Davidson. Our flag pole? Harley Davidson flag (just below the American one, of course). It’s ridiculous.

  9. I rode a Honda sport bike for many years and never felt the need to have Honda shirts, jackets, or stickers on my car. It was funny to me too when the HD guys didn’t do the biker wave back to me. Most did tho. I wouldn’t mind having a Harley to cruise on, but it wouldn’t become my whole identity.

  10. A friend of a friend was running one of those fad "You can drink milkshakes all day and lose weight" places. She tried for months to get me roped into her pyramid scheme but had to close her location down because after about a year she gained 100 pounds from her magic "weightloss" milkshakes and people stopped buying from her.

  11. Well they have so much of their money invested in paying for friends that they feel like they HAVE to live that way… MLMs are just adult sororities.

  12. it gets sad when single moms adopt a girl boss attitude and do their best to show everyone they’re still young and partying, like it’s probably a mechanism that helps most of them stay positive but most of them kinda treat their kids like pets or accessories :(

  13. Yeah my friend got his favorite crypto company tattooed on his leg. I'm so ashamed of him, BUT he's always chasing them get rich quick schemes. 😂

  14. You ever see a police officers wife? It's crazy but they turn their entire existence into being a police spouse, it's very odd. I have two neighbors that are police, they younger the wife the more intense the alternate reality they create for themselves. The husbands never mention their profession but the wifes cant shut up about it and try and prove how much they know about local law enforcement.

  15. I had, yes had, a friend who would only date cops. Walked around acting superior and talking only about cops. Married one who was promptly fired and cannot get rehired anywhere in our state as a cop.

  16. Oilfield wives. South Texas women love to brag about their oilfield man spoiling them rotten while they also claim government assistance. And their car decals 🙄

  17. It's not as common anymore, but doctor's wives used to be like this. When women were only supposed to get married & have kids, they derived their status from who they married. Landing a doctor was like finding gold.

  18. Former law enforcement spouse here and I was totally ostracized from the other wives because I never spoke about it, we never flew the thin blue line flag or any of that other bullshit, didn’t have our kid wearing any police stuff or do anything to paint us as a law enforcement family. That was just his job, never his identity. People would say to me all the time “you must be terrified all the time” and look at me funny when I would tell them no. He was good at what he did, was never a dick to people and tried to be fair. I never had reason to be worried. If he acted like some of his colleagues? Sure, I would have been terrified. I also would have divorced his ass so fast his pension would still be spinning, lmao.

  19. My nephew wanted to be a youtuber for a while. He finally discovered he was really good at cooking and could take cooking classes in high school. I hope his mom sees this. He's also trying to raise money for gas when he gets his license so he designs and makes 3d penis keychain. They're adorable and aren't obviously keychains.

  20. I feel like they do this to make them feel a bit better about their bad situations. Seems more like a coping mechanism to me than anything else. A bit sad really.

  21. In fairness to those of us who have been through it, that's pretty much all our lives are at that point--work, exhaustion, and trying to sleep when we can.

  22. Adult who likes Disney: watches a Disney movie once in awhile, can enjoy a vacation to a Disney park, has a Mickey Mouse T-shirt or pair of earrings, fond of childhood memories relating to Disney.

  23. I saw a video where someone was complaining that, due to rising prices, her annual Disney vacations (yes plural) now cost her over $30k.

  24. I don’t know if it’s an LA thing but back when I was on tinder every other bio mentioned loving Disney. Sometimes it was the only info about them.

  25. And god forbid you ride horses, but have other interests as well. “You don’t want to be at the barn every second you’re free??? What is wrong with you?!?”

  26. I fairness, horses really are a lifestyle. It's pretty similar to being a racecar driver. Takes dedicating your whole life to the pursuit.

  27. I can’t believe I had to scroll so much to find this answer. And I’m sorry but I’m not scrolling further than that to find the term « horse girl « . I had one as a roommate at some point. She was actually nice and we could get her to talk about something else… but I ran for cover the moment her friends came over.

