In your opinion, who was the best US President?

  1. Roosevelt purely for his habit of regularly challenging people to fistfights. He also had no patience for bullshit from the press, when they took offense at him inviting a black man to dinner at the white house he told them he'd dine with whoever he wanted and to hell with them.

  2. The Roosevelts were our first and only progressive presidents. They had other letters by their names but their actions were that of progressives.

  3. Roosevelt he did more for the general public than any one before or since there is a good reason he was reelected so many times he was president when I was born Truman and Eisenhower did pretty well too back when politicians had some company sense and gave a shit about the people who voted for them

  4. I always liked Washington. He seemed like a guy who didn’t really want the job and mostly just wanted to go home and chill.

  5. I think he did very much want the position. I don’t think he particularly liked politics but he spent his entire life chasing rank and social status. I also think he was heavily influenced by the Roman Republic, Enlightenment values and seeking his spot in history among the greats.

  6. Yeah - if you look at revolutions around the world you see how hard it is for someone to give up power, which Washington did

  7. He learned what it meant to have a a Pyrrhic victory during the seven years war. Many of his British counterparts took a win as a win while he essentially played the long game, always willing to withdraw and regroup. The British saw their men as expendable conscripts while Washington saw his men as Virginians; as he Commanded the Virginia Regament.

  8. The concept of a president was pretty alien at the time. After the second term many people wanted him to just reign over them, like a king. He was like "Nope, that's not what a president does" and stepped down.

  9. 🎶They say… George Washington's yielding his power and is stepping away. Is that true? I wasn't aware that was something a person could do🎶

  10. A lot of people don’t know that visitors drove him crazy after he gave up the presidency. There was no presidential income or retirement. He paid for everything and was always on the brink of ruin with his tobacco farming. Random people would stop by his home to visit and he would treat them to dinner out of hospitality and it almost bankrupted him because of the number of visitors.

  11. If you look at any list of historians ranking presidents, it's almost unanimous that Lincoln is the top president. And the presidents near him are rated amongst the worst.

  12. If you read A Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, it talks about how he was an amazing person that managed to bring together very different people in a common goal. Even though he was a Republican he named Democrats to his cabinet. He rarely badmouthed his subordinates even when they badmouthed him. He was also tireless in organizing the economy, pursuing the war and preventing foreign interference. Author literally implied that America was lucky to have the right person at the right time.

  13. Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the north.” And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.

  14. Dude literally picked up a recist dipshit from his own cfown and threw them him away. I'm not even american and I love him

  15. A woman once walked up to Coolidge and said that she made a bet she could get him to say three words. He responded with, "you lose," and walked away.

  16. He seemed to implicitly understand action bias and its consequences better than most. For that, I think historians have unfairly ranked him. And our modern world could take a page from his book. Our cures are often worse than our diseases.

  17. Honestly doing nothing makes you a lot better than the majority of presidents. I'd say he's easily in the top 10% of past US presidents.

  18. Lincoln. He kept a country together WHILE going through the loss of his son, and after that pain and torment, he decided to watch a show with his wife. Then bang. He's dead. He couldn't catch a fucking break.

  19. He only got about 45% of the vote, because it was a 3-way race. He did everything that he accomplished while he had a hostile congress to wrestle with.

  20. While Lincoln gets a lot of credit, I really think grant doesn’t get enough here. Grant not only turned the war around for Lincoln, but was tasked with picking up the pieces during reconstruction.

  21. The guy appointed Alan Dulles as cia director and John foster Dulles as Secretary of State. There’s no way in hell he makes even the top ten just for those terrible appointments. One could argue that those two were traitors to the oaths they took. Shame on Eisenhower for putting those shameful people into positions of power.

  22. the fact that he did that and was only just the first is badass, especially with all that pressure. washington was built different

  23. Lincoln freed the slaves. Jefferson made the Louisiana purchase. Teddy Roosevelt made the national parks, something which people still enjoy today. FDR made social security, amongst other social programs. Clinton was the last modern president to have a balanced budget. All of these people were flawed in some way, but it is undeniable that they made decisions which are still felt today.

  24. Lincoln legislated ending slavery, the colt revolver made them equal, and the combustion engine set them free. FDR made income tax permanent. Clinton robbed social security to balance his budget. Ronald Reagan gave stinger missiles to the Taliban during the Cold War.

  25. Right? Saved American football, massively expanded national parks, drastically increased US naval forces, worked to avoid strikes while getting better conditions for workers. Oh, and I’m told he once rode a moose.

  26. Teddy gets a lot of grief, but he really advanced the ball to where we are today, so I give him a lot of credit. It’s dangerous to measure everyone by todays standards in the crucible of correctness. Nothing would ever be moved forward if they they didn’t push against the norms of the day. Context is important. MAs MLK said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

  27. Teddy Roosevelt was kind of a bloodthirsty warmonger is my understanding. His assassination attempt is funny as fuck though

  28. FDR wasn't elected four times for nothing. A classy, articulate guy and a steady hand on the wheel during the Depression followed by World War II.

  29. Polk is the most underrated and unappreciated President in US History. He arguably changed the country more in his four years with the exception of Lincoln and put the country on the path to be the eventual superpower that it became.

  30. This is a great answer. Lincoln - who pops up here a lot - made statements during the war that once the slaves were freed, they'd be shipped back to Africa because they didn't want whites intermingling (breeding) with blacks. By the standards of his day, that was nothing. By today's standards, incredibly racist.

