What invention would you want to see in your lifetime?

  1. I remember seeing something about a proposed Alzheimer's drug that causes tooth growth a few years ago. And then I've never heard of it again

  2. Not just plastic. Recycling in general. People will not stop buying things they want just because of the environment, so the reducing part is off limits. We gotta get to the solution of the problem in some other way in order for this to be sustainable. An efficient way to recycle most daily stuff (glass, plastics, metals, cardboards, stuff with grease and oils), would be amazing.

  3. The problem with desalination is hyper salinity comes out the other end. We also need to find ways to safely and responsibly dispose of that salt.

  4. So much this. If we can provide power to the world, eventually everything kind of falls into place. We've seen the positive effects that even small amounts of power can do for remote communities, via solar/wind energy. Beginning to reverse the dependence we have on fossil fuels would be amazing, too.

  5. The google translator app on my phone is way closer than anything I ever expected. It translates stuff at least so you can understand whatever you’re pointing your camera at

  6. Just curious, how practical is this? 'Cause I'm learning to be an interpreter and if this will happen within the next 10 years, I might have to rethink my career path.

  7. Have you seen googels new AR glasses that play subtitles for people speaking other languages idk when they'll be out but they looked pretty cool

  8. A cure for cerebral palsy would be life changing. My identical twin sister has suffered CP her whole life, has never been able to walk, eat, or speak on her own. Can barely move at all. I love her so much, it also sucks that we’ve missed out on the connection we could have had if CP didn’t restrict everything. I really hope there is research being developed out there for some form of treatment aside from PT.

  9. MS as well. A family friend got diagnosed a few months back and it is devastating to watch her health slowly deteriorate knowing that (at least in her case) she likely only has a few months or a year at most to live.

  10. Came here for cancer. There's gotta be some kind of simple solution out there we've yet to discover, like either using nano-bots or using MRNA technology to train viruses to sniff out the tumors like a bloodhound and eliminate them.

  11. There are many "cures" for cancer. Many drugs target pathways that can effectively stop cancer growth without affecting other cells. For example, most breast cancer cells have hormonal receptors on it and drugs that block them have drastically improved the survival rates of breast cancer. Another effective treatment is immunotherapy. Many people have immune cells that target cancer cells. For people who don't have immune cells that can target cancer cells, their immune cells can be modified with the immune cells from the people who can target their cancer cells, in what's called CAR T-cell therapy.

  12. I've been telling my children for years that in their lifetime, when they need an organ transplant, doctors will just grow an exact genetic match for them in a vat. Time to get cracking on this.

  13. I read about scientists in MIT and Japan working on a machine that records your dreams and allows them to be played back. I would love something like that because I have some pretty crazy dreams that I would love to experience again.

  14. This is almost like that one Final Fantasy movie I loved. It was set in the future of an apocalyptic Earth after an invasion of spirits that takes souls. There was a woman there who would record her dreams and she could play them back from her ship. Was interesting to watch.

  15. I would love and hate that. I have some crazy ones too. Especially when I was pregnant. I had heard others talking about crazy preggo dreams but I thought that they couldn't possibly be crazier than the ones I already have. I was so so wrong. Lol. In one dream, my baby was an egg roll. And I had her wrapped up like a baby and was showing her off to my friends.

  16. A time machine. Not one that physically allowed you to travel through time but something that allowed you to watch the history of the unvierse as its own kinda movie

  17. Thanks for putting this into words, I was trying to think of this like something where you don’t alter history but can instead watch history like a movie.

  18. Have you read The Light of Other Days by Stephen Baxter/Arthur C Clarke? It's really good and sort of along those lines...

  19. I just want to see the future, like billions of years from now if humans still exist and what they would be up to.

  20. A way to fully process plastics. There’s a lot of different environmental concerns we have, but plastics are a giant pain that’s definitely not going away unless we work this out.

  21. Or a cheap, easy, sustainable plastic alternative. Something made out of farm waste (corn leaves/ wheat chaff/ soybean plants) maybe?

  22. "What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? The porcupine has the pricks on the outside."

  23. Any human made mechanism that can mimic the co2 recycling of trees at scale to truly change the numbers on medium and long term climate change impact. (Short term is not good.)

  24. "Longer than you think, Dad!" it cackled. "Longer than you think! Held my breath when they gave me the gas! Wanted to see! I saw! I saw! Longer than you think!"

