If you could bankrupt one company which one would you pick and why?

  1. There's a Scientology establishment in my city that I frequently pass on my route home from work, and every day I go by I wonder how the fuck that building hasn't been vandalized to hell at this point.

  2. As an exmormon, I totally agree with this. My church has some pretty bad shit, but from my experience it does not compare with the harassment and defamation that scientologists do to their ex members.

  3. Bank of America. I deposited $750 one time and somehow they still cant find it 5 years later. Even though I had the receipt for the deposit they still would not honor it. Fuck em and their mothers

  4. My friend banked through them and they would charge him a monthly overdraft fee when he never even went negative. He would bring it up every time to them and they would say it was a mistake only to do it AGAIN the next month. This happened for years until he finally told them to fuck off and closed his account.

  5. They were responsible for one of the biggest fuck-ups ever. My best guess is that the amount involved was around $500,000, and it was taken out of my dad's bank account less than a week after his death by a mystery person they legally couldn't tell me about. We went through all sorts of hoops, especially him, during a visit to the USA (he lived in Egypt but was American) to get it all set up with the sole intent of preventing that.

  6. As someone who worked their customer service. I agree with you: fuck em and their mothers. Those assholes literally have a 340 second timer for every call handled and that’s the time it should take to fix a problem in any given deposits account according to them. Problem is more often than not the customer escalates because a normal rep has literally almost no power and the call drags on from there. Either that or the customer is lazy enough to not go to a branch for help and they drag the same question around expecting a different answer every time. 10/10 anxiety after a year in there and a smoking addiction at one point.

  7. I think if you want to see the world burn, Deutsche Bank would be high on the list. Also it would be well deserved.

  8. Of all the corrupt banks doing evil shit in the world Deutsche bank is a minor player. You just don't like them because they lend to Donald Trump. Black Rock or Vanguard is the correct choice.

  9. I live up river from the Washington Works / Chemours (formerly Dupont) plant where they manufactured Teflon. They’ve detected C8 in the river water of an upstream tributary to the Ohio in my town. I find the local effects of the manufacturing process alone to be absolutely crazy and then I remember that Teflon was sold world wide and these forever chemicals have contaminated the entire globe.

  10. DuPont had a methyl mercaptan leak in 2014 that killed 4 employees. For those who don't know, methyl mercaptan is basically pure organic sulfur and is quite toxic. Those people were essentially suffocated by rotten eggs. DuPont didn't come out looking very good after that one.

  11. Used to work as a chemist contactor for DuPont, Dow, and Axalta. When I finally landed a position as a direct employee to Akzo Nobel, I had to quit. I no longer practice chemistry.

  12. I really am sorry. I worked for a roofing company at a very naive point in my life (aka I was like, 20). Never again. Such shady shit going on with a lot of roofing companies.

  13. My parents arranged for a conservatory to be built, and the firm went bust just after it was completed.

  14. Bad male AI voice: "To stop company going bankrupt rub banana onto phone receiver, Will lubricate earpiece so can rest on it for long period while you call bank to save failing company"

  15. I remember purchasing an $80 ticket, clicking through two or so confirmation pages and landing a $140 bill. They charge you so you can print your own ticket at home. Good riddance!

  16. My hatred for Comcast knows no bounds. But they know they have me under their thumb because there’s literally no other option where I live.

  17. My last job. Small company. I'm usually not into schadenfreude but I would watch that boss burn at the stake. While grilling marshmallows.

  18. The small company I used to work for, under a sexist boss who had no idea what he was doing, is now going bankrupt. Another coworker and I regularly get lunch at the burger place across the street and just laugh and enjoy the view of the building with no signs or cars left

  19. A few months ago my kids put up a lemonade stand in our driveway. It was cute and they were selling cups of lemonade for $1/cup. After a few hours they made around $100 from sales and tips, which was cool as a Dad to see…. The following week the kids across the street did the same thing… I choose them.

  20. Pretty easy to do, just undercut them and offer a free cookie with purchase. Keep bring the price down until you make no profit and watch them go under.

  21. Also, fuck Tencent for not letting me use WeChat unless I use it frequently. If I don't use it for a while, I have to get an existing user friend to let me in.

  22. Yeah, they talk about autism like it's some sort of horrible pestilence that's gonna ruin the lives of the people who have it, and everyone around them. We should just get rid of autism speaks already

  23. The Murdoch group. The amount of damage that man has done to the UK, US and Australia should see him imprisoned for life.

  24. It’s like, if i destabilised multiple democracies to make money and amuse my friends, it would be a problem and “illegal” and we’d be “war criminals” with a “propaganda monopoly.”

  25. Apparently his son Lachlan is no better either, I believe the other brother ( unsure of name) pretty much disowned them

  26. I remember reading an article about them saying water wasn’t a human right and them sorta killing babies? To be more specific they gave poor mums free baby formula samples, got them hooked to the point the mums couldn’t produce breastmilk then if the mothers couldn’t afford the baby formula then the child would starve and die. It was horrifying. All that to add a couple of bucks to a bottom line. If the people responsible were still alive I’d spit in their faces.