  31. It’s weird that such a decent human can be such a shitty president. Wanna hear a bathroom joke?? I actually voted for this guy.

  32. Probably Lincoln, even though he was the reluctant emancipator. He was willing to negotiate on slavery if it meant ending the war. But thankfully, it did not come to that, and slaves were freed. But like most American achievements, there was celebration for a job well done with no follow up on taking care of people afterwards. Black people still weren’t considered equals and there was no thought to what they would do after they weren’t slaves. There are still effects of that to this day.

  33. LBJ did a lot of good. He kicked the civil right movement in to high gear, politically. And yes, he did it for his own reasons, but the fact of the matter is it damn well got done.

  34. He did get the US involved in the fustercluck that was Vietnam. His Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, was heavily involved in the overthrow of president Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, and the installment of the Shah.

  35. My boy Calvin Coolidge. Led one of the best U.S economies, built state parks, had low unemployment, and had the sweet ass nickname silent Cal because he never said anything unless he had to. We need more presidents like that.

  36. Hard to answer. The best of them were still subject to their times and are now viewed with a stain. Founding fathers had slaves. Lincoln didn't have high opinions of black people in general. Maybe FDR but he cheated on his wife so even he isn't clean.

  37. Abraham Lincoln. One of the few people that got their face on a US bill without having been a founding father. This is because he is the only one that actually did something huge after the first 5 presidents. And he abolished slavery.

  38. Abraham Lincoln for sure, he freed the slaves, looks like a fucking chad, held america together while mourning his sons death, has a huge as statue of him and last but not least he was the King of Mars in Adventure Time

  39. Grover Cleveland. Won the popular vote in three consecutive elections at a time when Dems were wildly unpopular. Fought against the political machines and corruption. Lost to the ages of US history because after a few paragraphs on Reconstruction BAM it’s WWI. Almost 5 decades lost, and some of the most formative for the country.

  40. Washington. Not because he was an especially great President (he wasn't), but because he could have seized absolute power and did not.

  41. Washington was great president. Everything was new, and he was treading on untested waters. The previous government acted under the Articles of Confederation, which did not have the power to tax.

  42. You know there are obviously better accomplishments from Lincoln and Washington but I think Teddy Roosevelt would be my favorite. Dude was a reasonable bad ass imo. A close second would be FDR because even though I hated the way he went about it dude got shit done and did a massive set of moves to help out economically.

  43. Surprised there's not more love for Obama here. He Jackie Robinsoned the presidency. I know he wasn't perfect, but I think he tried to make the best decisions for as many Americans as he could. Just looking at the most major transformation to our healthcare system in a very long time is enough to put him ahead of most presidents. Nobody was happy with all of his decisions because he had the backbone to do unpopular things if he thought they were right. What was his big scandal? A tan suit? More than anything he was a person that was worthy of respect. Regardless of politics, we haven't had a lot of "good" men in that office in quite some time.

  44. It’s a little dishonest to pretend that Obamas biggest scandal was just the tan suit and Dijon mustard. Drone strikes, deporter-in-chief, IRS 2013 scandal.

  45. NDAA. Obama was our Julius, NDAA is the Rubicon. Only difference is he was able to fly it under the radar for the most part and nobody batted an eyelash, as is often the case in this boring dystopia.

  46. As an outsider i feel America should stop putting so much importance on the position of president and instead focus on all the other elected positions to get what they want ie senators and congressmen. The office of president seems closer to a position of King then anything democratic and should scale back the presidential position in favour of something similiar to the Parliamentary system.

  47. The position of president is overblown by the public in general. While the president holds a considerable amount of power, the president's actions being a way to judge the entire party is a silly belief that too many people have.

  48. Everyone always sleeps on Lyndon Johnson because of the Vietnam War he didn't start. Was a social justice president started social programs, big on civil rights and equality. The Vietnam War really lowers his grade though

  49. Exactly. And actually, his foreign policy was pretty good outside of Vietnam. He brokered the Outer Space Treaty - which banned the storage of Soviet and American nuclear weapons in Space - and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which prohibited Moscow and Washington DC from helping other countries develop nukes and said that all Soviet nuclear weapons had to be stored in the Soviet Union and that all American nuclear weapons had be stored in America. He also began the negotiations of what would become the treaty that restored Panamanian control over the Panama Canal under Jimmy Carter and tried to prevent the Six-Day War.

  50. Teddy Roosevelt. Show me the other Presidents who took a gunshot in the middle of a speech and refused treatment until the speech was done. Oh, there aren't any Presidents who are a tenth that badass? Yeah.

  51. I wasn’t alive to witness any of the things he did, good or bad, but wasn’t Jimmy Carter loved for his public service and being a wholesome guy while in office? I know out of office he’s always volunteering.

  52. I wasn’t born until Clinton, but I did enough research on Carter. Great man. Good governor. Shitty president.

  53. Best in what regard? Best for the countries strength as a nation? Washington. Best for the people? Lincoln. Best at killing people one on one? Andrew Jackson (he is my favorite for that reason).

  54. Depending on your lifetime, yeah. When you choices are Bush, Clinton, Obama, trump, and biden, yeah. Theres basically only one answer that has any positive proactive behavior

  55. It is a fact, not an opinion, that Abraham Lincoln is the best US President, ever. Close second is George Washington.

  56. Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus and free speech during his term. Civilians like Clement Vallandingham were given military tribunals instead of a fair trial.

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