  25. 100% on this. Like Mike Teevee from Willy Wonka except not shrinking. Pods everywhere you could teleport to from your home pod. Subscriptions like cell phones. Would be amazing

  26. An airplane terminal but replace airplanes with teleporters. Imagine walking through the tarmac and going through the portal instead of the plane.. THAT would be cool

  27. The closest we'll come to teleporting is some sort of Augmented/Virtual Reality internet - where the world has a digitized twin - and you can simply drop yourself around different parts of the planet and experience a lot of it in real time or near real time via... all the camera devices that continually capture and surveil the public landscape.

  28. A long-distance space shuttle, or maybe colonization of distant worlds. I always dreamed of travelling space-side. Something like Old Man's War always appealed to me.

  29. Yeah, same here. I hope we can colonize at least Mars in my lifetime, and hopefully to the point where space travel is possible for not just a select few highly trained astronauts.

  30. I feel like it’d be less like Star Trek and more like The Expanse. Like historically, a “The Expanse” scenario would seem much more likely. Planets fighting each other for independence, and then for territory/tech thereafter. Entire generations of individual colonies (for mining or whatever) marginalized and taken advantage of.

  31. This will revolutionize our civilization. Cheap, safe and frequent access to orbit (in that order) will open up so much for humanity.

  32. High speed trans continental railway system in the USA OR desalination of sea water on a mass scale. Oh! And the cure to cancer 🤍

  33. Surprised I needed to scroll so far down for this answer. It would certainly be better than hybrid work zoom calls. And could go towards a Matrix like dystopia. On the other hand, the hell of having to LIVE through Facebook/meta ads you can’t skip just to access the content you want sounds like a whole other kind of torture.

  34. I don't want me, or any of my siblings to die of Alzheimer's, but it's the cause of death for half of my family on both sides that makes it to old age. I want to see a cure for Alzheimer's.

  35. "After a fairly shaky start to the day, Arthur's mind was beginning to reassemble itself from the shell-shocked fragments the previous day had left him with.

  36. It’s not an invention but is beyond our current technical ability: I’d like us to discover and hopefully interact with an alien planet. I’m really curious how different societies evolve over time and with as global as Earth has become I think it’d be cool to find a new civilization with its culture, religion, entertainment etc

  37. A proper sci if scanning device. Currently the best thing we have is an MRI machine. This requires massive amounts of finite liquid helium, massive magnets, and they take up a huge amount of space. Even with that, they cannot distinguish one tissue from another, only densities so some things are missed. I would love to see a machine like the scanning pods in Passengers that can diagnose any issue.

  38. But, wouldn’t that lead to inconsistencies? I mean, if anyone were allowed to time travel (to the past), then the present would be constantly changing.

  39. there's quite a few free and amazing ad blocker chrome extensions out there, i have two so all ads are gone. try that.

  40. Full dive VR, like in sword art online or similar shows. It seems like it would be a lot of fun. (Provided nothing bad happens like in sao, lol)

  41. This one preempts half this thread. Just use the tech while alive. Robotic bodies can be maintained indefinitely so it cures all diseases, psychological included if you can tweak your psyche. No need for transportation, just zip to another rent-a-host on the other side of the world. No need to sleep, eat, shit, piss.

  42. Would be nice if self-driving cars were standard by the time I reach the point of no longer being able to drive myself.

  43. Fusion energy. I just read today that they are close to a breakthrough. Imagine a world of limitless energy with no pollution effect or shortage.

  44. A machine that feeds on the pollution (air,water,land) and makes better air, stabilizes the atmosphere,the land and the water habitats. And that also makes biodegradable objects with the physical pollution

  45. A successful economic model that doesn't rely on the suffering of others, and also does not stretch world resources.

  46. Teleportation devices. Then I can WFH in peace and when my boss “needs” me in the office for something: boom, I’m there.

  47. Genetic engineering that'll work on an adult, that way I could cure my allergies & dogshit vision, and more.

  48. San Junipero or that gene that turns aging off applied to humans. I don't want to live forever, but 70-90 years isn't enough to spend with my beautiful wife and wonderful friends. There are too many books to read, songs to hear, foods to taste, and places to see for one standard human lifetime. I'd settle for another couple of decades...

  49. Something that eliminates all debt, resets all economies, and equalizes wealth for all, so we can stop fucking each other for money, and start doing things we like, for each other, and living beautiful lives. Put it in a box with a button on it, if you want.

  50. As a kidney transplant recipient, I would love to see cloned organs so that people can get a new organ that is a perfect match, and does not require anti rejection medication.

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