Food answers only, where are you from?

  1. I literally opened this post with the intention of posting, verbatim, "clam chowdah". Happy to see it's the top post lmao.

  2. You took like 27 different kinds of our pastries, molded them into some disgusting doughnut-y puff pastry sugar nightmare and just fucking named them after our entire language.

  3. As a former neighbor of yours currently living in Arizona, I was disturbed to learn that cheese isn't a big section of the grocery store. You don't know what you have until it's gone

  4. We love pimento cheese here in the south. I bought the sharpest cheese I could find yesterday to mix with Duke's mayo, pimento and a touch of salt to bring out the sharpness. Could eat it every day.

  5. What a great answer. I was going to say cheesesteak, hoagies, water ice (excuse me… “wooder ice”), but I grew up by the TastyKake and Nabisco factories…

  6. Chi-town. Also pizza puff. The most Chicagoan dish and I don’t know if most of us know it. They really don’t make pizza puffs outside of Chicago. I had my mom fly me one because I was feeling nostalgic.

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