What 's a name brand item you refuse to replace with generic?

  1. And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were merry, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire...

  2. Also Crayola crayons, markers, color pencils. I’m all for the store private label options in other areas. However the off brand art products are crumbly and produce mediocre results.

  3. Yes!! The other brands are more wax and less pigment. Press as hard as you want to, that Cerulean is gonna look like Cornflower. 🙄

  4. I buy Crayola not only for their overall quality, performance, and durability, but also and most importantly I buy them for their iconic scent. God, it's so good. All core regions of my brain light up when I take that first hit off a fresh 64 pack.

  5. When they had that big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico some years back, birds were wasing ashore coated in crude oil. The news showed crews cleaning off the birds. When asked what chemicals they were using they replied that was just Dawn dish soap (blue). Right at that moment I thought if it's good enough for crude oil then bacon grease should be no problem. Haven't bought anything else since then.

  6. Nilla Wafers. The off-brand versions tend to be flavored differently and they leave a funny aftertaste.

  7. I have never had off brand Nilla Wafers because the original are just the best. I will say, maybe an unpopular opinion, that I like them when they're "stale". They are softer but still have the delicious taste. Mini Nilla Wafers are bomb as hell too.

  8. Same. But I've been noticing that Clorox is downplaying 409 in favor of Clorox brand, the amount of shelf space of 409 is shrinking.

  9. The Dixon Ticonderoga set the bar for pencils. But, friend, you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a spin on a Papermate Mirado Black Warrior.

  10. Bic lighters. Because last time I bought some cheap generic lighters on a 2-for-the price-of-one deal at the gas station, one of them blew up when I lightly tossed it onto my coffee table and the other exploded in my hand and I don't know how or why I wasn't seriously injured by that, just dumb luck I guess. Bic Lighters are better quality than the generics and I've never, ever had one explode like that. Exploding lighters are scary AF and I don't need that kind of excitement in my life.

  11. not sure if you can source them in your area but Clipper makes some good lighters. they're reusable, easily servicable and pretty good quality.

  12. Yep nothing beats Bic. I go to Walmart and get a 5-pack for a couple bucks and I'm set for a while, those clear plastic ones they sell at gas stations and dollar stores are straight garbage.

  13. Funny you say that because I have some generic brand ones at the moment which are amazingly strong with a great seal. I was partial to buying them but decided to do it because I need to save money wherever I can and they’re so good!

  14. YES. The stickiness but also the SMELL! No other brand smell as amazing as Post Its! Please tell me other post it fans have noticed!!!

  15. Same with pads. All the cheap store brand stuff is too cottony and basically adheres to you like a scab. Always or suffer.

  16. Oh god, I made the mistake of buying generic tampons because they were $6 cheaper than Tampax. The supers were massive, and I bled through. When I took it out, the blood was only on the outer. Zero absorption, and I have a pretty light flow. Sorry if this is TMI but I was so mad and had to buy Tampax anyway.

  17. Not really a brand name but I stopped using supermarket bacon after trying it from a butchers. I’ve found generally supermarket bacon shrivels up to a ridiculously small size, I’m guessing they inject it with water to make it weight more? The bacon I get at the butchers basically stays the same size and tasted much nicer, I know it’s not something everyone can afford but I eat bacon pretty rarely so it’s a nice treat when I do

  18. Bacon is something that's gotten really expensive in the last couple of years. If I'm going to spend an arm and a leg, it's going to be on the good stuff so I only have to use 2 strips for a sandwich and not half a pound.

  19. Most supermarket stuff is wet cured. It's all the water evaporating off that causes the shrinkage. Spend your money on legit dry cured and smoked bacon. You'll be way more satisfied with less quantity of a vastly superior product.

  20. Huy Fong Sriracha. Sriracha isn't trademarked and some knockoffs even have roosters and Chinese text on the bottle so you have to know the brand name to find the good one.

  21. Huy Fong trademarking Sriracha is like Heinz trademarking the word Ketchup. I don’t think they can trademark an entire sauce category that they didn’t invent. Huy Fong’s founder is from Vietnam, the sauce originated in Thailand.

  22. Growing up black, well I'm still black but also grew up black. I use to notice my white/asian friends houses would smell soooo good on laundry day. My house never smelled like that

  23. I remember when I finally started making enough to get the super fresh smelling soaps from Europe. Smell like queen of freakin France now. As a kid, we had to make that generic bar of nasty sandpaper soap last until the last little nub was left. A toast to the simple pleasures!

  24. I know the scent of TIDE super well from laundromats and friends but it has never been what my house smelled like. Because my mom and I both have allergies/sensitivities to detergents, we use a very specific brand that we don't react to (which happens to also be cheap; this happens a lot with allergies and sensitive skin, since fragrances and additives aren't added to the cheapest products). Any time I got clothes from relatives it was washed with TIDE and I would react to it without knowing what the problem was because I didn't know better as a kid.

  25. I agree. I grew up on generic pads and had a friend lend me an always overnight pad in a pinch and I never went back. When I gave some to my sisters, it was like a revelation for them too. How are they so light but so absorbent? Magic.