  28. My partners ex wife thrives on this. Absolutely does our head in. Like wow well done you birthed a boy, just like billions of other women. It doesn't make you special or unique!

  29. Hair color. If I hear my co-worker talk about how ‘natural red heads’ are or how you shouldn’t mess with them use it as an excuse for a shitty character trait, I’m gonna lose it.

  30. As a redhead, I hate other redheads like that. It's so annoying. We are pretty much normal people. Just have some physical traits that differ

  31. I find it hard not to do the same thing with my race. As a non-white person, I’m asked so often for my opinion clearly as a representative of my race that I forget…I can’t be a representative of my entire race. I don’t speak for everyone with my skin color.

  32. Pickup trucks. There are people that happen to own pickup trucks, then there are people who's pickup truck owns them.

  33. Being a veteran as well. I am, but personally avoid bringing it up and don't enjoy "thank you for service" default. But I see so many gaudy trucks tagged up with decals and guys in 'casual camo' clothes and/or hats, shirts, and other flair. It's petty of me, and all roles are important, but I imagine they were doing menial jobs, ducked deployment, and were probably the kind of ppl that dragged down the unit

  34. Had a friend go through boot camp and he started calling us all civilians after that. “You civilians just don’t understand.”

  35. Their beard. As a guy with a beard it’s annoying. Although it’s not quite as bad as it was 5 years ago or so. We get it. You have a beard

  36. As a guy who can't grow a beard, it was even worse. Yeah, a few years ago I'd get people belittling me for not having facial hair. Bitch, I can't grow facial hair and even if I could my career doesn't allow it.

  37. i used to love getting stoned. then, i started to realize that with habitual use, i would get bad anxiety during "dry" spells. it made me extremely irritable during those spells and i would often get unreasonably upset with people over the smallest things. this caused a lot of strain in my interpersonal relationships and likely was the primary driving factor in ending a few romantic relationships with great partners.

  38. That was me in high school. I swore I’d never grow out of it… until I did. And honestly, I felt a bit lost without it since all my weekends were planned around it. I now realize I may have been more dependent than anything else.

  39. It’s gotten a lot better since it’s been widely legalized but it was infuriating. High Times subscriptions. 15 different pipes and bongs. Talking about strains. Edibles. Chill out man, it’s just a drug, it’s not a lifestyle.

  40. i work at a scientologist-owned company (i’m not a scientologist or religious), and it’s insane. like… i have so many stories lol.

  41. Sex. I don't even mean sexuality I mean the coomers and the guys who stalk this sub and ask 11 NSFW questions a day about "Hey ladies what do men get wrong about your bods" and "Ladies, what's your sexiest sex sexual experience where sex was had and it was sexy?"

  42. I have a friend, who I love a lot, but she and her ex husband were heavily into the BDSM lifestyle and she would talk about it SO much. Like, do you and have fun, but I don't want to hear about you getting trussed up and fucked upside down over dinner while your husband smirks into his wine.

  43. I have friend like this. You can talk about anything and he'll eventually crank up a joke either about banging or genitals.

  44. Ugh my former boss. I love her but she joined a crossfit gym and suddenly it was Facebook posts, checking in at every workout, the ugly decal that took up 1/4 of her rear window, branded water bottle, and raving each morning about how sore she was. Sad thing is that she got more injuries than gains.

  45. I made a jew joke once, because I’m Jewish, and this girl got so offended on my own behalf. She was like “how dare you say that about your own people,” and I was just like “bro, Jews self-deprecate all the fucking time. That’s kinda our thing.”

  46. I have an acquaintance who doesn't have any friends or family left because of her perceived victimization in the relationships she has been in. She vents to me about stuff and when I point out she has been in the wrong about the situation, she gets mad at me and doesn't talk to me for a few weeks. If you have nobody left in your life, maybe it's time to start looking for the problem inwards

  47. I had to termimate my relationship with my only aunt because that is her life. I found the only way to not 'cause harm' to her is to not know her.

