Who do you really hope is the next President of the United States?

  1. The average age is pretty close to 40 right now, and it’s going to keep going up as Boomers live longer and everyone else slows down having kids. I’m afraid the average age of Congress is gonna go to 80 shortly.

  2. It's not so much the age that bothers me personally, it's just how long everyone running has been in politics. I'm 33 and we have senators who have been a senator longer than I've been alive (grassley) and a good chunk of them have held some sort of office for 30+ years.

  3. Careful what you wish. DeSantis is 44. You can be stuck with him for decades. Dont even think he will ever acknowl3dge any defeat.

  4. No. Ageism isn’t the solution to our political problems. There can be wisdom and talent in old age just as much as in the young.

  5. It is not possible to get 65% of the country to agree on a candidate now. Hell, that was probably never possible.

  6. Thank you for actually replying with a specific person rather than the vague, useless responses everyone else is posting.

  7. She would crush a campaign imo. American women are so pissed right now. She’s the right age, she hasn’t been the “face” of right wing outrage like a Hillary, or AOC. Just brilliant and competent. I really really want her to explore it. She would be a fantastic president.

  8. Someone who gets votes because they are a good choice, not because "the other guy is worse." Not because voters are voting against the opposition.

  9. Anyone who wants to make the world a better place instead of making their world a better place. Being president is a hard job because every decision makes someone unhappy; everyone will never agree on everything. As long as the person tries to do the right thing, acknowledges reality, and uses common sense, I think we’d be in far better place as a country.

  10. Someone that isn’t a racist old man. There’s a lot of things democrats do that I don’t agree with but I’ve been forced to vote for them the past two elections because the republican options have been awful.

  11. Love both of them. Sherrod Brown wont run because his Ohio Senate seat is too important, unless or until a Democrat governor is elected to appoint his temporary replacement.

  12. Jon Stewart (or whatever his real Jewish name is) would be a good President IMO. He gets it. He wants to do good for all Americans. The job will probably kill him.

  13. I feel like at the bare minimum they should not have committed any crimes or be under investigation by security services. Good thing that there is no such candidate at the moment...

  14. The system should change. We need a system where the politicians sit down and discuss the problem, agree what’s in the best interest of all the people and then do it.

  15. i gotta be honest i am really liking Pete Buttigieg i really wish we could get him he seems like a common sense approach dude and i appreciate that

  16. Cory Booker and Katie Porter are some of the only members of Congress who seem to genuinely care about their constituents. I would love a ticket involving one or both of them. My government requirements are pretty simple: give a shit about the people you’re representing, don’t do it as a performance, and don’t use it as a way to make more money. Anybody who does that sticks out to me, but there are few like that right now.

  17. Tammy Duckworth. Disabled combat veteran, working mother, spent a good part of her formative years in poverty, exceptionally smart.

  18. If I got to pick, probably Newsome or Mayor Pete. Since my vote is just one of many…anybody but Trump.

  19. Anyone who is not a politician!!!! Someone who actually cares about the USA would be a great change. Anyone who can tell the truth would also be refreshing.

  20. I'd deeply support Gary Peters just because he's quiet and serious about his job (he's a MI senator) which would be a very nice change of pace. I really like Katie Porter too. However since you need media attention to get anywhere I'd settle for someone that's really smart and can create good soundbytes out of thin air like a Pete Buttigieg.

  21. Someone who isn't a pedo, sexual abuser, abuser, abuser of power, being controlled by other people when they barely know what's going on around them and have to have a list to tell them to do things like 'sit in your chair', maybe someone who supports having everyone equal no matter race, gender, sexuality, mental or physical disabilities, etc.

  22. Someone from a low income background, younger than 50, and who tells the 1% and huge corporations to fuck off. No more of this Republican vs. Dem nonsense to keep us distracted, make it the 1% vs all of us now

  23. I don't think there is anyone who is better able to get the GOP to go along than Biden. I know there is a lot of agism on reddit, but I don't think that kind of bigotry is justified. It takes some talent to get a party who is dead set on impeding anything Democrats propose just out of spite to go along. It may only be a few members of the GOP that go along, but getting even just a few is a difficult task. Putting in someone who is farther left will just cause the GOP to resist even more.

  24. Not Trump or anyone who would follow in his footsteps, possibly being worse (Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, etc)

  25. If you don’t have an actual name, you shouldn’t comment. Obviously we all want “someone under 55, someone who cares, someone who’s not an asshole”

  26. Unless you’re an evangelical Christian. Then he’s Satan incarnate. Not very unifying. Although I can’t imagine a person who could unify this country right now.

  27. It doesn’t matter because one person can’t make big changes by themselves. You have to get rid of all the slimy old guys in the senate.

  28. As a Bay Area resident, I have to ask what about the high taxes, rampant property crime, and homelessness crisis makes you think he is remotely qualified? Democrats don’t even have republicans to blame here in CA since they have supermajorities.

  29. The richest state but also 40% of the countries homeless, legal shoplifting up to $900, highest state taxes, most anti business policies, and tent cities… he can do a job, not a good one.

  30. The president of New Zealand and Merkel can do a joined overseeing role. I don't trust Americans and the system in America to produce anyone capable of saving the planet. Then again it doesn't really matter because it seems nothing can get through congress anyway right? Let the downvoting begin, kind regards, Europe

  31. How is it on America to save the planet? Lmao. If you think what happens in a portion of earth's landmass, inhabited by less than 20% of the earths human population, are going to "save the planet" you are high.

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