  27. i did a job at a bayer phosphate plant and when everyone in towns getting cancer and they all know why.... couldnt wait to get off of that one. also ironic that the people who promote killing "weeds" also sell blood pressure medication derived from dandilions or other "weeds"

  28. id say Nestle for the world but for me its Chase. Scumbags hounded me day and night on my mortgage which i paid every month by cashiers check (because refi never talked to collections who never talked to Texas who never talked to Cali who never.....)...because i was in the middle of refinancing when the 08 crash hit....something that should have taken 2 weeks took 15 months because they were waiting to see what Obama would do and left me in limbo.

  29. AT&T. They are literally the most obnoxious, money grabbing company I know. Their commercials are stupid. They bought Time Warner for the media. They own HBO. HBO is failing because AT&T will not fund projects at the level needed to succeed. Their accounting is 2 weeks behind when I pay them, so they always have more of my money because the auto-draft doesn’t recognize the payment I made 3 days before the auto-draft. They are the carrier who is farthest behind on 5G. The only reason I have them for my Internet is because Spectrum is worse. I have to change between AT&T and Spectrum every 2 years to keep my Internet rate down. I hate them both, but I think AT&T stifles innovation more. They do pay my mother a big dividend though. Whoopee!

  30. They no longer own HBO. They spun off the media business they acquired into its own entity, Warner Brothers Discovery. It's been a disaster since.

  31. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, used to work for this company and the amount of shady back booking they do is crazy. One of the least things they do is severely underpay their workers, the last time one of my colleagues got a drastic raised was 6yrs ago. His manager left and he got a ton of work load on to him with a promotion or a raise, HR literally wonders why everyone is quitting, old and new. It’s because the old don’t want to keep working past their retirement (and before the pandemic, we had a lot of seniors that stayed way past their retirement age), new employees are seeing that they’ll work 1-2yrs and move to a different higher paying job that leaves less work, and better benefits. It’s super hierarchical it’s suffocating to work, the grunts do the work, sexual assault gets pushed under the rug, everything feels like a frenzy.

  32. AirB&B. The short term rental market has had a devastating effect on both long term renters and people trying to buy primary residences.

  33. There's an old guy in my neighborhood that I call 'block captain Bill ". He's the type of old guy who knows the whole neighborhood, who lives where & how many people live,. He brings everyone's trash bins up to the house after it gets emptied. His neighbor told him was gonna sell & downsize. Bill caught wind an investor was thinking about turning it into an air bnb. Block captain says, "not in my fuckin neighborhood!" & Promptly paid $450k cash to buy it from his neighbor

  34. Here in Denver, they actually passed a law that says the Air b&b owner must live on site. So, a MIL apt in a converted attic or basement with a separate entrance, a converted garage, carriage house or guest house on the property...or even an owner occupied duplex or triplex.

  35. Not to mention you used to be able to get a nice place for $20-30/night. Now the same places cost more than the average hotel room.

  36. I think the problem lies in wealth inequality and the travel industry at large, Airbnb wouldn’t be so popular if regular people could afford to stay at hotels anymore. In the US hotel prices are approx double pre-pandemic.

  37. YES! I live in Florida and locals are forced out. Florida doesn't give a fuck about locals, wants the tax revenue. Nowhere to rent. Fuck Airbnb and government having NO limitations or regs in Florida.

  38. To the best of my knowledge, while they were involved in shady stuff in the past they have significantly tightened their anti-money laundering and countering of terrorism financing practices due to the heavy level of scrutiny that they're under. For them it was either doing this or having them be blacklisted by a good number of systemically important organisations. Please note that this information is of questionable veracity.

  39. I did watch the dirty money episode on hsbc. I do think they’re pretty scummy. But in their defense, if you’re an HSBC employee in Mexico, Central America, or South America and a gang member or drug member comes up to you to open an account, you’re going to open it

  40. Wells Fargo for that same reason and the added bonus that they fraudulently opened ghost accounts on hundreds of thousands of people in order to meet their sales goals. They are predators and should have been shut down decades ago.

  41. I can't believe Amazon isn't in the top 5. Jeff Bezos is worth $200B but his workers who contributed to his enormous wealth aren't even allowed to piss in peace.

  42. You forgot the why? It’s because they’ve been illegally bankrupting companies for years just to make a profit. They’re evil and need to be thrown into an active volcano!