  48. The worst in when they're aggressively inconsiderate and then play the victim card when anyone calls them out on their bullshit.

  49. Weirdly, this seems less prevalent than it used to be. Perhaps with more options people are more open-minded and listen to a larger variety of things

  50. Metal heads are bad for it. I absolutely love metal and it is my favourite genre but Id rather just not talk about metal with other fans because they transform from someone I can enjoy music with to the almighty keeper of gates.

  51. I’m in recovery and there are some people who make their entire personality being in the program. It’s their entire life. I understand it for people who are new because some have literally had to change everything and they NEED recovery to be their life for a while in order to stay clean and stay alive. That’s perfectly fine, but when you have 25 years clean and you still go to 6 meetings a week, go to every single event and your life entirely revolves around it, it might be time to maybe branch out a little.

  52. I feel like this is especially dangerous because what happens if they fall off the wagon? What happens if they don't have the strength to keep with the program for a while? That's going to hit them extra hard.

  53. Exactly! I don’t go to meetings much anymore, but I’d see some oldtimers and think “aren’t you still letting alcohol control your life by going to these things everyday and nonstop talking about it??”

  54. I have a cousin like this. I think it’s a self esteem thing. He doesn’t have any accomplishments in life, but believing that he knows the truth, while the “stupid sheeple” are in the dark gives him something to feel superior about.

  55. "Do your own research" is the most important part. If they tell you, they risk having to justify ludicrous claims. If you do your own research and aren't fooled, you never actually question them. If you do your own research and follow their carefully crafted honey pot, you get rewarded with praise for being enlightened and smarter than the sheep. You're then in a circle jerk of people with poor reasoning skills who will all reward each other for their next asinine belief.

  56. The same as loving the current / popular thing. Two sides of the same coin. Humans need a break from the internet!

  57. Do you know how many times I've heard about how much a Redditor doesn't understand the appeal of the Kardashians and can't escape them? Because it's way more often than I've heard about just the Kardashians.

  58. I love going into comments of videos and seeing people say "oh that's absolutely x energy" but there are several comments by different people and you can usually find all the different signs being named.

  59. It makes it worse for the people who have the actual disorder. For years I contemplated getting tested for ADHD because I thought I was faking it like them.

  60. My son is 12 and has Tourette’s. It’s not cute or fun. It’s not quirky. It affects every single part of his life, and it isn’t just tics. So yeah, that pisses me off.

  61. Especially because these people trivialize the disorder and make others who really have this disorder look like they’re faking it too. I have ptsd and need people to take triggers seriously, but the word has turned into anything that mildly annoys someone and people think it’s no big deal. They trivialize words like trigger, trauma, and gaslighting and it means that we don’t get taken seriously.

  62. Why DID of all things? It is one of the rarest disorders out there, with little to no material on the disorder itself and the people who do manage to get a diagnosis are normally so unwell that life is just pain.

  63. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder translates to "I like a tidy house" to people and it's a real bummer. Like, I actually can't finish a chore entirely because I'm too busy trapped in hell while one sentence from a Lizzo song I heard two days ago on someone's phone next to me in the office has been looping in my head on repeat ever since to finish the laundry. But yeah basically the same as you vacuuming weekly and wiping down counters.

  64. As someone diagnosed with two mental disorders (OCD/bipolar 2) I'm utterly baffled as to why anyone would want to have one. It can be absolute hell.

  65. Knew a pathological liar in high school that would claim half the ailments we talked about in health class and then commit to them for a while before finding a new one. She was exhausting. But as an adult she totally flipped and is open about having a troubled home life that made her super weird. Gives me some hope that people can emerge from it.

  66. Japan also has a 98% conviction rate, which sounds great until you realize that it's only possible because Japanese courts will assume a person's guilt just because they're being charged.