  26. i was actually visiting the sears tower the day it got renamed, i can remember being in the hotel room and the news annouced it, and later heard it at the tower.

  27. Data storage. If I lose years of photographs it will be because of my own negligence, not because I saved 8 bucks on a SD card.

  28. Don't save all your photographs in one place. If it's too important to lose it's too important to have in only one medium.

  29. I would love to find out who manufactures the "napkins" sold to places like Domino's, so that I could then order a nuclear strike on their factories.

  30. Just like those cloth napkins in restaurants that want to be fancy, they don’t wipe up a small mess and they don’t clean your hands that well. All they do is push the liquid around.

  31. Console controllers. Anything that isn't official (other than the super high-end competition level shit) is actual shit.

  32. My only counterargument to this is that I bought some knockoff GameCube controllers for about $8 each from Amazon, and they're about 70% as good. There's a noticeable drop in quality but for an $8 controller it certainly exceeded expectations for a "here little cousin you can have this one" controller.

  33. 8bitdo makes great quality third party controllers. Twenty bucks less expensive than official ones too. I used to think like you, but they've changed my mind.

  34. Yeah, q-tip are a guarantee of quality. I've had a few good generics but way more crap generics. Anything with a hollow plastic tube can just GTFO.

  35. My wife brought home Kroger worcestershire once and I immediately started a new shopping list with Lea & Perrins at the very top

  36. Oh shit, the HEB knock-offs are super good also. More cheesy. Got damn, second comment about HEB. People gonna think I’m a shill. If you have an HEB, go and grab some.

  37. Anything by Newman’s Own. I am happy to support their business if their proceeds are helping children and their families- and their pasta sauces and salad dressings are some of the best.

  38. During my child's cancer experience, we were invited to a Newman's Own sponsored summer camp. Camp Boggy Creek ( subtitled 'a camp for the seriously ill'). At the time, we had no idea it was affiliated with Mr. Newman and his altruistic endeavors. It was a family weekend, so we arrived late on a Friday night and bunked down shortly thereafter. In the morning we went to the morning revelry/mess call. Expecting camp food, we were stunned by the abundance of of high quality food and beverage products. And it didn't stop there. The staff and the facilities were remarkable. The rampant positivity. The experiences they created for these broken kids/families were amazing. That was a decade ago and it feels like yesterday. What a beautiful man and vision. I am forever in debt to him and the people seeing this through. It's terrible to see so many sick kids in one place, and the next second it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen: They're smiling, laughing, hugging...

  39. Bailey's, it really disappoints me when a restaurant tries to substitute a different brand. You can usually tell just by color and smell before you even taste it.

  40. If you like Bailey’s, give Amarula a shot. I was introduced to it at a restraunt in NC last year and haven’t touched Bailey’s since. Not a knock on Bailey’s, it’s great, but (in my opinion) Amarula is streets ahead in flavor than Bailey’s. Try it out!

  41. The other brands are always gluey. Guar gum or some kind of stabilizing gum that makes them so many times worse that philly.

  42. Whoa, I had a really weird trip on NyQuil as a kid and it’s sounds similar to this. Maybe it was a generic?!

  43. I have found one exception. If you're in Texas, there's a grocery store called HEB, they have a store brand Dr. Pepper called Dr. B with pure cane sugar that is just delightful.

  44. Now this IS true. I have a hard time paying four bucks for saltine crackers, but the cheaper ones taste stale right out of the box. And I’m one of those weirdos that’ll sit and eat crackers and butter all day

  45. Most people seem to be throwing out things like food/drink, soaps, etc - consumables - but I'll throw an odd one out there with tools, always worth spending more for a name brand set of drivers or allen keys if you happen to need more, cheaper own brand things in the supermarket just won't last as long and you'll end up spending more with how often you have to replace them anyway

  46. Kraft Singles. If I’m going to eat plasticized cheese adjacent product, it had better be name brand plasticized cheese adjacent product.

  47. I use to think this as well but I've found that the Costco paper towels tear better than Bounty. Try them out some time.

  48. Tilamook is awesome. I suspect they will be one of these highly recognizable brands in about 10 years. They also make great ice cream.

  49. We learned the value of brand name sanitizer thanks to the pandemic. Off brand and unknown brands smell horrible and leave an uncomfortable residue

  50. Philadelphia Cream Cheese. tried tons of generic brands over the years when money was tight but they’re all funky to me. now it’s the one thing i let myself always splurge on.

  51. Ice cream, frozen dairy dessert is NOT ice cream. And f#!k them for sneaking out .5 quart of it so I only get 1.5 quarts of ice cream for the same price. I see your tricks. Happening with chips and other food too.

  52. Yeah, I went for Ice Cream at the local Acme. Brought it home. In VERY small letters I see frozen dairy dessert. Won't happen again.

  53. I work in a Publix deli. After having tried most of Boar's Head's products, I really try to push people to buy them over Publix meats and cheeses. There are a few things that you can't really tell the difference between brands, but I love the variety and big flavors of Boar's Head. Honestly, giving out free samples is the best part of my job.

  54. Same. Except for the mustard pre-cum that you get in the squeeze bottles. French's always seems to have a lot of that watery bit.

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