  43. Citadel security- those ppl gamble with your money they use your pension fund to make their risky trades. The CEO Ken Griffin lied under oath. You want more info check this out

  44. Knew I wouldn’t have to scroll too far to see Kenneth Cordele Griffin’s company mentioned. The same Kenneth Cordele Griffin who threw a bedpost at his former wife in a fit of rage over how “classy” Chicago is or isn’t? The same Kenneth Cordele Griffin who’s company was banned from China for illegal and fraudulent trading behavior? The same Kenneth Cordele Griffin who’s companies have been fined dozens of times for illegally mismarking short trade positions as longs and various other manipulative market activities? The same Kenneth Cordele Griffin who has been equated to a financial terrorist by the few journalists who aren’t bought and paid for by Citadel and their like? The same Kenneth Cordele Griffin who is rumored to have a strange and selfish infatuation with the condiment mayonnaise?

  45. Walmart. Nobody has manufactured more poor people than the monopoly on groceries and stores in rural communities thst is Wal Mart

  46. Can’t believe this one isn’t higher. They are guiltier than any company for the death of Main Street mom and pop small businesses as well as being one of the main reasons every goddamned thing we buy is made in China.

  47. And they are actively anti-unions. They play a video for new hires explaining how unions would be bad for them and how they shouldn’t be tricked into unionizing and having to pay union dues…

  48. Citadel and all of their affiliates. Financial terrorists that manipulate the market, intentionally bankrupt companies and profit off shorting them into oblivion because once the company gets delisted they don’t have to pay taxes on the gains

  49. Their business model for their sports games is infuriating. And dumb dumbs will buy the new one every year, and then have to pay $$$ to even be remotely competitive in the game. Should be illegal

  50. I despise them. Banked with them for my whole life up until I was 25ish. Their ‘standard’ banking practice of having a monthly fee for an account that didn’t have enough money in it, followed with overdraft fees on top of those fees, took me into double and triple negative digits multiple times. Switched banks to one that doesn’t have any monthly fees. Turns out, ‘standard practice’ is not universal

  51. Kandy Boy! My sons ordered from this weed company website that apparently ships to all 50 states claiming it's legal. They need better age verification because my son went to school and got arrested with the stuff.

  52. Comcast. Between their local monopolies and their general scumminess combined with their expansion into media they are a loathsome company that the world would be better without.

  53. They're going to declare fake bankruptcy so they can avoid the lawsuits, then when they expire, they will reinstate the business. Family has been waiting 10+ years for compensation, attorneys have yet to give a status report (but the contract prohibits changing attorneys). They're all in it together. Human life means nothing to them in terms of casualties.

  54. Nestle. The company is run by pure evil businessmen who only care about squeezing a buck. Also, alot of their products are awful.

  55. Disney now owns nearly a majority of the most profitable franchises of all time. That then gets tied into merchandising - which last I checked, they're only behind Hello Kitty and Pokemon.

  56. The worst thing Disney did as a company was lobby for the Copyright Acts keeping their characters, as well as everyone else's, out of the public domain for nearly a century. Lobbying in general is legalized bribery anyway but that's for another thread.

  57. Walmart. They've destroyed so many small businesses and their business model is to have the taxpayers subsidize their workforce. They refuse to pay a living wage and the state has to cover the rest in most places. They offer an employee discount so they end up getting their worker's food stamps as well.

  58. Koch Industries, mostly because the Koch brothers and their ilk have way too much power and helped facilitate the current wave of climate denial.

  59. I’m glad I asked this question because now I’m seeing so many companies I’ve never heard of. I would have probably never learned who the major energy producer of Russia was if it wasn’t for this comment. Then again I don’t particularly keep up with Russia in general.

  60. Haliburton. Ruined millions of lives in the middle east all in the name of blatant war profiteering. If we can't see Darth Cheney live his final years in the prison cell he deserves, I'll settle for destitute on the streets.

  61. I’ve gone through a lot of comments and there are a lot of good ones. The top two I’d pick are Autism Speaks (just a terrible company - they don’t speak for the autistic community at all) and PETA (major hypocrites). But there are so many here that I agree with.

  62. The more dangerous part of it is less obvious - the way it turns peoples minds into endorphin-chasing mush with short attention spans, inflated self-worth and excessive procrastination.

  63. And before that it was Facebook. When I was a teen I did all the stupid things I saw on Facebook. So we remember the cinnamon challenge? I did that shit lol

  64. Paypal, they stole $500 from me 2 years ago, they told me they will gave me my money after 180 days and it was a lie, my wife almost died because I needed that money for medications...

  65. Yeah they’re thieves, straight up. You try to transfer money from one place or another and then they say they have to investigate it or some shit bc of terms and services and then you never get your money back. I hate them.

  66. WALMART. For their practice of "quiet firing". For decades Walmart will not fire anyone unless they have videos of them stealing or something like that. Instead if management wants to get rid of an employee they will make that employee's work environment so unbearable so that they quit. Top management supports this practice so there is no one to complain to.

  67. Gazprom. It is the company that fuels (no pun intended) Vladimir Putin's regime and his war of aggression in Ukraine. No Gazprom, no Putin.

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