  67. This will get buried, but some of these things become a person's entire personality because it consumes a majority of their life. Typically at a young age. Kids that saw active duty in Afghanistan, living that 24 hours a day, yeah, probably has a large influence on your personality. Woman with 3 small kids, raising them while her partner is absent (could be a deadbeat, could be working 18 hrs a day to support them), is gonna have a lot of anecdotes about motherhood. Point being, some individuals choose not to grow. Some just don't get the opportunity to. Edit: Thanks for the awards.

  68. Wow thanks for posting this. I was mostly rolling my eyes and laughing at the relatable stuff but man some nuance is kind of needed too

  69. Spending too much time on the Internet. There's some people that every joke, every turn of phrase, every reference is just a fucking meme. They're the equivalent of people that would quote lines from TV shows/movies but it's more widespread. Yes, I'm talking to most of you. Sorry.

  70. Honestly, my biggest goal right now is finding myself a hobby so I'll have less free time to waste on reddit. I think this is a poison for most of us.

  71. As a runner who sees other runners do this, I both find it obnoxious, and completely understand it. For a lot of people, developing the discipline to do a thing is a hard process, and if they don't start structuring their life around it, it will be the thing that falls by the wayside, at least until the habit is formed.

  72. My folks became born again about a year ago. It was all well and good until we were hanging out one night and they started to watch their Wednesday night church service over Zoom. My mother gets up in the middle of the service, puts her hands on my head, and starts asking God to come into my heart. I shouted “NOPE” and left.

  73. Mental Health issues that they don't actually have. Being "uncomfortable" because some papers aren't straight isn't OCD Stacy. And having high energy doesn't make you Manic. Stop turning people's disabilities into something "quirky".

  74. Their Faith or lack of faith. I've seen Christians become hyper religious and force their beliefs on everyone around them and alternatively I've seen Atheists become toxic and anyone who deters from their worldview even slightly is a complete moron.

  75. As someone who made being Mormon my personality for almost three decades, I'm now struggling with making being ex-mormon my personality. I never had a chance to figure out who I was outside that framework until recently.

  76. Not religious, but my sister says she prays for me for this or that. It's quaint, and kinda lovely. She loves me and thinks about me. That's a nice thing.

  77. Not "giving a fuck" I don't know why but in recently it's started to annoy me the number of people who seem to take "not giving a fuck" as a massive personality trait.

  78. Agreed, though I wonder if for many it’s a defense mechanism to soften the blow of the last few years… if you “don’t give a fuck” it hurts less when bad things happen, maybe? :(

  79. Weed. I stopped following one dude because every single day he would post videos of him rolling joints and smoking and nothing else. Another one because he was very annoying and kept sharing posts about why weed is actually good if you know how to manage it etc. Like I get it, you're the "not like other girls" version of stoners.

  80. I like that “Reddit” will never be on this list. There are no Reddit influencers, nobody is Reddit famous irl. It’s kind of embarrassing to be a Redditor, really.

  81. I was chatting to a younger guy at work and, since I'm old enough to have grown up without social media, I was keen to get his perspective on how he felt it effected him.

  82. Add drugs in general to this. And vaping. I know too many people who do drugs(including alcohol) who don’t understand you don’t have to be addicted to be dependent. And then that creates a whole personality where people are Potheads, or drinkers and joke about their love of liquor but it’s just super uncomfortable.

  83. I’m all for adults not forgetting their inner child. But there’s a difference between embracing your inner child and just being a child. I don’t care if a grown ass person is calling themselves a Hufflepuff, as long as they are also being a responsible adult. Enjoy Harry Potter, but have a general idea of what else is going on in the world, even if it’s not fun or happy. Party on Friday, vote on Tuesday. Watch a kids show, but renew your drivers license on time. That sort of thing. Balance the silliness with reality.

  84. I am out in nowheresville and here it’s the “I’m a farmer” personality type. Gotta have the truck, the country music, the attitude, etc.

  85. Those people who put "full time mummy 💕 Jason 29/04/20" and "living my best life 😍" in their Facebook profile (or any profile in general)

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