You get $1000 per person you annoy. What is the fastest way you can become a billionaire?

  1. Run out on the field, then pretend to have a seizure so they get the ambulance and stretcher out there. Right as they're about to put you on the stretcher, that's when you rip the clothes off and start streaking.

  2. Still to small, do this for the FIFA world cup football. Then you got half the world watching instead of just a part of the US

  3. Lots of beautifully annoying ideas in the comments, but nearly all of them are underestimating how hard it is to annoy a million people. As a software developer, the closest I got to reaching that kind of audience was when I worked at a big game studio on a heavily marketed AAA title.

  4. Yea. The only one who has absolutely nailed it so far is the one who said to disrupte a major sports event. Delaying kick-off of the superbowl for a while would instantly annoy like 100 million people.

  5. Been playing Xbox and Playstation since the first gen. Recently got a Switch as a present and the button inversion is maddening. And gods help me if I play multi-player with my kids and use the joycon horizontally. I'll get used to it eventually but in the meantime just using the home screen is frustrating.

  6. He’s my best friend, he’s my pal, he’s my homeboy, my rotten soldier, my sweet cheese, my good time boy.

  7. Also, FYI, I don't technically have a hearing problem, but sometimes when there's a lot of noises occurring at the same time, I'll hear 'em as one big jumble. Again it's not that I can't hear, uh because that's false. I can. I just can't distinguish between everything I'm hearing.

  8. Just started watching the show last week; his character consistently makes me lose my shit over the most banal things. One scene last night "oh, this pen is dead" was enough to have tears pouring out of my face for a good 15 min.

  9. A friend of mine bought a shitty car that used to be owned by a heroin addict who overdosed. He offered like 300 and the people who ended up with the car were happy to sell it to him.

  10. You have to make a 10 minute (or longer, longer is better and by better mean more annoying) video using house paint, stencils, tape and hot glue. You should also have a friend pretend to be the owner of the car and this is going to be a "prank"

  11. Going on the NYC subway during rush hour and soliciting money by singing or trying to do a shitty dance routine in a crowded car

  12. Witnessed this recently. Dude went full acoustic guitar w vocals on the 4 around 7am, I would’ve paid the guy a grand to stfu lmao.

  13. Take out a bunch of TV and radio ads endorsing both trump and biden simultaneously using Gilbert gottfried sound bites as the narration.

  14. Occasionally change speeds too. Like pretend to speed up, then let off the gas and coast back down to "fuck you" speed. Your victims will look for places to hide your body as they slowly follow you.

  15. If all that matters is that people are annoyed, but it doesn't matter if they specifically know you're at fault, just do something to cause bad traffic at rush hour in a big city

  16. Be the dude at the airport terminal telling people they gotta do another loop, and can’t wait there for people coming off their plane. I’d prolly only have to do a half day at LaGuardia…

  17. This becomes very confusing when you go pick someone up at a small airport. I was trying to pick up my mom, but she got lost and was having trouble finding me. While I was waiting I saw a security guard approaching. She asked if I was waiting for someone. I said I'd move because I'm used to DIA where the no waiting is strictly enforced.

  18. Oooh this is good. Combined with telling social media you’re vegan and then arguing in the vegan subs, you’ll be richer than Bezos

  19. A few weeks ago someone was doing 55 hauling a house in front of me on 95 through Philly with a guy in the right lane matching speed for no apparently good reason. I was pissed being stuck, but some people were losing their damn minds.

  20. Similarly, go on a two-lane interstate, find someone slow in the non-passing lane, and pace them in the passing lane. You'd annoy every single person who gets held up directly behind you and the subsequent traffic that would build up and propagate for miles. There's a not insignificant chance you'd be involved in a road-rage incident, but such is the risk of annoying large groups at once.

  21. Sit down on the front of your desk, one leg propped up on the side of it. Put hands on your knees and in your best guidance counselor voice "aight so we need to spill the tea on Marijuana abuse, no cap" and whatever other gen-z-isms you can use wrong.

  22. A fine dining restaurant, movie theater, or an international flight. Those are the places where non-stop loud kids would net you $1000 off of me if I were in your vicinity.

  23. Stop responding to any emails, phone calls, or in person requests. Make everything a ticket, even if someone is just saying Hello or asking what you want for lunch.

  24. Very annoying, but you gotta go for quantity of enraged people. Have you considered driving real slow in the carpool lane during rush hour?

  25. I don’t think you can become the host of a popular talk show that fast… unless I’ve missed something lol

  26. Honest question: what's the cliche here because I'm white and if I saw a grown man pitch a fit in any group gathering I'd be annoyed?

  27. That made my eye twitch just thinking about it. Put that bloody thing away before I whack you over the head with it.

  28. I still remember the first time I heard them at the 2010 world cup. I thought there was a literal beehive in the stadium.

  29. I literally never heard of the game before this year and I've heard it a dozen times since learning what it is. Did alot of people just lose and decide to make it everyone's problem or?

  30. Alternatively, go to Tokyo and stand in the train doors at rush hour, refusing to move aside at every stop. If we consider that I will block 10 people coming in, and 10 coming out, or 20 people every say... 3 minutes, it adds up to $400,000 per rush hour. I then do this for 4 days, so I accumulate 1.6 million dollars. At this point I hire thirty-two thousand people to come to a venue promising a famous headliner who never shows up, and only pay them $50 each, which insures that their patience will be low, but that they will still appear. At this point I perform a very long, terrible and offensive stand up act, and play the violin poorly into a feedbacking microphone. If I annoy only 60% of these people, which is a low bet, I will have $19,200,000 within the first 5-7 days.

  31. A lot of these comments are misunderstanding the scale here - at $1,000 per person, you need to annoy 1,000,000 people to become a billionaire. Therefore you must simultaneously have a massive audience and be incredibly annoying, leading us to a simple path to becoming a billionaire:

  32. hack google and make it so everyone has to reset their password. no matter what password they use for the new one it will give the error stating this is their current password. it will only reset properly after the 3rd attempt

  33. Step 1: Find a bar with a jukebox that will let you pay/play songs from online. Step 2: Spend no less than $100 to play Barbie Girl by Aqua for the entire night.

  34. Hop on the intercom at work with some uwu's and huhyeah!'s.. maybe throw in some death metal growls and pig squeals. I'm bound to annoy most people so it'd be like $200,000. A long way from a billion tho.

  35. At worst you’d probably get some jail time but not much right? Either way it would totally be worth it.

  36. "Hey babe💕 Hope you remember me from econ ☺️ I work for an up and coming company. We have so many celebrities and bloggers working with us. There's a lot of money 💰💰 to be made. I literally make earn 4 figures 🤑 a week all from my phone 📱. It's living the dream and you can make money from anywhere in the world🌎 lmk if you're interested and I can send you more info 😍"

  37. Run for political office and win! That coupled with the ongoing insider trading we always hear about in this field should put me over the top quickly.

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