What do you have 0 of?

  1. I used to be very ambitious, but now I've just grown too lethargic, for anything really. Went from being considered very smart to people questioning it. Idk what's wrong with me honestly

  2. Ambition is overrated I think. If you're content enough where you're at, just be in the moment and enjoy it. I don't mind staying in my lane. Not everyone needs to be exceptional and I think that should be okay.

  3. I hate hate hate when people are like "you are so smart and so much potential!". After having a tumultuous childhood/young adult experience, all i want to do have a quiet, stress-free life. I don't give a shit about having a big house or whatever. I work and take care of myself - that should be enough.

  4. I also lack ambition. I don't believe that necessarily goes hand in hand with apathy. I do work industriously, and I fill my free time actively too. It simply doesn't take much to make me happy, and I think the relentless pursuit of perpetual advancement is a waste of time and energy. If I'm happy where I am, why change? Sure, I could take on more work and have more money, but I'd have less time then. Everyone has their balance point.

  5. Ditto. And I’m married. Been almost a year without coitus. I had a baby back in March, hopefully me being pregnant and having a baby didn’t make me unattractive in my husbands eyes forever…..

  6. Feels amazing. No car payment or student loans and all my credit cards are fully paid off every month. So much easier to save money, even though I don’t make that much.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, debt is good, it just depends on what type of debt you have. High interest rate credit card debt? Bad. A mortgage with low interest rate and the house appreciates more than the interest rate? Very good debt to have.

  8. Yeah, considering everything going on right now I'm so fucking happy about that one thing in my life. Proper 2022 achievement.

  9. I've got one good friend. We have such a close relationship people question our sexuality and true relationship. Dude is practically my only family. Granted we are buying a house together and share everything. We just found over the years our friendship is all we really need in life. We've been through some insane shit together in life from ICU trips and homelessness. We never abandoned the other.

  10. I turned to psilocybin to help me manage and cope with my adhd. Best decision I’ve ever made in regards to stability for my mind and my adhd.

  11. Me too, I just want a few close friends to do things with. My closest friend lives 4 hours away and while that's not super far, it still sucks.

  12. Yeah I feel you I make friends but then chances are few months or a year and they either move or we just don’t keep contact anymore. Though it’s probably my fault since I don’t really take the initiative to hang out and get closer.

  13. I’ve no more fucks to give, My fucks have runneth dry, I’ve tried to go fuck shopping But there’s no fucks left to buy I’ve no more fucks to give, Though more fucks I’ve tried to get, I’m over my fuck budget and I’m now in fucking debt

  14. Came here to essentially say this. I often think I'll never have another girlfriend, I lack the social skills to leave the house, let alone attract anyone. It's my fault.

  15. I'm a father of a 14 year old daughter who recently came out and she really struggles with her own will to keep going. Tough as a dad to navigate. Just know that things can get better, you are not alone, there are people that want to listen to you and try and help sort out whatever you have going on. Not saying it's necessarily what you may ultimately want but I think why the fuck not just at least give talking about whatever it is that you are struggling with to someone who is trained to listen and help. Either way hugs from a stranger.

  16. I know how you feel. Sometimes it just feels like I've been screwed for so long there's no point in this life.

  17. Smoked paprika, used the last of it on grilled corn 3 weeks ago and I keep forgetting to add it to my grocery list

  18. Fresh boxes of warhammer 40k minis. Budgets tight, wife ain't working, so I gotta enjoy WH40k from a distance. Least the lore keeps me going.

  19. Currently, money. Credit card is maxed and overdraft wiped out. First time in my life I'm genuinely terrified about money.

  20. Answers as to why I went from healthy to losing 16 kg in 6 weeks with daily nosebleeds bad enough to send me to hospital twice

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